Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 786

Volume 1 Chapter 786 Ranking Tournament 3

Izumi shot out a water arrow.

Kuzuha slammed her hammer creating a powerful earth magic attack.

Myuu sent out bolt lighting using her magician wand.

The three of them were so powerful that they defeated a lot of groups easily.

Akatsuki who was together with the three of them didn't even do anything since the three of them had defeated most of the enemy who came toward them.

"You don't leave me with anything?"

Akatsuki sighed, but he didn't think much since the opponent was only small fries.

"That makes one team."

Izumi was in a good mood after her team had gained a number of points after defeating her opponents.

"How many teams are there?"

"Out of the five classes, A to E, there are 40 teams."

"That means that there are now 39 teams."

Everyone was in a good mood.

"No, I guess, the number of teams is lesser than that since most of them have been defeated by Haru and his group."

Kuzuha didn't think that Haru's group would be weaker than them, rather she thought Haru's group would be the strongest group besides the Student Council group in this Ranking Tournament.

"Then, let's beat more teams than them!"

Akatsuki raised his arm and a black aura started to enveloped around his arm before creating a large broadsword which was made from his seven ADs. After he had gotten seven ADs, he could transform those ADs into a weapon without trouble.

Everyone was surprised at first since Akatsuki needed seven ADs, but there were more people who surprised them more such as Kouha and Haru who had 10 ADs and 13 ADs respectively, though, they didn't know it.

Akatsuki raised his sword to the air then swung it down to earth.


The powerful sword slam caused the earth to tremble and other's team who had hidden from them suddenly were uncovered by Akatsuki's sword slam.

Everyone protected their eyes with their hands when the dust covered the entire area, and when they opened their eyes once again they saw a group of people who had passed out.

"Huh?! There are people on the underground?"

"Now, that's another team."

Akatsuki turned to the side and shouted, "Also, I know that you're hiding there!"


"You can't fool us. If you keep sneaking around, we'll come and kick your ass!"

After that shout, one by one a lot of people started to surround Akatsuki and his group holding their weapons with a hostile expression.

Without doubt, all of them who had come out from the hiding place were their enemies.

"No way.... this much?!"

Myuu was surprised at the number of people who had surrounded them.

"W - What should we do?"

"Taking on so many people at once is too hard."

"There's too many."

Akatsuki had a confident smile on his face and said, "There's nothing to be scared of. It seems our situation is pretty hopeless, but we'll manage somehow."

Hearing Akatsuki's words, everyone who had surrounded them couldn't help but snort and laugh.

"Have you heard of it? That retard thinks he can take us all on at once."


"If you think---"

Before they ended their sentence, Akatsuki raised his sword and swung a blast of black energy at them.


In an instant, all of them were defeated, even though in front of Kouha, Haru, and Shinobu, Akatsuki was weak, but to fight against a group of small fries, it wasn't even being called a warm-up for him.


Some of them who hadn't fainted were scared when they saw a large hole on the ground with a lot of their friends had lost consciousness.

"A - Amazing..."

Looking at Akatsuki's power, Myuu realized that Akatsuki wasn't weak, but Kouha, Haru, and Shinobu were too strong.

"We'll manage somehow, right?"

Akatsuki had never considered them as opponents since in his eyes only Haru's group and the Student Council group could be called his opponent. He raised his sword once again and looked at the group of people who hadn't lost consciousness.

"Now, let's have another fight!"


"A - Attack!"

In a moment of panic and fear, they attacked once again, but this time they couldn't do anything against Akatskuki's group being beaten in an instant without being able to fight back.


Central office.

It was a place where the teacher and the staff of Babel monitored the entire battlefield to bring back the students who had passed out and wounded along with checking whether there was a student who cheated during this Tournament Ranking.

"Analysis of Point Alpha Complete."

"25 teams of 150 students are out, nothing remains."


Everyone sucked a deep breath when they heard that data. Looking at the four people who walked in a leisurely manner, they didn't think that it needed a half-hour and, more than half of the team on the Ranking Tournament had already been defeated.

However when they thought about what Haru had done during the Swimsuit Battle Tag, they felt that it was possible. It was only in their minds, but they knew that Haru, Kouha, Shinobu, and Kurenoko might be stronger than the members of the Student Council.

No one said anything even though they thought about such a thing since they might be punished and fired if they did so.

Then in another hour, another analysis came out.

"Analysis of Point Delta Compete."

"7 teams of 35 students are out and only one remains."

Even though they were surprised, after hearing the result of Haru's group, they didn't feel that surprise anymore hearing the result of Akatsuki's group.

In their minds, even though Akatsuki was strong, against Haru this guy was nothing.

Haruka, Ryouhei, and Minami also looked at the result of the battle. They also didn't expect the number of teams would decrease this much and if this continued then the only team which left on the battlefield would be only a team which was led by Haru and Akatsuki.

However, at the same time, they knew that the reason why Akatsuki's group was alright was because they were friends of Haru's group.

Haru and his group might decide to let Akatsuki's group away because of that.

"I admit that he's strong, but he isn't on the same level as us."

Haruka couldn't accept that Haru was better than her.

"Well, you've been beaten by his technique before."

Ryouhei was also quite wary of Haru's perverted technique which able to make any girl climax in an instant.

"He's dangerous."

After hearing the experience of Haruka who was being touched by Haru's technique, Minami knew that once she was touched she might not even able to do anything.

At the same time, they also knew that even their president had thought Haru was at the same level as him. Even though they didn't want to admit it, the fact was in front of them.

"N - No, I'm not lost!"

Haruka blushed when she remembered Haru's technique.

"Anyway, we're going to go out at nightfall and I'm going to defeat Kasugano Haruka! Minami, Uesugi, let's do our work quickly! We will prove who is stronger then."

Haruka had decided to defeat Haru and his group since she was a member of the Student Council.

"We're not ordinary student representatives. We're the protectors of peace at Babel, and we can't lose to him!"

After hearing Haruka's words, they decided to finish their work quickly, but they didn't realize that there was a danger which was about to approach the Babel.