Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 787

Volume 1 Chapter 787 Ranking Tournament 4

It wasn't Haru's first time to cook curry in the middle of forest since he also had done it in the past when he stayed in the world of Hundred. He somehow missed Sakura, Claire, and Karen who were in the world of Hundred. He remembered when he and Claire talked to each other on the lake and when she pressed those soft things on his chest which made him miss her at this moment.

The aroma of curry was delicious, especially when air in this forest was very fresh which enhanced the aroma of the curry itself.

Everyone sat down next to each other waiting for Haru to finish with his cooking. It felt like they had a picnic rather than a Ranking Tournament.


Shinobu, Kouha, and Kuroneko felt really hungry at this moment waiting for Haru to finish his food.

"Haru, is it done?"

Kouha couldn't handle it anymore.

"Wait for a moment, do you want spicy food or not?" Haru asked.


They answered without hesitation since they didn't want their curry to be spicy since they had quite a childish tongue.


Haru put chocolate, coffee, and a grated apple on the curry which startled some of them.

"W - Why do you put such a thing?!"

"It'll be good, trust me."

Usually, during dinner, they only saw him cooking a curry from scratch, but this time Haru was using an instant curry to cook dinner for them.

They didn't really mind it, but they were surprised when they saw him putting chocolate, coffee, and a grated apple inside their dinner making them frown.

However, when they sniffed the aroma of the curry...


Rather than disgusted, they anticipated this curry since the aroma of this curry was very magical which was quite weird.

"It's ready. Where's your plate?"

They didn't hesitate and brought their plate in front of him.

Haru took the three plates at the same time and gave a portion of white rice on each plate.

The white rice which had just been cooked was similar to white jewelry giving a glittery color making their appetite increase.

Looking at the white rice, they could eat three portions of rice by themselves alone without anything.

But that wasn't over since Haru put a thick gravy of Japanese curry which he poured covering half of the rice along with various vegetables such as pumpkin, carrot, reddish, etc along with thick and juicy chicken meat from thigh area which giving an extra fat making it more delicious.


In front of others they might seem to be very responsible, but in front of food, they were slaves, they were slaves to their desire which wanted to eat this food as soon as possible.

Haru put the three plates in front of the table and said, "Please enjoy!"

Hot steam was coming out from each of the curry rice, but everyone took their plate without trouble scooping part of the rice along with the curry and the lascivious meat which almost made them c.u.m just looking at it.


Opening their mouth wide, they put it right into their mouth.


At that very moment, they were glad that Haru was the leader of the Group Chat.


950 meters away from Haru's camp location.

It was the location where Akatsuki, Myuu, Kuzuha, and Izumi decided to open their camps.


They were very hungry, but they couldn't hunt something or eat something delicious in this place. They could only eat a ration which they had prepared before the Ranking Tournament since they would need to stay in this place for three days.

Eating the calorie bars which tasted quite normal quietly, they could only sigh when they thought about Haru's group.

All of them had tasted the craft which being made by Haru, and remembering the taste of his food, they couldn't help but start to drool.

Thinking of the ration which they ate for dinner was somehow quite sad.


They knew very well that Haru and his group would eat a very delicious dinner since the one who was in charge of the food in Haru's group was Haru himself.

"Let's go to him."

Akatsuki also felt that it was too sad to eat a ration which tasted quite bland.

"N - no! In this place, our team is the enemy!"

Myuu hurriedly stopped Akatsuki since she knew that this guy was very reckless. Even though she also wanted to eat the dinner which was being made by Haru, she knew that in the Ranking Tournament both teams were an enemy.

"But don't you want to eat his food too?" Akatsuki asked.


Myuu, Kuzuha, and Izumi gulped and wanted to do it, but they knew that they couldn't do it at the same time.

"No, we're the enemy. What if they're going to attack us? We've three days and we need to maintain our stamina and prevent ourselves from getting injuries."

Kuzuha didn't agree.

Akatsuki sighed and thought to slip, but suddenly he noticed someone.

"Oi, get out! You can't fool me!"


The three of them were surprised and hurriedly getting ready with their weapons.

From the darkness, a male with armor and long blonde hair which reached his shoulder came out walking toward Akatsuki and his group confidently.

"As expected of the "Rogue Hero", you've noticed me, huh?"

Even though it seemed that this guy had praised Akatsuki, from his tone, they could feel that this guy was looking down on Akatsuki.

"Who are you? I've never seen such a stupid person like you before."

Akatsuki's memory was quite good and knew that this guy wasn't one of the students from Babel.


The guy seemed a bit gloomy after being mocked, but he smiled and said, "You're going to die, but at least let me introduce the name of the guy who is going to kill you....

"Phill Barnett. That's my name."


Everyone was eating curry with a happy smile, and didn't stop when three people had arrived at their location.

"Kasugano Haruka! I'm going to defeat you!"

*Munch!* *Munch!* *Munch!*

Kouha, Shinobu, and Kuroneko ignored them and kept eating.

"It seems very delicious, what are you eating?" Ryouhei asked.

"It's curry. I've cooked it myself, do you want to try it?" Haru asked.


Minami nodded and said, "I haven't eaten dinner, can I have some?"

"Why not?"

"Me too! I want to try it too!"

Minami and Ryouhei walked toward Haru and waited for him to give them the curry rice.


Haruka didn't expect this development and looked at her two friends who ate the curry rice. Looking at the hot steam which came out from the curry rice, she also gulped since she hadn't eaten her dinner since she wanted to have a duel with Haru.


Minami and Ryouhei shouted while eating the curry rice. They had never tasted such delicious food and it made them eat without stopping their spoon.

"Haruka, how about you?"

Haru brought curry rice in front of Haruka.

The vegetable which Haru cooked differently created a contrast color of the brown curry along with a very careful presentation, it created a very beautiful plating.


"W - Well, since you've prepared it for me, I'll eat it! But don't get me wrong! I only eat because I don't want it to go to waste, alright?"

"Yes, yes, here, let me feed you."

Haru scooped the portion of the rice and curry on the spoon and brought it right in front of Haruka's mouth.


Haruka was embarrassed, but the food in front of her was too tempting and it hit her every pore in her body increasing the desire to eat this food.


Haruka couldn't fight her desire and opened her mouths slowly.

Looking at Haruka's tongue, Haru was wondering how good it was, but he hurriedly shook his head and thought that he might have had too much pent up lately. Feeding the curry rice into her mouth, he nodded at Haruka's expression.

The moment the curry rice entered her mouth, Haruka felt as if she had entered a hot spring together with her loved one being hugged from being and being whispered by love words which made her snuggle and love him more.


Haruka held both of her cheeks and opened her mouth again.



Everyone was looking at Haruka at that moment.

"This guy....." Ryohei was amazed at Haru's ability.

"He's dangerous." Minami had raised Haru's danger level on her mind.

Haruka was about to be fed, but suddenly.....


A loud explosion could be heard from the distance, but that wasn't over...


Hearing that loud roar, they knew that something had happened, and they were right since they saw a huge white dragon suddenly appear in the middle of the forest roaring loudly.

"W - What is that?!"

When the three members of the Student Council were surprised, Haru, Kouha, Shinobu, and Kuroneko knew that it was their target.