Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 788

Volume 1 Chapter 788 Phill Barnert

"Phill Barnett?"

Akatsuki had never seen this person before, however, Myuu who was beside him noticed the origin of this person.

"That armor... is that Disdia's armor?"

"Yes. I had been there since I was first summoned."

"Don't tell me, you...?" Akatsuki also realized that this guy might be coming from Alayzard or the world where he was teleported before and his identity was the same as him.

"Yes, as you have guessed. I came from this world."

Myuu had a bad forbearing and had an idea why this guy was coming to this place, and at the same time, she was worried about the reaction of both Izumi and Kuzuha after they heard what was happening.

"So what are you doing here? If you want me to go back then you should give up."

Akatsuki was known as a "Rogue Hero" in Alayzard since he had come back to his original world.

"No, I didn't come for you." Phill looked at Myuu and said, "I've come for you Myuu-san, no, the daughter of the previous Devil King."


Kuzuha and Izumi were startled when they heard it.

"Myuu, you're...?"

Kuzuha and Izumi looked at Myuu asking for her confirmation.

"Oya? You haven't told them your real identity?" Phill smiled looking at their reaction.

"N - No....!" Myuu was afraid when she thought Phill was about to do it.

"Yes, you've guessed, right? She's the daughter of the previous Devil King who has terrorized the human who is living in Alayzard! I've come here to bring her back and execute her so I can save everyone from the Devil." He looked at Izumi and Kuzuha and said, "So can you step aside, I'll catch her for now." He was about to take a step forward, but suddenly an arrow of water was shot at her.


That arrow didn't hit him, but only missed a few centimeters away from him.

Phill's expression changed and looked at Izumi. "What do you mean by this?"

"I don't care what you are, or who is Myuu in the past, but I won't let you take her back to Alayzard!"

Izumi aimed her bow toward Phill. She had given him a warning if he decided to continue with his actions then the next arrow wouldn't miss him.

"We don't care who she is, but in this world, she is our dear friend! We won't let you take our friends away!"

Kuzuha held her hammer and was ready to fight.

"E - Everyone...."

Myuu couldn't believe what she had heard and she was moved by them. Even though both of them had heard that she was a daughter of Devil King, two of them didn't care about it.

"You don't need to worry, I'll shoot this guy if this guy dares to bring you back to that world!"

Izumi thought that it was a good chance to make Myuu fall for her.

"Yes, I won't let you take her away from us!"

Kuzuha had a serious expression on her face.


Myuu was in tears when she saw two of her friends decided to protect her.

"Interesting, but can you do that?"

Phill moved very fast and suddenly appeared in front of Myuu ready to swing down his sword, but suddenly...


"As I said, you're not welcome here, you should go back or else...."

Akatsuki's expression showed anger and this anger couldn't be suppressed anymore.

"What a scary face... so this is why you've been named a "Rogue Hero"? Not only you bring back, the daughter of the Devil King, but you've also tried to stop me? Did you fall in love with the body of the daughter of Devil King that much? I guess I should try it later after I've caught her."

Phill smirked and looked l.u.s.tfully at Myuu.

"You bastard!"

Akatsuki stopped the sword of Phill with anger on his expression.

*Swoosh!* *Swoosh!*

Arrows were shot at Phill once again, and it made him jump back to avoid it.

"I won't let you say something bad about my friend again!"

Izumi kept shooting out an arrow of water at Phill.

Dodging the arrows, Phill couldn't help but smile and said, "What a cute attack, but let me kill you first!" His movement was very fast and he suddenly appeared in front of Izumi ready to swing down his sword, but this time, Kuzuha appeared swung her hammer at Phill.

"I won't let you!"

Kuzuha used all of her power to swing down this hammer.

"It's useless!"

Phill's strength was higher than Kuzuha and he was able to throw her away.

Kuzuha was thrown away and hit Izumi who was right behind her.


Both of them were thrown at the tree behind her with a powerful force.



"Izumi! Class Rep!"

Myuu was angry when both of her friends were being attacked by Phill. She raised her wand and was ready to send out magic.


Phill appeared in front of Myuu and was ready to strike her down once again, but...


Akatsuki appeared once again in front of Phill. "I can't let you hurt them!"

"Can you do that? You're just a "Rogue Hero" after all? You're nothing in front of me!"

Phill raised his other and sent out a barrage of the powerful magic sphere at Akatsuki.



Myuu was panicked when she saw him being attacked by a barrage of magic.

The dust which was made by the magic covered the entire area.

"It's over."

Phill looked at Myuu and said, "Now, let me bring you back to Alayzard." But suddenly a large sword came out from the dust and struck down toward Phill.

Phill's reaction was very fast and he blocked this attack, however, the force from this attack was so powerful that he was thrown away.



Phill coughed blood and looked at Akatsuki who had come out from the dust unscathed.

"Impossible! How can you be alright from that attack!"

Blue aura covered Akatsuki's body, and slowly healed his body.


Myuu was happy when she saw him alright.

"I've trained in a Renkan Keikikou or Ultimate Martial Art, I can use it for an attack and defense, and your attack is useless in front of me."

Phill who was about to stand up suddenly being shot with arrows on his body.

*Swoosh!* *Swoosh!*

Then two giant fists of earth moved from two sides and pressed Phill at the same time.


Kuzuha and Izumi had come back and snorted while looking at Phill.

"Hmph, this is the price of bullying our friends!"

Kuzuha created a jail of earth to trap Phill and said, "You'll receive punishment for what you've done!"

The two of them were angry at this guy and wouldn't give mercy easily.

Phill, who was being attacked by two of them, became truly angry. "I've thought to let both of you go, but it seems that I need to kill all of you here."

"Heh, can you do that?"

Akatsuki had a confident expression on his face.

"You're facing the four of us, and you're alone! You can't defeat us!"

Myuu who saw Kuzuha and Izumi were alright made her sigh in relief, but at the same time, she was confident that she could defeat Phill. After hearing the words of both Izumi and Kuzuha, she also found a place where she truly belongs and she didn't want to come back to Alayzard no matter what!

"Hehehe, it seems that I need to show the difference between the two of us...."

Phill laughed evilly then a red aura started to come out from his body creating a powerful pressure on the four of them.

*Crack!* *Crack!* *Crack!*

The jail which was made from earth magic was destroyed and suddenly Phill who was trapped in the jail before had transformed into a large dragon that could reach a 100 meters size.


The four of them were surprised by this transformation.


In this field, a white enormous dragon suddenly appeared and it was ready to destroy everything around it.