Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 789

Volume 1 Chapter 789 Zahark


Looking at the enormous white dragon in front of him, Akatsuki felt shock and disbelief.


Kuzuha and Izumi had never known about this dragon.

"Zahark is an ancient higher life form, there's no way it would accept a contract with a human."

Myuu looked at this white dragon in disbelief.

"I have no idea what method you employed....."

Akatsuki sighed, but he knew that he needed to face it. "I guess there's no helping it...."

Everyone who heard Akatsuki's words nodded, even though they knew this enormous dragon was very strong, but they needed to face it or else it might cause a danger to everyone in Babel.


Akatsuki raised his large sword once again and smashed it at Zahark.


Even though Akatsuki was using a sword, the way he wielded it was similar to a bludgeon smashing it everywhere to cause damage.


However, the moment that sword touched Zahark, it started to corrode slowly.

"This is....?!"

Akatsuki hurriedly jumped back and saw the black metallic sword turned rusty on the outer part. If he kept touching that enormous dragon with his sword earlier, he was sure that his sword would break apart.

"Magic is useless to me! DIE!!!"

The sound of Phill could be heard from the dragon and it swung its tail around causing a lot of destruction on the surroundings.

Akatsuki could dodge that attack, but it was different for Myuu, Izumi, and Kuzuha who were too late to escape.


Looking at the tail which almost swept them down, Akatsuki tried to reach them as fast as possible trying to stop the tail's attack from Zahark, but he was too late.


Myuu, Izumi, and Kuzuha closed their eyes and waited for the tail to slam in their direction, but they didn't feel anything. They opened their eyes slowly and were surprised when they saw the person in front of them.


"I guess this isn't part of the test, right?" Haru held the tail of Zahark using his bare hand.


Zahark looked at Haru who had grabbed his tail and tried to swing him down, but it couldn't move its tail after being grabbed by Haru.

"Yo, you're late...."

Akatsuki sighed in relief after he saw Haru had come to help them, even though he didn't want to admit it, but he was really glad to see him. He was a "Hero" in another world, and it might be possible to defeat Zahark but to protect everyone was very hard to do. He could do one of those things, but two of them at the same time were very hard.

Then Haruka, Ryouhei, Minami, Shinobu, Kouha, and Kuroneko also came one by one to this spot.

"What is this?"

Haruka was in shock at the enormous dragon in front of her while asking the four of them what had truly happened.

"Haruka, we can ask them later, we need to defeat this dragon first," Ryouhei said.

Minami nodded after hearing Ryouhei's words. "This dragon is dangerous. We can't let it go berserk on our place."

"That's true!"

Haruka transformed her AD into a pair of katar on both of her hands.

Ryouhei also transformed her AD into a saber and Minami also held a spiked ball with a chain that connected to a dagger to the other side.

The three of them were the most powerful students on Babel beside the Student Council President and they would do their best to fight this monster to protect Babel. They also knew that there must be trouble happening on the basecamp since this thing could enter the field without alarming them. They needed to check what had happened and evacuated the students from this place, but most importantly they needed to defeat this enormous dragon.

Being held in place, Zahark couldn't move, but the anger on its head clouded its judgment thought that Haru was just an insignificant human which tried to taint its dignity.


Roaring loudly, Zahark opened its mouth to chomp Haru down.

"Haru, hold it in place! We'll handle this!" Haruka shouted. "Ryohei! Minami!"


The three members of the Student Council showed their power at the same time.

Haruka sent out a powerful wind tornado at Zahark.

Minami created a large golem that moved toward Zaharak to wrestle with it.

Ryouhei created a powerful fire pillar that enveloped Zaharak entirely.


The combination of the three attacks caused an enormous shockwave which shook their surroundings.

The sound which was produced was so loud that it could be heard from the entire area.

"Is it done?" Haruka asked, but also sighed in relief, however...

"Not yet..."


The enormous white dragon was unscathed without any wound on its body as if magic was useless on it.

"Magic is useless to me! You're going to die now!"

Magic energy was gathered in its mouth and it was ready to shoot down a powerful magic beam, but suddenly its mouth was hit by something.


Kouha slammed his red-brownish hammer right into the mouth of the dragon closing its mouth and made the powerful beam explode on the mouth of the dragon.


The red-brownish hammer which Kouha held was a hammer which he created using 10 ADs which he had gotten from the President of the Student Council.


The painful feeling on its mouth caused Zahark to cry out loudly and its mouth was filled with blood, but it quickly regenerated.

"What a tough one...."

Kouha landed together with everyone looking at this dragon. "Who is going to defeat it?" He thought to defeat this dragon, but he needed to ask Haru, Shinobu, and Kuroneko.

"Let me show you the power of the ruler of darkness...."

Kuroneko closed her right eye with her hand and her other hand hugged her stomach while saying something embarrassing. Even though her power was lightning magic, and didn't even have anything to do with darkness... she kept saying that she was a ruler or darkness which somehow made Kouha, Haru, and Shinobu felt quite embarrassed and hurt at the same time thinking that they needed to do something for this girl.

"I can use my poison to torture and kill slowly....." Shinobu thought that it would be easy to defeat it and she told about that matter with a very gentle smile.


Akatsuki once again shuddered when he saw Shinobu's expression and wondered how Haru was able to live with such a scary girl.

"Don't use poison, you can't eat it later."

Kouha thought that this dragon was an ingredient and he was quite jealous of Haru who had eaten a dragon at the world of Akame Ga Kill. There was a dragon right in front of him and he had a chance to eat it so he didn't want to waste that chance.

Shinobu nodded and decided to step back when she thought that her poison might damage the dragon.

"Oh, right, can we eat it?" Kuroneko asked.


Everyone was speechless and dumbstruck hearing their conversation, then all of them looked at Haru.

Haru twitched his lips and said, "Don't look at me." He sighed and punched the tail which he grabbed.


Suddenly a zipper appeared on the tail and separated the tail from the body of the Zahark.


Everyone, even Zahark, was confused by this zipper which suddenly came out.

"Haru, take care of this dragon."

Kouha thought that Haru was the best choice since he didn't want to damage the meat of the dragon.

"Alright, I'll take care of it."

Haru also thought that it was faster than he was the one who took care of it. The ADs on his wrist started to glow, creating a silver metallic dagger which was so sharp that just the swing of it caused a compressed air blade on the ground.



Zahark created a ball of a red beam from its mouth again ready to shoot it at them.

However, suddenly Haru appeared in front of Zahark and the hand which held the dagger suddenly turned black and it kept spreading to his dagger. Inside his head, he was thinking about how to prepare the ingredient in front of him while thinking about each part of the body from the tenderloin, sirloin, ribs, loin, flack, etc.

"Butcher Dividing!"

Zahark who saw Haru right in front of it suddenly saw imagination as if it had turned into a BBQ and it was so scared that it shook its body uncontrollably, but suddenly it saw Haru landed on the ground without doing anything.

"Y - You're just scaring me! You're just an insignificant human! DI---"

But suddenly its body was divided cleanly and the bone which had already been deboned without leaving any meat falling on the ground.

The meat seemed marbled very beautifully and the bone seemed to be glowing in white color.


Haru transformed back his ADs into a bracelet and asked, "Ready for Teppanyaki?"