Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 790

Volume 1 Chapter 790 Reward Time

After that incident, the Ranking Tournament was stopped, and everyone helped each other to tend to everyone who was being hurt by Phill Barnet.

At the same time, everyone also realized Haru's power which was able to slay down a huge dragon easily, but in the end, they didn't eat the dragon meat since it was a human who had transformed itself into a dragon, rather than a human who was inside a dragon.

There were two differences between the two of them, if it was the latter then they didn't mind eating it, but if it was the former then they could only say sorry since they didn't have that much interest in eating human meat which had turned into a dragon.

Even though it was a dragon's meat, but it was a human, they didn't want to eat it since they weren't cannibals.

The Ranking Tournament was over and their quest was also over, but they needed to invite someone from this world.

They discussed each other and had decided on someone.



Kuzuha was surprised when she heard it. "Y - You're going to invite me to your group?" She listened to Shinobu's explanation about Group Chat and even though it seemed quite weird, there were a lot of people who had teleported to another world.

Kuzuha also realized that Haru, Kouha, Shinobu, and Kuroneko were coming from another world, and they were coming to this world to finish their quest or something. It seemed to be quite strange, but she didn't seem that surprised since there were a lot of weird things in this world.

"Yes, Kuzuha-chan, do you want to join us?" Shinobu asked.

"Y - Yes, but why me? Isn't there someone who is stronger than me?" Kuzuha asked. Even though she felt very happy when she was invited by the four of them, she knew that her power was weaker than Akatsuki, or the member of the student council.

"You don't need to worry since you can become stronger along the way, and the reason why we have chosen you is because of your personality," Shinobu said.

"My personality?" Kuzuha felt strange.

Shinobu nodded and said, "You're the most normal among everyone."


Kuzuha couldn't be sure whether she should be happy to hear it or not, but suddenly she also realized something and asked unsurely, "So this group.... there are a lot of strange people?"


Shinobu sighed and nodded.


Shinobu thought for a while and decided to tell Kuzuha about the member of the Group Chat. She told her about a human in an octopus shape who was a pervert, a frizzy silver-haired bum, harem protagonist who almost did to his sister, etc.


Haru who was by their side hurriedly stopped Shinobu, even though he knew that Kuzuha would know about that sooner or later, but he didn't want his image as a good older brother to be damaged.

(No good older brother is going to touch their little sister....except the little sister is non-blood related).

"I'll join."


"Are you sure? This group is dangerous." Kuroneko thought to stop Kuzuha.


Kouha and Haru rebuked Kuroneko at the same time.


"You guys seem to have a lot of fun." Kuzuha smiled looking at the four of them and asked, "C - Can you tell me more about your world?" She was quite curious about Haru's world, especially about the harem protagonist's matter.

"Yes, I can explain it to you."

Shinobu smiled and explained about the Group Chat along with every member on the Group Chat and their origins.

Their talk was quite long, but Kuzuha had never felt bored about it since it was very fascinating.


After Kuzuha had been invited, their quest was over, and they had gotten their reward.

There was three days before it was their time to go back and before that, they had decided to open their reward.

"Who is going to open the reward first?"

"I'll do it." Shinobu opened the reward from his quest immediately and didn't wait for anyone.

[Congratualions, you have got the Stand "Silver Chariot"]

"Silver Chariot?"

Shinobu was confused, but suddenly an armored humanoid figure appeared beside her holding a rapier.


"Silver Chairiot...."

"Is that a Stand?"

Everyone was a bit surprised by this prize which Shinobu had gotten.


Shinobu answered while reading the description of the "Silver Chariot" and understood the power of this new ability.

"What is the power of that ability?"

They were curious about it and waited for Shinobu to show it to them.

Shinobu took a five ring shaped snack and threw it into the air.

*Stab!* *Stab!* *Stab!* *Stab!* *Stab!*

The Silver Chairiot beside Shinobu moved its rapier and stabbed all of the ring shape snacks into its rapier, caught all of it cleanly without damaging it.


Watching the ability of "Silver Chariot", they had to admit that it was quite a powerful ability, and it might be able to be combined by something.

"Who is next?" Shinobu asked.

"Me! Me! Me!"

Kuroneko raised her hand and started to open the reward on the Group Chat. She couldn't wait to see what kind of rewards that she would get, but suddenly her expression became frustated.

[ Congratulations, you have got 2000 points on Group Chat. ]


Kuroneko couldn't help but complain about this unfairness.

"Isn't that good that you've gotten 2000 points?" Haru didn't understand why Kuroneko was unhappy.

"But I want a fated ability like you usually get!"

Kuroneko was very jealous when she thought about Haru who kept getting various abilities when he opened the lottery reward.

"If you do the quest by yourself then you might get a good reward."


Kuroneko didn't dare to do the quest by herself since she didn't even know whether she would be alright in another world or not.

"Well, let's talk about that later. I'll open my reward now."

Kouha was too lazy to listen to Kuroneko's complaint and opened his reward right away.

Kuroneko stopped and looked at Kouha with curiously wondering what ability he would get from the quest.

[Congratulations, you have received Kampfer's Contract Bracelet]


Kouha felt weird and looked at the red bracelet in his hand.

"What is that?"

"I'm not sure, but let me try it."

Kouha didn't read the description since it was more fun that way. He placed the bracelet on his wrist and suddenly a white light started to envelop him, however, Haru who was by Kouha's side suddenly saw Kouha n.a.k.e.d for a moment and made him feel weird.

But what had happened after that really shocked them, Kouha's hair suddenly became longer and his uniform turned into a girly while also holding a large broadsword in his hand.

Everyone was a bit surprised but didn't feel anything weird by it.

"It's gone...."

Kouha turned pale white when he realized something had gone.


Everyone was confused by this sudden change of expression from Kouha.

"My little brother is gone! It's all flat!"

Kouha opened his panties and showed that he, no, she had become a girl.


Everyone was in shock when they saw it and no one expected this would happen so suddenly.

"W - What should I do?!"

Even though Kouha often pretended to be a girl, he didn't want to lose his little brother.

Haru thought for a while and said, "how about you take off your bracelet? It might be because of transformation or something and once your transformation has been undone, your little brother might come back."

Kouha calmed himself, no, herself, and thought to undone her transformation.

A light enveloped Kouha once again and this time he had come back into a male once again. He checked on his little brother and sighed in relief when he saw it had come back.


Kouha sighed in relief, but at the same time, he felt that this bracelet was very interesting.

"Interesting bracelet."


Everyone wasn't sure what to say, but as long as Kouha was happy then they didn't really mind.

"Haru, it's your time."

Shinobu looked at Haru curiously and somehow this opening reward session time was really interesting.

Kouha and Kuroneko also looked at Haru curiously waiting for him to open his reward.

Haru nodded and opened his reward without hesitation.

[ Congratulations, you have received Kampfer's Contract Bracelet. ]


Haru was struck in place.

Kouha, Kuroneko, and Shinobu looked at his reward and they showed a variety of emotion, however, the three of them patted Haru at the same time telling him that everything would be alright.

"Now, try to use it."

The three of them wanted to see his form using that bracelet.


Haru turned invisible and escaped directly.