Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 791

Volume 1 Chapter 791 New Game

Haruka, Akatsuki, Izumi, Myuu, Ryouhei, Minami, and Kyouya were startled when they heard Haru, Shinobu, Kouha, and Kuroneko had decided to go somewhere and left Babel.

"Damn, where are they going?"

Akatsuki checked Haru's house, but he could find nothing. He was about to go to Alayzard, but suddenly he had heard Haru and his group had decided to leave this world which made him stop his plan.

Haruka was very disappointed and cried when she heard he had gone out without telling her.

"W - Why?!"

Haruka started to feel regret since she didn't say anything about her feelings.

Looking at Haruka's expression, everyone thought that they needed to give Haru a punishment since they wouldn't be satisfied if they didn't do so.

Kyouya was disappointed since he didn't have a chance to fight against Haru. He clenched his hands hard, but he knew that he could see him again in the future. He didn't know where he had gotten that feeling, but he knew it for sure.

Kuzuha who joined with everyone didn't say anything since she wasn't sure about their reaction after learning about the Group Chat. She needed to wait for a while to see who she could tell about this matter, but at the same time, she was also curious about the world where Haru, Kouha, Kuroneko, and Shinobu were staying.


Haru who had come back to his original world, went to the Mocking Bird to talk about the new game. He didn't go to school since he wasn't sure how to react to Kirari's confession since she was very aggressive. He needed time to think about what he should do with her and decided to avert that matter to work, but at the same time, he felt ashamed about how he had escaped this problem.

Arriving on the Mocking Bird, everyone was very excited about their work since the result of the five games was very good and even became the number one downloaded game on the smartphone creating a legend on profit alone.

At the same time, everyone who had seen the result of the game became even more spirited to make their own game, however, even though everyone had their own plan, it didn't mean those plans would be accepted.

Haru is making a company, and not a charity. He doesn't want to give money to someone who has a ridiculous plan.

The election was very strict and Suguru along with the executives of the Mocking Bird only accepted a plan which had a good prospect, but at the same time, they had something to ask Haru.

"Computer game?" Haru raised his eyebrow.

"Yes, boss. Computer games are very popular now, and don't you have a plan to enter that industry too?" Suguru asked.

"It's not that I don't want either, but I want all of you to focus on the smartphone game since in the future the smartphone is going to become more popular."

Looking at the data which had been gathered for the past months, they knew that their game was very viral and created a miracle game which created a lot of profit.

Haru thought for a while and wondered whether it was alright to create a computer game. He had two games company already one which focussed on the smartphone game and the other one was focussed on something else.

"Do you have a plan?"

Haru looked at them and thought since they initiated to create a computer game then they should have a good game plan which they wanted to create.

"Yes, please look at this."

Suguru knew that Haru had given them a chance and took out the game plan.

"Blade & Soul?"

Haru raised his eyebrow since it was a fantasy martial-arts MMORPG game.

Blade & Soul features a combination of martial arts-inspired combat and "qigong" in an open-world environment. Players create playable characters that explore around the world by completing quests assigned by various NPCs. The game uses a real-time battle system in the third-person camera view and requires players to "combo" a series of attacks, much like that of fighting games.

If that is only the case then there isn't much innovation on this game, but the game also features an innovative "Downed" mechanic, allowing players to recover from the brink of death. Players begin with "player-versus environment" combat (PvE) but may participate in "player-versus-player" (PvP) combat later in the game.

There is also a "character customization" and various races in the game.

Haru thought that it was interesting, but the cost of this game was also quite troublesome.

"This game is interesting."

Everyone was spirited when they heard it.

"Then, boss?"

Haru raised his hand and said, "Don't be excited first, you need to talk about the plan to the financial department."


Everyone sighed since they knew very well how strict the financial departments were, and they were moving by themselves and it wasn't Suguru who managed it and he couldn't even manage it.

If it was just a normal plan with a very low cost, then it would be possible to pass the plan directly, but "Blade & Soul" needed quite a lot of money to be developed.

Suguru needed to talk about this matter to Haru before this plan could be made.

Seri didn't know much about the game, but as long as Haru had said that this game had good prospects then she would agree without hesitation to create the game since she believed in Haru's eyes.

Seri didn't come with Haru at this moment since she was quite busy to solve the matter of the television network, even though Haru's grandfather had helped her, but it needed time to solve the transaction.

Ritsu also went to London and the US first to finish negotiations about sports clubs, movie theatres, and Warner Music Group.

For the matter of the airplane and yacht, the representative of Boeing and Blohm+Voss would come on 9 February at Longinus's building.

Haru talked about the matter of the game and continued to talk about the development of the game company since they had planned to game a computer game then he wouldn't stop it, but at the same time, he also planned to give them another game.

"Boss, you've got another plan?"

They were quite excited when they heard it.

Haru nodded and said, "Since you've prepared to create a computer game then, I've also prepared another plan." He took a paper from his bag which he kept on his zipper storage.

"Here's my plan."

Suguru along with the other executives looked at the plan which Haru had given to them.


"Yes, that's our next game."

Haru thought that it would be great to create that game in this world.

Looking at the game plan, everyone felt a bit weird, but at the same time, they could imagine this game would be very interesting.


Hyakko Academy, Student Council room.

Kirari looked around and didn't see his figure. "Runa, where's Haru?

"He isn't going to school. I've heard that he's going to a game company to create a new game or something."

Runa was holding her smartphone while playing Subway Surfers and had been hooked for a long time.

"Is that so?"

Kirari became quite gloomy, but at the same time, she was wondering whether she was too fast or too aggressive, which made him scared. She thought about a lot of things, but her expression was expressionless. She held her chest since it felt uncomfortable.

'Is this nervousness?'

Kirari smiled and became more interested in this matter, but at the same time, she was scared to know about Haru's answer after knowing he knew about her feelings yesterday. Her feelings contradicted each other and even though it was interesting she didn't like this feeling.

"What's wrong, Kirari-sama?"

Sayaka noticed Kirari's expression was a bit bad.

"Nothing, if there's nothing then I'll go back early."

Kirari stood up and went out.


Everyone was stunned and looked at her with a surprised expression.

'What's happening?'