Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 792

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Haru didn't go back immediately after the matter in the Mocking Bird ended, but he went to "Rouge en Rogue" since Kosaka had told him about the matter of the new game.

After the success of Fate/Stay Night, Kosaka wasn't in a hurry, rather she gathered her team first while thinking what kind of game they should create after this.

There were thousands of game companies in this world, and even if one of them had achieved success, it didn't mean that they would be successful forever since there were a lot of giant game companies who had fallen.

In 2010, PS3 and Xbox 360 were the kings, and two consoles were very popular among the people in this world.

The competition in the game industry is very fierce, especially when there are various games such as computer games, online games, smartphone games, etc.

Nintendo, known as a giant in the gaming industry, has also slowly fallen off its throne as the popularity of smartphone games seizes the popularity of the hand console game. Even though this company also has a Wii, it isn't as popular as both PS3 and Xbox 360.

Wii is famous for its sports game which makes the users able to use their bodies to play a game, but they lack a variety of games that were made from famous IP such as Jurassic Park, Spiderman, etc.

PlayStation's parent company is SONY which is known as one of the giant media companies along with electronics.

Xbox's parent company is Microsoft which is a giant computer company.

However, Nintendo is different since this company is fully focussed on games.

It is also the reason why Nintendo is slowly falling from its throne being beaten by both PlayStation and Xbox.

Haru had a plan to buy this company, but he wasn't in a hurry rather he needed to buy something else first rather than Nintendo.

It took him only 15 minutes before he arrived on "Rouge en Rogue".

The headquarters of "Rouge en Rogue" was a haunted building which he had bought in the past. He hadn't met a strange phenomenon again and it might be because he had eaten "Horo Horo no Mi" that he was able to drive out or made those souls pass to the afterlife as soon as possible.

Parking his car, Haru entered the building without any trouble.

The headquarters of "Rouge en Rogue" has a total of five floors. The first and second floor is used for a gym, the third floor is being used by Kosaka for their company, and the fourth and fifth floor are empty.

Haru wasn't sure, but he or Kosaka might use the fourth and fifth floor for future plan.

The receptionist who saw Haru bowed politely since they knew very well about him since he had also come during the opening of this office. They couldn't forget their boss, especially when their boss was very handsome.

Haru smiled and was about to visit a game before the lift was opened showing a figure inside.

"Huh? Boss? You don't have school?"

Iori was surprised to see Haru.

"I'm skipping the class, where's Kosaka?"

"She's going to test some of the new people."

Iori smiled and thought that it was good luck to meet him. He also didn't expect it because of his ability to gather a lot of talented people, making Haru fancy him.

"What are you doing, boss? The meeting is going to start at 4 P.M, right? There's a lot of times before that."

"I'm going to swim, do you want to come?"

Haru thought that it was too lonely to go alone, and since it was impossible to bring his girlfriends then he needed to endure it with a guy.

"Good, I'll swim with you."

Iori didn't mind and agreed.

"You don't have school?" Haru was a bit surprised to see him here actually.

"The exam at the entrance school is over, and I've been accepted to the high school which I've chosen. I'll be free until the graduation ceremony."

"The same high school as your friend?" Haru remembered that this guy was in love with TAKI or something. He didn't remember well the name of his friend, but he knew Iori's friend was a famous streamer on NicoNico.

"Yes, since the location of that school is quite close to this company. I can also go to the gym when I'm free."

Iori was curious why Haru wanted to build a gym right under the game company, but he didn't think too much.

Haru told Iori that he wanted to build a gym at first, but Kosaka wanted to use the building for a game company. It was the reason why there was a gym on the first and second floors of the building.

"Silverman Gym."

It was the name of this gym that could be used by everyone in the company.

Haru didn't intend to open it to the public since if he did that this place might be full of people and it would be quite troublesome for the company.

Changing their clothes to swimwear, Iori sucked a deep breath when he saw Haru's body. 'That triceps, biceps, pectoralis....." But he was even more stunned when he saw the long thing between his legs.

"What? Why do you keep staring at me?"

"Your body is very good, boss." Iori was looking from up and down then gave Haru a thumbs up.

Even though Haru didn't discriminate against people, it was impossible for him to swing that way since he loved girls. He walked away and left this guy behind.

Iori nodded and understood why this guy was so popular with a girl. "Boss, wait for me!"


The two of them stood on the edge of the pool, and Iori was about to stretch his body before swimming, but he was stopped.

"Iori, stop!"

"What's wrong?"

"It's going to hurt you if you stretch before working out."

"Huh? Isn't that weird?" Iori was confused.

"Iori, do you know why we're stretching?" Haru asked.

"It's to stretch out and loosen up our muscles so we don't get hurt while exercising, right?"

"I'm afraid that you're mistaken." Haru shook his head and said, "Stretching before you exercise is useless."


"If anything, it's downright harmful!"

"What?!" Iori was in shock when he heard it, but when he looked at Haru's body he felt that Haru's words were trustworthy.

"Making your body stretch before it warms up can hurt your tendons and joints."


"Furthermore, teaching is linked to lower performance. According to research done by the University of Zagreb in Croatia, stretching for more than 45 seconds before exercising decreases muscle strength by an average 5.5%, and both explosive muscular performance and jumping power by about 3%."

"So you mean stretching makes your muscles tight instead?! But almost everyone in the gym stretches before working out, right?"

Haru sighed and nodded. "That's right. A lot of people still don't know it's bad for you."

"Well, that sucks..." Iori thought for a while and asked, "Does that mean we shouldn't do anything before exercising?"

"Not at all! Before we work out, we can do dynamic stretching instead!"

"Dynamic stretching?"

Haru nodded and started to explain dynamic stretching. He told Iori that it was about an exercise to warm up their body. It would prevent injuries and increase performance.

Both of them did the dynamic stretching together before swimming in the pool together.

The temperature outside was quite cold since it was February, but inside this pool, the temperature was quite normal.

Iori felt that he needed to work out more since he was quite tired. Looking at Haru for a while, he decided to ask, "Boss, can I take your picture?"

Haru stopped swimming and asked, "What are you going to do with it?"

"I'm going to post it on my social media both Twitter and Instagram," Iori answered and also told him that he also used this to boost his popularity better on the ACG community making it easier for him to recruit a talented person.

Haru nodded and didn't mind it since the purpose of that photo was for a job. If it was something else then he would reject it.

Iori became very spirited and took Haru's photo. He didn't hide the big bulge on Haru's swimwear and took the perfect photo which he could get from this place. He nodded in satisfaction and posted it on his Twitter and Instagram with the caption:

"Work out with my boss."

Iori also attached Haru's photo which was able to make every girl c.u.m just to look at it. He placed down his smartphone and continued to swim while asking for tips on how to swim since Haru's swimming method was very amazing.

However, both of them didn't know that Haru's photo would become headlines for every news tomorrow which would give him a headache.