Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 793

Volume 1 Chapter 793 Partnership Project

Swimming lazily in the pool, Haru really thought that he loved water since his physical condition had transformed into the physical of Arthur Curry or Aquaman.

Iori was tired and laid lazily on the lazy chair around the pool. He looked at Haru and wondered how big his stamina was since his boss had been swimming for a while.

Looking at Iori who was tired, Haru thought that he should invite Nasa to this place since he knew that guy was very rare to work out and if he remembered well that guy wanted to marry someone. He thought that he should have a good physical ability since every night a couple needed to do something, right?

Haru was about to get up and saw that his phone was vibrating. He took his phone and felt a bit surprised at the one who had called him.


Haru felt strange when Kirari's twin was the one who had called him, but he was wondering whether something had happened to Kirari.

"Ririka, what's wrong?"


Haru didn't receive an answer immediately, but then he heard a slightly heavy voice from his smartphone.

"Kasugano Haruka, what have you done to Kirari?"

"Huh? What do you mean?" Haru didn't understand.

"She has said that her body isn't good before, have you done something weird with her before?"


Haru thought about Kirari's aggressive action yesterday which made him not go to the school, but at the same time, he was about to solve this matter, however, he didn't expect Kirari to have bad weather so suddenly.

"Is she alright? What has happened to her?"

"Nothing, but it is better for you to not see each other for a while."

"What?! Wait?"

Haru was about to ask something, but the phone was closed.


Haru frowned and thought to call Kirari, but he didn't receive an answer from her. He thought again and decided to call Sayaka who was Kirari's secretary.

"Kasugano-senpai, what's wrong?" Sayaka was surprised when Haru called her.

"Is Kirari at school?" Haru asked.

"No, she has gone back before, what's wrong?" Sayaka asked.

"Has she said something?"

"It seems that her body isn't good and she needs to rest. If you know something then please tell me too!"

Sayaka was also worried, but she couldn't hear any information from Kirari and she also couldn't contact her.

"Well, I'll talk to you if I know something."

Haru closed the phone and sighed. He knew that he needed to meet Kirari at her home, and stood up and decided to visit her.

"Boss, where are you going?" Iori asked.

"I'll go out for a while. I'll go back shortly and tell Kosaka to wait for me here."

Haru went to the locker room and changed his clothes then drove quickly to Kirari's home.


"I'm sorry. You can't enter this place."

"I can't enter?" Haru was surprised.

The bodyguards who had seen Haru before had received words from their young lady to not let him enter the house.


"I'll just enter for a while and meet Kirari."

"No, please go home."

The bodyguard stopped him and their expression turned serious.

Haru sighed and said, "Tell Kirari, that I'll come back." He didn't expect that the situation would turn into this considering the one who had attacked him before was Kirari. He went back and decided to finish his job first before slipping into Kirari's house at night.

Hearing Haru's words, they nodded and they would tell Kirari about this later.


Coming back to "Rogue en Rogue", Kosaka had been waiting for him. "Where have you been?"

"I've had some matters before, have you thought about what kind of game you want to create?"

Haru changed the topic since he didn't really want to talk about his matter.

"Let's go to my office first."

Haru nodded and agreed, though, this company was very clean and there wasn't any spy from another company, but it was good to have a cautious personality.


Inside Kosaka's office.

Haru and Kosaka sat face to face talking about the development of the company.

"I've thought about creating a game for NicoNico, is that alright?"

After thinking for a while, even though Kosaka knew that Haru had a lot of ideas on his head and asked her to choose what kind of game that she wanted to create. She had decided to create a game for NicoNico since she felt that it would be more secure. Even though their first game had become a blast, it didn't mean that they couldn't go bankrupt in the future. She wanted to create a game which could give a stable income for this company.

"Game for NicoNico, huh?"

Haru didn't expect Kosaka to choose this game, but considering the scale of this company, it was a very good way to stabilize the company's foundation first.

"I agree with that decision."

"So what kind of game is it? Do you have a plan for it?" Kosaka asked since she knew very well that Haru's head was full of ideas and it was fun to make a game with him, though, she knew that this guy wouldn't stop only in just a game industry, especially after she had heard from Seri that Haru had bought television network, movie company, movie theatre, and sports clubs. She had a feeling that Haru was going to rise further and she was very lucky to have him around her.

'If only I'm his lover....'

Haru didn't know what Kosaka was thinking and thought about another game plan.

"I've written it here, you can check it."

Kosaka nodded and took the game plan.

"Touhou Project?"

Kosaka opened the plan and saw that it was just a shooting game which quite retro game, but what made this game was special was the character of cute girls on the game. Looking at the design and description of each character, she felt a prospect in this plan, especially at the way this game created money.

"Gacha game, interesting."

Gacha is very popular among the people in this country, and there are a lot of people who are willing to spend a million yen to open the gacha game. It is a very profitable business, especially when it is being opened on a popular platform such as NicoNico.

Touhou Project is similar to a normal shooting game, but they need to face an enemy which is a group of beautiful girls. There are four difficulty levelseasy, normal, hard, and lunaticwith each one being harder than the previous one. Regardless of the difficult choice, there are six stages in each game and each one is harder than the previous.

There are also other's stages and a lot of interesting ways to get stronger such as to get the card character from the game.

But the key to this game is the beautiful girl's characters that give a variety of races along with appearances such as Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, etc. Each of them has their own story, description, power, etc.

Looking at this game plan, Kosaka knew very well that it would be a very profitable game and one thing which made her grateful for Haru was that this game was very easy to make. She knew that even though she had just built a company, her experience leading this company was zero, and it was also the reason why Haru decided to give her a game which was easy to make.

"Thank you, Haru." Kosaka smiled sweetly at him.

"No problem."

Haru shook his head and said, "You should talk with Machida about this plan."

"I'll talk with her."

Kosaka nodded that she needed to ask the Media Factory first since NicoNico was a subsidiary of MediaFactory.

"How long can you make this game?" Haru asked.

"One and a half."

Kosaka was confident that she could finish this game quickly, and the most troublesome thing about this game was the ill.u.s.tration of each girl. She knew to make the players spend their money she needed to draw an ill.u.s.tration of cute girls on each character on the game creating a different category such as normal, rare, super rare, legendary, etc.

Talking to each other, Haru told her that he would go to London and the US on 15 February and he would bring her souvenirs later.

Kosaka nodded and told him to buy him fashion kinds of things such as a bag or something.

Their talk was quite long since Haru would need to go for 15 days, and Kosaka needed to confirm everything so as not to make any mistake during the creation of the game.

After the talk, Haru told Sora that he would go home late before took used his vespa to go to Kirari's house since using a car might cause a lot of problems. He would need to settle the relationship between the two of them as quickly as possible since he had a feeling if this continued then their relationship would turn awkward.