Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 794

Volume 1 Chapter 794 You're Irreplaceable To Me

Riding his vespa at night, it didn't cause any attention since the sound of his vespa was very quiet.

Haru looked at the large house a hundred away from his location. He was looking in the direction of Kirari's house. From his location, he could see a lot of bodyguards, guard dogs, cameras, etc. He had to admit that the security of Kirari's house was very good and it would be hard for someone to enter this place, but it wasn't his first time to slip into someone else's house.

Parking his vespa in an alley, Haru moved quietly and went to Kirari's house to solve the matter between the two of them since he had made his decision.


It is a traditional Japanese room, everything is filled with various kinds of Japanese themes such as bed, table, table, bookcases, etc. However one thing which is very different from the normal Japanese room, this room has a lot of gambling tools.

One of the most striking is the roulette table which is placed in the middle of the room.

A silver-haired girl whose beautiful hair scattered around on her bed, her slender brows frowned, her mouth seemed to mutter something from time to time, and she seemed to curse about something.

If someone got closer, then they would hear her say...

"Damn, Haru!"

"There are a lot of people who confess to me! I don't lack any suitors!"

"But no one deserves me!"

"You bastard!"

Kirari buried her face on the pillow and thought that she might also be too hasty with her action, but it was how she usually did something since she had always done something by her emotion. There were a lot of suitors around her, but she had never felt attracted to them.

It was her first time to feel this way and it was also the reason why she felt both frustrated and scared. She had been wondering whether she had done something wrong and she was afraid to make the relationship between the two of them become awkward.

Kirari didn't know how to act in front of him after what she had done to him, but at the same time, she also wanted to meet him.

Her feelings contradicted each other and became even more complicated. She didn't like this, but she didn't know what to do.

It felt wonderful yet at the same time, it felt painful. She was happy when she was with him simply doing silly things together without any purpose, and it hurt her when she thought that she couldn't do such a thing together with him again.


*Knock!* *Knock!*

Kirari was so angry, and couldn't even fall asleep, but suddenly she heard a noise from outside of the window. She frowned, but at the same time, she felt quite wary. Her room was on the second floor, and someone suddenly knocked on her window. She didn't know how this guy was able to pass the security of her house, but she couldn't let him go, especially when her mood was very bad. She took a metal bat inside her room before opening the window in a hurry and slammed it right at the person who knocked on the window of her room.



Kirari, who slammed the metal bat at the person who knocked on the window of her room, was shocked when the one who she slammed was Haru.

Haru didn't escape and let the metal bat hit his head.




Kirari was in shock and threw the metal bat away looking Haru who had fallen from the 2nd floor.


"I - I'm alright..."

A weak voice could be heard from the ground, Kirari sighed in relief, but at the same time, she hurriedly ran to his direction since she was afraid something might happen to him.


"I'm sorry, Haru. I didn't know that it was you."

Inside Kirari's room, Haru was being tended by Kirari. His head was being wrapped using a bandage by Kirari.

Looking at the blood dripped on his temple, Kirari couldn't help but felt distressed and forgot the displeasure which she had felt before.

"It's alright. I've also come without noticing you after all."

"But why are you here?" Kirari asked, but she had forgotten that she was the one who had forbidden him to enter the house.

Haru thought for a while and said, "I'm going to surprise you!"


Looking at Kirari's deadpan expression, Haru really wanted to dig a hole and hide since such a line came out from his mouth was really shameful.

Kirari chuckled and said, "I've thought that you're going to reject me."

Hearing that sentence, Haru organized the words which he was about to say in his head.


"I know that you have a girlfriend, but don't you feel attracted to me?"

Kirari moved closer to Haru.

'This girl....'

Haru thought that this girl must be thinking that he was on the passive side, but that was wrong.

"Yes, I feel attracted to you."


"But I can't leave them because of you."

Kirari was confused and asked, "Why? Don't you like me? Isn't it normal for us to be together?" But she suddenly realized something and asked, "Them?"

Haru nodded and said, "I have more than one girlfriend."


Kirari looked at Haru for a while and said, "I've heard that you're a bad guy who often dates seven or ten girls at the same time, but it seems that rumor is right."

"You hate me for that?"

"No, it also shows that you're a very capable individual and a man who is worthy of me. If you can't do that much, then I won't feel this much attraction toward you, but...."


Kirari was smart and could understand what Haru wanted to do. "You also want to date me with other girls, right?"


Haru nodded without hesitation and said, "Our first meeting is very interesting, I've met you on the street and we have almost gotten shot by a lot of people, there is also a group of the car who has chased after us before, then you've also made me gamble a lot of people who has a lot of more money than me before.... there are a lot of things happening in the past months after we have met each other."

"Did you ever regret it?" Kirari asked.

Haru shook his head and said, "No, I don't regret it. I feel grateful to meet such a wonderful girl like you."

Kirari smiled and asked, "So you want to add me as your trophy?"

"Not a trophy, but...." Haru looked at Kirari's blue eyes and sincerely said, "Companion, that can accompany me in this life."


Kirari looked at Haru, and turned silent for a while.

"You're very greedy."

"Yes, I am. I want you Kirari. You're different from everyone else and I love you."

Haru didn't hesitate and uttered those words since he didn't want to be in a passive position and as a man how could he let a girl confess to him first.

Kirari looked at Haru and bit her lower lips which were shaded of blue lipstick.

"You're going to be killed if you're playing with me."

"I have prepared my life to get you."

"I have a lot of enemies."

"I am also prepared to protect you for a lifetime."

"I am a very bad woman."

"I'm attracted by that personality."

"I don't care about human life."

"I only care about you and the people who are close to me."

"My ambition is very big."

"So am I. Let's accompany each other so our journey won't be boring."

Kirari had read about a sentence where a woman had fallen in love their IQ would be lowered to 0, and it seemed that was the case since every word which came out from his mouth really made her unable to hold herself, but she needed to confirm him once again.

"I'll really kill you if you play with me."

"The only thing which I won't do in this life is.... playing with your heart."

Haru looked at Kirari's charming eyes and smiled. "I've fallen so much for you and I've also worked hard to match your status as fast as I can..... so once again let me say this to you....

"Kirari, I love you. You're irreplaceable to me."

Kirari didn't answer him, but rather jumped into him directly pushing him on the bed kissing his lips. She wanted to get closer to him, but then arms were wrapped around her waist and made her feel even more secure.

"Haru! Haru! Haru! Haru! Haru!

"I love you!"

Kirari, who couldn't control her feelings, hugged him tightly happily. She was the type of person who uttered everything which she felt in her heart and it was also the reason why she could be honest herself and didn't feel afraid to say directly what she felt in her heart.


Once again, Haru thought that a tough woman was really cute since the gap between her normal state and the state when both of them were together was really different.

"I love you too, Kirari."