Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 796

Volume 1 Chapter 796 Development Of Movie Company 1

10 February.

Kuzuha who had joined the Group Chat had to admit that this group was quite strange since every member of the Group Chat was very unique, but she was quite surprised when she could teleport from world to another world easily since it in her world, it was impossible for someone to be teleported back to another world once they had come back to their original world.

However, it was possible to do that on Group Chat.

Kuzuha was also speechless at the members who were quite weird, especially Korosensei, Gintoki, Luffy, etc, but one thing for sure, she was glad that the female members of the Group Chat were quite comfortable.

There were 14 members on the Group Chat, and half of those members were female.

Korosensei: "Now, half of the members are women."

Tsunade: "Isn't that good?"

Korensensei: "Yeah, if one of them is my girlfriend, then it is good....."

No one said anything. No one saw anything. Everyone pretended to not see anything.

Kuroneko: "I wonder what is going to happen once we have gotten our 15 members."

Kouha: "There's an update when our members hit 10 members, right?"

Yajima: "I wonder who is the next member...."

Tsunade: "Let's bet, whether it is a male or female!"

Kuroneko: "You sure like to gamble...."

Kuroneko: "But it is interesting, I'll bet 100 pts that the next member is a male."

Luffy: "Me too, male!"

Teppei: "Interesting, I'll also bet on a male 100 pts."

Everyone became spirited and started to gamble about the gender of the next member of the Group Chat.

Kuzuha realized that this group might be unhealthy for them and she also understood why Shinobu invited her since almost everyone on the Group Chat was quite unique, even Shinobu too, however, she had to admit everyone in the Group Chat was very fun.


After confirming the design along with the features inside of both his yacht and airplane, Haru needed to wait eight months before both of those things were sent out to his home. He named his yacht "Sora" and his airplane "Blessing".

Both of them named after both Sora and Megumi, he didn't need to explain about "Sora", but Megumi meant "Blessing".

"Are you sure you're going to name your airplane with my name?" Megumi asked. She was also quite surprised when he was about to buy an airplane and yacht, but as usual, she only showed an expressionless expression when she had gotten used to it.


"When is it done?" Sora asked since she also wanted to see the yacht.

"About eight months."

Haru didn't feel that it was long since building a yacht and airplane took a lot of time.

"What about me?"

Utaha skipped school since she also wanted to see the movie company which he had bought. She had heard him going to create a movie and was also curious about what kind of movie he was about to create later, but she was quite jealous when she heard his yacht and airplane was named after both Sora and Megumi.

Haru blinked his eyes and said, "Well, I've bought an island too. It's possible to rename it Utaha or Kasumi if you want."


Utaha blinked her eyes and asked, "Seriously?"

"Very serious."

"I was joking. Having an island with my name is quite embarrassing."

Utaha thought that it would be embarrassing to have an island with her name, especially when that island was very large.

"Haru, is it alright for you to buy such a thing?" Megumi asked. She didn't know about his business and how much money he had made, but she knew that it wasn't good to waste money.

Haru patted Megumi's head and said, "You don't need to worry. I can sell it again if I need money."

"Well, that's good...."

Megumi was worried that something might happen to Haru that might cause his business to fall, but it seemed that she didn't need to worry. She knew that he was going to build something and as his girl, she was beside him to support him.

"Anyway, let's go to the movie production! I'm curious about this company."

Sora couldn't wait to see what kind of movie that he was about to make while also watching the process of the movie production since she was curious. She was quite free waiting for her graduation ceremony and didn't have anything to do.

Haru was thinking of bringing them to visit another world, but he decided not to do it since he didn't want something to become more complicated.

'Five, huh?'

Haru thought inwardly about the number of girls that he had dated in this world and brought all of them to visit Shochiku to talk about the movie which he was about to make soon.

'I also need to think about making an amusing confession to Kirari....'

They got ready before going to the company together to talk about the development of the movie business.


Haru had come to his movie company before and everyone had known him since his speech made their adrenaline very high. He had always given speeches every time he had bought one company after another since he needed them to know him while also telling them that he had bought this company not because of playing rather he was seriously wanted to develop this company.

Being greeted by a lot of people, Haru entered the meeting room along with his girls while also walking with the CEO who was chosen along with the executives since when he came that meant he had brought a plan on how to develop Sochiku in the future.

It was Sora and Megumi's first time seeing him on a job, and both of them were a bit curious about it. They also knew Sochiku since it was the oldest movie company in Japan, but it was beaten by Toho in terms of movie production. They wanted to know how Haru would develop this company and what kind of movie he was about to make.

Utaha was a writer and of course, she was curious about movie production and she also had some an interest in it. She thought about creating a movie and thought that it was possible with Haru's support, but she didn't want to bother with his job.

Entering the meeting room, the CEO along with the executives were curious at the girls who had followed him, but they didn't say anything about it.

Haru's name had become very famous, especially when he was known as the "Hottest Man in The Country". It seemed quite silly, but it was simply the truth, especially with his achievement and wealth. In an instant, he had become the number one person who girls wanted to marry, though only some of them were able to marry him since he was only 16 years making the woman who was 10 years older than him cry wondering why they weren't born earlier or at the same time as him.

"Boss, they're....?"

"My secretary."



They weren't sure whether they should cry or laugh, but they knew that Haru wasn't joking. They looked at Haru and thought that this guy really knew how to enjoy life since they knew that Haru and the relationship of three girls wasn't normal.

All of them were veterans of the entertainment industry, and they had seen both light and darkness in society. They knew that they shouldn't ask and they also didn't ask anything about it since they were a male, and with just a glance they could understand everything.

However, the female executive who was 40 years old seemed quite jealous of the three girls who sat beside Haru and wondered why she wasn't born later.

If Haru told them that they were his girlfriends, then it would be simply rude to bring them with him, but he had told them that the three of them were his secretary and made it possible to bring them with him.

But Sora, Megumi, and Utaha really came as his secretary and they were in professional attire while bringing a note on their hands waiting for Haru to say something.

"Let's talk about the development of Sochiku."

Everyone turned serious and waited for him.

"First, we're going to open an anime division."