Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 797

Volume 1 Chapter 797 Development Of Movie Company 2

Even though Haru had bought "Ufotable" before, it wasn't enough to produce a lot of anime from the manga, light novel, and game which was created by Media Factory, Mocking Bird, and "Rogue en Rogue'.

Even if he bought another anime studio, he was afraid of the quality and he also didn't have that much experience in creating an anime along with the channel to sell the BD or the DVD in the anime.

In terms of copyright, there was a big difference between his original world and this world.

In his world, there was a lot of piracy, but it was different in this world since the law of piracy was very strict and no one dared to steal or piracy copyright from someone unless they had gotten permission from the owner.

However, even though the copyright law was very strong, without an interesting work no one would buy it since it was quite expensive for normal people it was better to spend their money on food or clothes since it was too wasteful to buy something boring.

Haru told them his intention to create an anime division was to help Media Factory to create the anime on the "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga", especially Pokemon since it was possible to create a movie from it.

No one rejected that idea since they knew how delicious the Intelligence Property from Media Factory was, especially the famous manga on the "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga". As long as they had hot IP, then it was possible to create money for their company since it was the same thing that Toei had done.

Toei is also one of the biggest movie companies in Japan, but this company is more focussed on the anime, especially Dragon Ball. It can be said that Toei has created a lot of money because of Dragon Ball, and besides that, they have nothing else.

Toho is also the same since it has always been working with Ghilbi Studio who has created a lot of big box office anime movies.

The only one who didn't have an anime division was Sochiku since it was more focussed on Kabuki (traditional art from Japan), movies, and movie theatre.

Everyone was jealous of it, but no one could deny that it was also a luck factor, but that had changed since they were also in luck when Haru had bought this company and it was possible for them to create an anime from the manga, novel, and game from Haru's other company.

Anime, games, manga, and music have created an infinite loop and the four of them connect to each other.

Haru who wanted to become the King of Otaku needed to master or have a company to create and publish those four things before he could conquer the world of Otaku.

"Secondly, Warner Mycal Cinemas is going to join Sochiku's movie theater."

They nodded and didn't feel that surprised, but they were also very excited since the number of movie theaters on their hands had increased.

"I've got two scripts on me. You can read it and I want you to make it into a movie."

They nodded and felt a bit curious about the script which Haru had prepared. They knew that Haru was a famous writer and had created a lot of famous stories which created a lot of money. That was why they were quite anticipating what kind of script he had created.

"Flying Colors?"

"Goodbye, Mr. Loser?"

The title of the two movies seemed quite interesting.

Megumi, Sora, and Utaha also read the script since they were curious.

"Flying Colors" is a story about a Gyaru (style of makeup) girl who wants to enter Keio University even though she's on par academically with 4th-grade elementary school students. She's very bad, but when she is being transferred to an all-girls school... there are a lot of things happening with that girl.

It was a moving story about a dumb girl who wanted to enter prestigious universities in Japan. Even though it seemed impossible and a lot of people, even her father, mocked her, she didn't give up and her cram teacher also didn't give up.

Reading the script of the "Flying Colors", everyone seemed to be very impressed and moved by this script, especially on the line of the heroine in the movie.

"You've no choice but to be brave, as you face these difficulties, right?"

"Even if I'm suffering, I will do my best."

Those were the lines which were being said by the main character.

They also loved the determination of the heroine in the story who even changed her hairstyle, stopped going out with her friends, studying until midnight, etc. This movie told everyone that nothing was impossible and it was a very good story.

It also only needed a little money for this movie, and it is good for an experimental movie.

Then they read the other's movie script which was titled "Goodbye, Mr. Loser".

This story is also a moving story, but it is full of comedy.

Even though Haru had mentioned this movie before, he had never explained it.

This movie was about a middle-aged man who was coming to the wedding of his crush on high school and shouted in complaint about his wife along how he had regretted not confessing on his crush during high school since that crush had married someone who was 20 years older than her.

The man who shouted in complaint was suddenly caught by his wife and almost being killed, but he ran away and hid in the bathroom, but suddenly when he put his face on the water, he went back during his high school time.

The man thought that it was a dream, and did a lot of stupid things, such as punching the teacher, kissing the lips of his crush on high school, and jumped from the third-floor building.

Everyone couldn't help but laugh when they read the script. They continued to read the script and felt a bit surprised since the man used his return to high school to become a famous singer using his knowledge about a famous song in the future.

The man became a famous singer who married the crush on high school and left his wife in a previous life.

However, after he had used all of the songs from the future, he started to get into a slump and he didn't have much creativity. When his career started to go downhill, he decided to retire early to live in debauchery such as a woman, a party, etc. He kept doing that, but he couldn't fill the emptiness on his heart, especially when he knew that his wife also cheated on him.

Then the man tried to get back his old wife, but he was punched by the current husband of the old wife and trouble kept coming after that such as having HIV after having a lot of parties with a woman.

In the end, the man regretted not choosing his previous wife and knew that she was the only one for him.

Meeting his old wife on the bed, the man died, but then he came back to the original time and felt happy with his life starting to realize how happy his life truly was with his old wife.


At first, they thought that it was a comedy movie, but it seemed that they were wrong since it was also a moving story to be grateful for what we had in our life.

"So what do you think?"

"It's a very good script, boss!"

Everyone agreed and thought that it was really a good script.

"Then, how long have you been able to make it?"

Everyone started their discussion and said that it was possible to finish both movies in two months since it was fairly easy to create since it didn't have a complete scene and there wasn't much visual effect.

Haru nodded and thought to release the movie in both May and June since he didn't want to release the movie in August.

August or during summer vacation is the fiercest place to release a movie since there are a lot of movies with a huge budget being released at that time.

Both of his movies used very little budget and he didn't want both movies being used as a sacrifice for the big-budget movie.

They talked for a while before the meeting ended in the afternoon.

Haru didn't stay and went back directly to have lunch with Megumi, Sora, and Utaha.

"Is there any meaning when you've made that "Goodbye, Mr. Loser"?" Sora asked.

Haru nodded and said, "Yes, I've thought that movie is for my reminder."

"Your reminder?"

"In the future, I might create a lot more wealth, but in the process, I'll never forget or change my love for the three of you who have been with me in the beginning. Even if there's a group of beautiful women or someone who is trying to tempt me, but for me, the three of you are invaluable more than anything which I've gotten in this life."


Megumi, Sora, and Utaha looked at Haru then hugged him at the same time.

"HARU!!!!" Sora hugged him tightly.

"You bastard, did you make this movie to get us to fall for you more? Then congratulations, you've succeeded!" Utaha was mad, but she kept hugging him with a smile on her mouth.

Megumi smiled and thought that it was wonderful to be with the three of them.

"What do you want to eat?" Haru asked.





But it seemed that a small conflict between the four of them was inevitable even though they loved each other.

"Then we'll compromise and have yakiniku."

"That's not a compromise!" 3x