Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 798

Volume 1 Chapter 798 Do Something Highschool Student Do..

11 February.

Haru's Private Room.

Traditional Culture Research Club is one of the most popular gambling dens on the Hyakko Academy. Its money circulation has almost reached one of the tops and there are a lot of people who keep coming to this place to play it.

In the main room of the Traditional Research Club, there was Haru's private room which he usually used to play games, create gambling games, read, etc. It was also a place where he used to hide since the news of the "Hottest Man on The Country" made him quite troubled by the love letter on which it kept being sent to him.

Runa, Ririka, Sayaka, and Yuriko were suddenly being called by Haru to this place. They didn't know what he was planning, but it was quite rare for him to gather all of them in this place, and it was also quite surprising that he entered the school.

"Haru, don't you need to go to London and the US?" Runa asked since she knew that Haru planned to do something.

"I'll go at 15, but before that, I need all of your help."

Haru looked at them with a serious expression.

"Right? Why did you gather all of us?" Yuriko asked. She sighed when she thought that all of the things on the Traditional Research Club were being managed by her, but she also knew that he didn't have time to manage something as small as this club when he had a lot of companies.

"Ugh... where is the President?" Sayaka who was the secretary of Kirari and she was a bit worried since Haru didn't bring Kirari in their conversation.

"Nyaha~~, don't tell me our conversation might have something to do with Kirari?"

Runa, who was sharp, knew Haru's intention to gather all of them.

"Yes, the reason why I've brought all of you here is because of Kirari."


Everyone was surprised when they heard it, even though Runa had thought about it before, but it was very surprising for her to hear it from him.

"W - What are you planning to do? D - Don't tell me that you're trying to overthrow the President's seat?"

Sayaka looked worriedly at Haru, even though she didn't want to admit it, but in terms of charisma, Haru might be better, no, she knew that Haru was even better than Kirari, and his influence also didn't lose to Kirari, especially when she had heard him about buying a television network.

It wasn't something secret when Haru wanted to build a media empire and a lot of people had discussed it since soon he would become the richest man in this country.

After becoming Kirari's secretary, Sayaka used the influence of Kirari to get all the information on every person on the Hyakko who might be able to threaten Kirari's power on the school. There were a lot of people, but most of them were very weak compared to Haru who could build his media empire just few months after he had transferred to this school.

"Nyahaha~~, interesting, you're going to do that, Haru?"

Runa smiled widely as if hearing something interesting.

"H - Huh? Isn't the relationship between both of you quite good?"

Yuriko was surprised by this development since she knew that the relationship between Haru and Kirari was very good.


Ririka didn't say anything, but she remembered that Haru had entered Kirari's room a few days ago. She didn't know what they were talking about, but she needed to listen since he might have planned something bad.

"No, I don't plan to do that."

Haru shook his head and wondered what they would think about such a thing.


"Before I start, I hope that none of you here are going to say anything which we have discussed in this place to Kirari? If you can't promise me that then I'm sorry that I'm going to send you out."


Everyone became even more curious when they heard him.

"Haru, what are you planning?" Runa's expression turned serious and all of sudden erased all of the childish expression on her face.

"One thing is for sure that I'm not going to harm Kirari and our interests." Haru looked at all of them and asked, "Can you promise me that?"

They looked at each other. They knew very well that Haru was planning to do something, but they didn't know what it was and he planned to keep it secret from Kirari. They wanted to know what it was and they could only promise him.

"I promise." Yuriko didn't mind since she felt that Haru was better than Kirari.

"I promise you too, nyaha~~" Runa didn't know what Haru was planning but she felt that it was very fun.

"I promise." Ririka's deep voice could be heard from the room and startled everyone since they thought this girl was mute.

"Sayaka, how about you?" Haru asked.

Sayaka looked at Haru unsurely and asked, "You promise that you won't hurt the President?"

"Yes, I won't do that and I promise you here."

Haru nodded with a serious expression.

"Then... I promise not to talk to anyone about it." Sayaka agreed since she was also curious about Haru's plan.

"If this plan is being leaked then is my trust in the four of you going to disappear? Do you remember?" Haru asked.

Haru's trust is priceless and once someone has betrayed him then he won't give mercy.

"Don't worry, just talk what is your plan?" Runa asked.

Sayaka, Ririka, and Yuriko also waited for Haru to say something. In their mind, they were thinking that he wanted to conquer this school, erase the trouble, etc. Their mind was thinking about a lot of things, but they would have never expected that none of them was the thing which he was about to say to them, however, the shock which being brought didn't lose to any of the things which they had thought on their mind before.

"I'm going to confess to Kirari."


Everyone was stunned at that moment, their eyes and mouth were wide open when they heard it. They didn't believe what they had heard.

"Sorry, I didn't hear from you earlier, can you repeat it again?" Runa asked.

"I'm going to confess to Kirari and I need all of your help this time."


Some of them suddenly had a broken heart when they heard it, and at the same time, they were very jealous of Kirari for having him confess to her.

However, at this moment, Ririka raised her hand.

"Yes, Ririka-kun, what's wrong?"

"Haven't you already dated to each other?" Ririka asked since she knew that both of them had often kissed each other in secret and he had also entered Kirari's room before.

"Yes, we've dated, but she wants me to confess to her again in a more amusing way."

"A more amusing way?"

They were confused when they heard it.

"Ugh... K - Kasugano-senpai?" Sayaka raised her hand.

"Yes, Sayaka-kun?"

"D - Did you really date the President?"


Haru nodded and didn't hide it since he really had dated Kirari, but this girl wanted him to confess to her in a more amusing way.

Runa's expression, which was a bit hard to read, suddenly turned into a smile again and asked with a laugh, "Nyaha~~, then what are you going to do?"

"As you know, I'll need to go to London and the US for a business trip, and I hope that all of you can help me to make this amusing confession."

Haru bowed his head since he really needed their help in this matter. "Of course, I'll pay for this plan."

"But how can you make an amusing confession?"

Yuriko sighed at Kirari's randomness and thought that she was very lucky to have him confess to her and also granted her wish.

"So all of you are going to accept my request?" Haru asked.

"Nyaha~~, it seems interesting, I'll help you." Runa nodded.

Yuriko nodded and said, "I'll help you don't worry."

Sayaka sighed and said, "I'll try my best." She knew that both Haru and Kirari had dated each other and even though she didn't want to admit it both of them fitted to each other.


Everyone was looking at Ririka.

Ririka only nodded.

"Thank you, I'll bring you a lot of souvenirs later when I've gone back to school."

They were a bit happy, but they were more curious about his confession's plan.

Haru took out a video recorder and connected it to the flat television in his room.

"I'll do this. Try to gather as many people as you can to help me."

Everyone looked at the screen and thought that Haru's plan was really amusing, but at the same time, they became even more jealous of Kirari.


They watched for a while and started to be in deep thought since they would have never thought of such a confession.

"What do you think?"

They nodded and agreed that this confession was really amusing, but at the same time, they were a bit excited since it might be their first time that they had done something a high school student would do during their youth.