Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 80

Volume 1 Chapter 80 Sister Complex

Haru didn't sleep and opened his phone. He tried to be as quiet as possible while opening his group chat. He saw there was a lot of chat there and he opened it. He saw that Luffy had started to use the group chat.

Luffy: "Ah, @Haru, you've online!!"

Haru replied, "Yes, the hormone injection from Iva, make it hard for me to wake up."

Gintoki: "Ugh, how is that queen of queer?"

Haru shuddered when he remembered it, "He is just too intense for me."

Luffy also replied, "That's right, Iva is very angry since you didn't say anything when you came back, he said that he will turn you into a female when he meets you in the future."

Haru didn't believe it, "You're joking right?"

Luffy answered, "No."

At that moment, the female members started to respond.

Kuroneko replied, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA!!!!!"

Tsunade replied, "HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"

The male members were speechless at this scene.

"That's right, thank you for inviting me to this group chat with Haru," Luffy said. He was quite surprised by the existence of this group and the most important thing was that he could buy a lot of food with only points from points that he had gotten every day.

"Don't worry," Haru replied.

Yajima, who had been silent, started to ask, "@Haru, how is the mission actually?" He wanted to ask for his experience there.

"That's right, I want to tell you, this mission is quite hard," Haru started to tell them how he suddenly appeared on the Impel Down. He couldn't open the group chat to communicate with each other. He told them how dangerous it was that he had to fight with a lot of people there.

They were stunned when they heard his story. They started to imagine how he could succeed in that quest.

Luffy also replied, "That's true, he helped me save my brother."

"The quest isn't that difficult, we can invite anyone as long as they agree, but the place we appear is random, I'm very unlucky to appear on the impel down, i'm quite lucky to meet him, also you don't need to mimic me to enter the war and also jailbreak, that thing is very dangerous," Haru answered. He would have been grateful to have appeared on the Shaobody Archipelago at the time when there were the supernovas. He could have a range of people that he could invite.

They understood that they could invite anyone but they still wanted to invite someone who had quite a lot of influence in the story.

Gintoki replied, "You know what? You're the most suitable person that is able to accept the quest in this group chat." He thought that the quest was quite hard at the same time. He thought it was quite possible for him to move around quietly with his light magic to make himself invisible and 'Sticky Fingers' to create a path to move around.

Kuroneko also replied, "That's true, I'm not that powerful right now, I've bought quite a lot of things before, but I'm not sure whether I can get out of the Impel Down." She was sure that she would die after she met one of the guards.

"Hmm, I'm not very knowledgable about many novels, manga, or film, I also think that you're suitable for it," Tsunade replied.

"That's true, also the quest isn't just to invite someone, I'm sure there will be a lot of quests in the future that we can do together," Yajima said.

"Oh, I can't wait for that!!!" Luffy replied. He had talked with them for a while yesterday and he also wanted to meet his new friends.

"The mission is still in the future, we can talk about that later," Haru answered.

They talked for a while, joking around.

Haru also shared that he had knowledge about haki and that he would share them soon. He told them that he would end his chat soon.

"That's right, how is your little sister?" Luffy suddenly said,

Haru replied, "She is fine, she is beside me right now."

"Sister Complex," Kuroneko replied.

"Sister Complex +1," Gintoki replied.

"Sister Complex +1," Tsunade replied.

"Sister Complex +1," Yajima replied.

"Sister Complex +1," Luffy replied. He wasn't sure what was the meaning of these words but he decided to follow them.

Haru twitched his lips and replied, "I'M NOT!!!"

"Luffy, how is he when he talks to his little sister?" Kuroneko asked.

Luffy thought for a while, "Hmm, I want to bring him to Amazon Lily but he said that he wanted to meet his little sister yesterday."

"Amazon Lily? Is that an island of women?" Gintoki asked curiously.

"Yes," Luffy replied.

"He has a huge sister complex," Tsunade replied.

"Choosing to meet his little sister rather than to go to the island of women. He is a very huge sister complex, we can't deny it," Yajima said.

"Damn, I want to go to the island of women!!!" Gintoki said and added, "That's right, I can use my teleportation to go there, Luffy, where are you right now?" He had saved quite a lot of points and he also wanted to have a holiday. He wanted to go to the island of women.

"I'm on Amazon Lily," Luffy answered.

"Alright, wait for me, I'll go there," Gintoki replied.

"Hmm, maybe, I'll go there too, I'm quite curious," Yajima replied.

"Pervert!!!!!" Kuroneko replied.

Tsunade shook her head and replied, "Men are always like that."

"How about you, Haru?" Yajima asked kindly to him. He wanted all the male members to go there.

"I can't leave my little sister alone," Haru answered.

"Sister Complex," Kuroneko replied.

"Sister Complex +1," Gintoki replied.

"Sister Complex +1," Tsunade replied.

"Sister Complex +1," Yajima replied.

"Sister Complex +1," Luffy replied.

Haru twitched and suddenly became tired, "I will be off from the chat now." He shook his head and heard the door of his room open. He turned his head and saw his editor, "Machida-San."

Machida looked at him and looked at his little sister who slept beside him. She looked at him and said, "Sister Complex."

Haru twitched his lips in response.

Sora slept soundly beside him and didn't even know his suffering.

'I'm not!!!!' Haru shouted inwardly.