Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 800

Volume 1 Chapter 800 Valentine's Day 1

The father, mother, and little sister of Honoka peeked through the door looking at both Haru and Honoka who stayed in the kitchen together.

"Do you think it is possible for both of them?"

"I'm not sure, you know Onee-chan's personality...."

Even though both the mother and father of Honoka didn't want to admit it, they knew very well that their daughter was quite dumb and it would be very hard to seduce Haru into their family.

"But if Onee-chan can't do it, it doesn't mean I can't do it! I can take Onee-chan's place and make Haru-nii become our family." Yukiho clenched her hands with a face full of determination.


The mother and father of Honoka looked at the little sister and her flat chest before shaking their heads.


"W - What is that expression!?"

The little sister covered her chest in shame and said "Hmph!" at both of her parents.


"What are you going to do now?"

Honoka knew that Haru was a master of bread and she was curious about what kind of yakisoba bread he was about to make.

Yakisoba bread is a very famous bread in this country since it is simple and very filling. It is made by the combination of fried noodles and bread.

Honoka also loved this bread, but she was known as a bread connoisseur and she wouldn't accept normal yakisoba bread.

"The name of this bread is Japan #59, Okonomiyaki Sandwich."

"Japan #59!"

Honoka became very excited when she heard it. She knew that Haru was going to create Japanese Bread and she was very anticipating about this creation of his since all of them were very delicious.

Haru nodded and started his process to create the Japan #59. The first thing he was about to make was noodles.

In Yakisoba Bread, the noodle is the heart of the bread and the bread is the body.

Without a good heart, the body won't be good and the taste of the yakisoba bread won't be tasty.

Haru took out the noodles from his bag along with the meat and various vegetables. He put enough oil and started to fry all of them into a frying pan.


The sizzling sound of the noodles, meat, and various vegetables on the frying pan could be heard from the entire kitchen.

The ingredients started to soften and then he put a sauce on the frying pan.


The smell of the delicious sauce made everyone gulp.

"Now, don't take your eyes, Honoka, since I'm about to show you something."

Honoka was curious about what Haru was about to do, but then she was surprised.

"Dragon Twister!"

Haru twisted the handle of the frying pan very quickly and fried the noodles evenly.


Honoka couldn't take away her eyes from Haru's technique.


Honoka gulped her saliva after smelling this yakisoba.

Haru was done with the noodle and put it on the plate since he needed to prepare the bread.

Honoka was about to steal the noodles, but she stopped. "Haru, you're stingy!" She complained since she couldn't eat the noodles only looking at it with a drool.

"Calm down, the bread isn't done yet."

Honoka pouted but nodded. "How long?"

"It's almost done soon."

Haru took out the bread from his bag and sliced the bread in half. He placed the bread aside and made the frying pan hotter on fire before pressing the bread with the bottom of the frying pan.


"W - What are you doing?!"

Honoka was surprised by this action.

"Shh.. the magic is almost done."

Haru checked the bread and placed the yakisoba which he had prepared inside the bread.


Honoka gulped and nodded taking the bread from Haru's hand which was quite hot.

"Hot! Hot! Hot!"

Honoka gulped and made it warmer before eating it in her mouth.



Suddenly Honoka wore a Japanese princess kimono sitting beautifully while eating the bread. She didn't know why she suddenly became a princess, but one thing is for sure that this bread was very delicious.


Haru also prepared three other yakisoba bread and gave it to the little sister, mother, and father of Honoka who couldn't wait to taste it too.


The three of them tasted it at the same time and shouted "Delicious" at the same time.

Haru didn't stay too long and decided to go back since he had already stayed for a long time in this place.

"Bye, Haru!"

Honoka waved her hand excitedly.

Haru nodded and went back.

Honoka who looked at Haru's back entered her house again and felt glad that she had asked him to make a lot of yakisoba bread for her.

"Onee-chan, have you prepared chocolate for tomorrow?" Yukiho who was Honoka's little sister asked.

"Huh? Chocolate? Why?" Honoka was confused.

"Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!" Yukiho was speechless and reminded her big sister.

"What? Valentine's Day! Yukiho will give me chocolate tomorrow! No, I'll also ask both Umi and Kotori-chan for chocolate too! Oh, I'll ask for Haru too!"

Honoka was excited when she thought that she could eat a lot of chocolate tomorrow.


"It's over...."

Yukiho, Honoka's father, and Honoka's father who heard what Honoka was saying were speechless and helpless.


14 February.

Haru who was in his cafe suddenly received a lot of chocolate from his customers along with Yuri, Iwasawa, Shiina, and Kosaka.

"Haru, you can have this."

Haru was a bit surprised to see Akane who also had come to the cafe, but he nodded with a smile.

"Thank you, Akane."

Akane smiled and shook her head. "No problem, are you free after this?"

"I'm sorry. I have an appointment after this."

Haru needed to go to various places after this since he had promised Erina, Kirari, Maki, Eli, Sora, Megumi, Utaha, etc.


Akane nodded and said, "Then, it's alright."

"How are you right now Akane?"

It had been a while since Haru had done that with Akane, and somehow he could see that her complexion wasn't good.

"I've got some boyfriends here and there...." Akane said then looked at his reaction.

"Hmm... have you thought about marrying someone?" Haru asked and this news didn't bother him that much.

"No." Akane shook her head and asked, "Do you think there's a guy who is willing to marry me?"

"There might be, you should keep trying."

Haru didn't think that someone as beautiful as Akane lacked a suitor.

Akane looked at Haru and asked, "Haru... when are you free? Do you think that we can...?" She had thought that he was joking before, but he really told the truth since he didn't even ask her to do it with her for a while.

There were a lot of men who tried to get close to her and she also accepted that men, but no one was as good as Haru and those men somehow made her life dull. Compared to when she had done it with Haru, she felt that she had lacked something in her life.

Haru shook his head and said, "I'm sorry, Akane. I've said that we should stop and even if we don't do such a thing, we're still friends. You can come here anytime."

"That might be a good idea...."

Akane was quite a lonely woman and the way for her to fill the emptiness on her heart was to have a man around her, but since she had done it with Haru she couldn't feel anything toward the other men and her nail even chipped during the process. She really missed the feeling when she was with him.

"Then, I'll go out first, you can enjoy your time here first."


"Hmm?" Haru stopped and looked at Akane curiously.

Akane shook her head and said, "Nothing. Be careful on your way."

"Thank you, you should have some other fun with Akane."

Haru said goodbye to everyone and went out.

Akane sighed and looked at Kosaka who came toward her.

"Care for a drink?" Kosaka brought a can of beer.

Akane grabbed the beer right away and drank it heartily. "Good! Let's have a drink!"


Kosaka laughed and grabbed Akane to the second floor to have a drink together.