Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 801

Volume 1 Chapter 801 Valentine's Day 2

9 A.M.

Haru went to the shrine and looked at Nozomi and Eli who wore a shrine maiden outfit sweeping the area within the shrine. He had to admit that he might have a shrine maiden fetish beside the maid fetish since their appearance in shrine maiden outfit was too attractive.

"Ah, Haru!"

Haru waved his hand and asked, "What's wrong with calling me so early?"

"Well, we thought that you might have something to do in the afternoon and that's why we're calling you now."

Nozomi smiled mischievously and pushed Eli who seemed embarrassed about something.


"Uh... Haru..."

Eli wanted to take out her chocolate to give it to him, but she was too embarrassed.


Nozomi pushed Eli's back from behind.


Eli lost her balance so suddenly. Even though her balance was good since she had learned ballet during her childhood, it was useless when she was suddenly being pushed. Her body moved toward Haru and she was about to fall. She closed her eyes and was ready to bear the impact, but suddenly she felt that she was being caught by someone. She knew who had caught her and at the same time, she felt very embrassed when she felt hands around her waist.

"Ah - Uh..."

Eli stuttered, but then she hurriedly raised the box of chocolate right in front of her face to hide her embarrassment.

Haru's face was being pushed by this box which made it hard for him to talk. He felt a bit speechless at this moment.

"I - I'm sorry!"

Eli realized her mistake.

Nozomi who was behind them could only laugh at their interaction.


Eli calmed down and gave the box of chocolate which was wrapped in a beautiful wrapper.

"Is this for me?" Haru asked.

Eli nodded shyly.

"Thank you, can I open it?" Haru asked.


Eli nodded and looked at Haru nervously since it was her first time giving chocolate to a male.

"Haru, I'll give you mine too, though, it is friendship chocolate." Nozomi gave him a box of chocolate too.

"For me too?" Haru asked.

"What? Are you disappointed in friendship chocolate?" Nozomi smiled and said, "Actually, Eli's chocolate is...."

"AHHH!!!!" Eli hurriedly closed Nozomi's mouth and said, "My chocolate is also a friendship's chocolate!"

Haru looked as though Eli had also pushed Nozomi's b.r.e.a.s.ts, which made it juggle around. He sucked a deep breath to calm himself. "Even so, thank you. I'm very happy that you've given me this on holiday." He felt that it was also good to see girls in shrine maiden outfits in the morning.

Nozomi and Eli really didn't blush at that time, but at the same time, they were happy when they heard his words.

"Then I'm waiting for the three folds to return during White Day!" Nozomi smiled.

"Nozomi!" Eli was speechless at her friend.

"Alright, three, four, five, or more, it doesn't really matter."

"Yay!" Nozomi was happy.

Eli was a bit embarrassed and said, "I'm sorry, Haru."

"No problem, I'm happy that I've received this chocolate from you."


Haru and Eli stared at each other and couldn't look away.

"If you're going to flirt, can you do it in another place? There's another person in this place!"

Nozomi was quite displeased when both of them ignored her.

Eli blushed and said, "Don't you have something to do after this? Then you should go! I'll take care of the shrine with Nozomi!"

Being pushed, Haru was helpless and asked, "Is that alright?"

"No problem, we can go out later...." Eli wanted to go out with him, but she knew that he was quite busy, however, at the same time, she knew that their relationship was quite ambiguous since they weren't lovers, but she also felt that they were more than friends. She didn't know whether Haru had a girlfriend, but she didn't want to hear it now since she was happy with their relationship right now.

Haru said goodbye and went to another location.

Waving her hand at Haru, Eli smiled and felt relief since she was able to give him the chocolate.

"Is that alright?

Nozomi stood beside Eli and said, "You should hug him earlier and tell him...." She moved her hands as if she were trying to hug someone then said, "Don't go, stay with me... I love you.."

Hearing the words which came out from her best friend, Eli blushed.



Playing the piano in her house, Maki couldn't calm down since Haru was a bit late. She told him from "LINE" to come at 10 in the morning, but he was already 15 minutes late, but it might also be her fault to suddenly told him to come to her house last night.

"N - No, it is his fault for being late!"

Maki snorted, but she couldn't concentrate on her piano and kept glancing at her smartphone.


Haru: "I'm in front of your house."

Maki almost dropped to the ground, but she sighed in relief when she looked at the chat on her smartphone. She took the chocolate and walked out of her house.

Haru was right in front of Maki's house wearing a black windbreaker since the temperature in February was quite cold.



Maki, who had come out from her house, raised a beautiful bag right in front of her. She moved toward him and gave this beautiful bag to him while looking away. Her face was flushed in red and her hand was shaking a bit since she was very nervous at that moment.

"This is?"


Maki tried to act calm, but she felt nervous. If possible, she wanted to say that this chocolate was made specially for him, but her tsundere personality wouldn't allow her to show such nervousness.

"For me?"

Haru was a bit surprised since it was the first time Maki had sent him chocolate in the last three years.

Their relationship deteriorated after he needed to move to Chiba during the 5th-year of elementary school and it was also during that time he was being r.a.p.ed by a girl who was a year older than him similar to the story of "Yosuga no Sora" which made him sigh at that time. He still wondered at that time why he didn't stop the girl, but it might be because of her eyes at that time who wanted to forget about something which made him unable to refuse her since their relationship was similar to siblings.

Haru came back to Tokyo during his middle school time and it was also the time when he had turned into a playboy changed girl after another, and somehow also met Maki, but at that time, her personality started to change and became slightly haughty, making it hard for them to have the same relationship during their childhood time.

However, he had always tried to communicate with her, but he didn't pay all of his attention to her since at that time, he had girlfriends.

It was when he had lost his parents that he stopped changing from girl to another girl. He started to change slowly and during that concert on Winter Comiket made their relationship closer once again.

"Here. Just take it!"

Maki pushed the bag filled with chocolate that she had created last night.

"D - Don't get me wrong! I - I only give you this chocolate because I don't want it to go to waste! It's not as though I want to give it to you!"


Haru was speechless at her tsundere act, but he nodded.

"Thank you, Maki. I'm very happy about this chocolate."

"I, is that so?"

Maki looked away smiling happily twirling her hair while glancing at him to eat her chocolate.

"Can I eat it here?" Haru asked since he knew that this girl wanted to see him eat her chocolate.

"Yes." Maki nodded.

Haru nodded and opened the box of chocolate inside the bag, but his expression turned pale when he saw the chocolate.


"W - What's wrong? Why don't you eat it?" Maki turned nervous when she saw Haru only kept looking at the chocolate without doing anything.

"N - No, I'm going to eat chocolate."

Haru who was very skillful at cooking knew very well that the chocolate which Maki had made for him was very bad, no, it might have reached a disaster level, but when he looked at the expression of Maki.


Haru knew that he needed to be a man at this moment, and even though he knew the taste of the chocolate was very bad, he needed to be brave and eat the chocolate since it was the price to be a harem protagonist.

Maki looked at Haru waiting for him to eat the chocolate with anticipation.


Haru shuddered, but he put the chocolate into his mouth directly.


Haru suddenly saw that he had met Saint Valentine directly in another world. He was almost pulled by the angel to meet his parents directly in heaven.

Maki realized that there was something wrong with Haru after ate her chocolate. "Haru... are you alright?"

His consciousness was very hazy and he almost died at that moment, but hearing Maki's voice, it made him came back to the earth.

"I - It's delicious...."

Those were his last words before he fainted.


Haru dropped to the ground and passed out after doing a heroic act.

Maki was in shock and startled. "Haru... don't joke around, what's wrong?" She panicked and checked his pulse.

"Haru! Haru! Wake up!"

Haru didn't expect that he who had fought against dragon, monster, powerful opponent, etc, and conquering Empire, United a country, and a lot of more would almost die because of chocolate.