Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 802

Volume 1 Chapter 802 Valentine's Day 3


Haru opened his eyes and saw an unfamiliar room.

"Where is this?"


Maki hurriedly went to Haru when she saw him open his eyes. She sighed in relief, and at the same time, felt very guilty.

"Maki? Where is this?" Haru asked.

"We're in the living room of my house."

After Haru had passed out, Maki asked the security of her house to bring him to the living room. Her body was small and it was impossible to bring him inside using her strength alone.

"What happened?" His memory was quite hazy.

"Ah... Um... you passed out after eating....." Maki was very embarrassed when she thought that her chocolate was so bad that it made him pass out. She didn't even try it last night and didn't know the taste of the chocolate.


Haru suddenly remembered everything and sighed when he thought about Maki's chocolate.

"I'm sorry that I can't eat all of your chocolate."

Haru didn't want to die and thought that it was better not to eat the chocolate again, but as a gentleman, he couldn't utter those words.

"N - No, it's alright... you don't need to eat my chocolate again...."

Maki didn't want him to pass out again.

"Did you buy it from a store or make it by yourself?" Haru asked. If Maki bought it from a store then he would blow up the chocolate store who had sold her that kind of chocolate.

"H - Homemade....." Maki blushed in embarrassment.


Haru took a deep breath and said, "It's good but... let me teach you how to cook later so it'll become better." He patted Maki's head and thought that this girl was cute and tried to give him homemade chocolate, even though she had never entered a kitchen before.

"U - Umm....."

Maki nodded and felt happy when she knew that Haru would teach her since she knew that Haru's cooking skill was very good and at the same time, she could have spent her time alone with him.

Haru's body was quite weak after ate a disastrous level of food.

"Can I have water?"

Maki nodded and said, "Wait, here! I'll get it for you!" She stood up and ran toward the kitchen.

Haru sat down on the sofa while looking around at the living room. The living room of Maki's house was very wide and it was furnished with a modern style with a fireplace as the center of this room. He also saw a grand piano on the side of the room.

"Haru, your water."

Maki brought him a glass of water.

"Thank you, Maki."

His throat parched after he ate that chocolate and drank the water in one gulp.

Maki looked at Haru and somehow felt a bit embarrassed since there were only both of them inside the house. She noticed him looking at the piano and asked, "Don't you play the piano again?" She often played piano during her childhood time with Haru.

"No, I haven't played it for a long time."

Haru shook his head and he wasn't a human metronome. If he really was a human metronome then he would meet a sickly girl during his 3rd middle school. However, he wasn't after all.

Then Haru suddenly remembered something and asked, "How long have I passed out?"

"Hour.... You've made me panic a bit earlier....."

"One hour?!"

Haru looked at his watch then took out his smartphone. He saw a lot of missed calls, chats, and messages on his smartphone. He hurriedly stood up since he knew that he was in trouble.

"Sorry, Maki. I'm in a hurry. I'll teach you how to cook later."

"Huh? Your body is still weak! You should rest a bit!"

Maki could see that Haru's face was very pale and somehow he seemed quite weak.

"No, I've got to go now. I'm sorry that I can't stay for too long. Let's play the piano together later."

"Promise?" Maki asked.

"I promise." Haru nodded.

Maki smiled when she thought that she would be able to spend their time together again.

Haru said goodbye and hurriedly went to the movie they're since he had promised someone, but he didn't expect that he would be late for his appointment. What he could do right now was to go there as soon as possible and calm the anger of the Queen.

Maki looked at Haru's back and it somehow reminded her of her childhood when both of them played together.

If Haru turned his head right now then he would see a beautiful smile on her face, but he was in a hurry that he didn't have a chance to see it.


Movie theatre.

Erina was leaning on the pillar of wall waiting for Haru to come. She was wearing a black hoodie, black cap, a short skirt, and sneakers. She was happy when she thought that she would have a date with him on Valentine's Day and went to the movie theatre one hour earlier since she was too excited. She wore a black cap so no one would know that it was her, but she didn't expect Haru to be late for their date.

Erina's mood was very bad at this moment and had tried to call him several times, but he didn't answer her. The first time, being ignored, she was angry, but when she didn't receive an answer no matter how many times she had contacted him, she started to get worried about whether something had happened to him.

"Sorry for the wait."


Erina's face was happy when she heard this voice, and raised her face, but her expression turned into disappointment when she noticed that it was the wrong person.

"Not at all~ I just arrived~"

"Let's get something to eat later."


Looking at a couple who were very happy together, Erina took out her smartphone again looking at the "LINE" waiting for his reply.


Alice and Hisako who were following Erina were very angry when they saw that Haru was late on his date with Erina.

"Alice-sama, can you contact him?"

"No! This bastard! How long are you going to make Erina wait!"

Alice and Hisako could see that Erina's mood was very bad, but at the same time, they could see that she was also patiently waiting for him, especially when they saw her often mistook someone with him turned Erina's happy face into a disappointment several times which made them very sympathetic toward her.

"How dare he make Erina-sama wait!"

Hisako was angry since she had also waited for an hour. "I - I'll go to Erina-sama and tell her not to wait anymore!" She thought that Erina should dump Haru right away to make them wait for two hours. She was about to go, but she was stopped.

"No, don't go!"

Alice held Hisako's shoulder.

"No, don't stop me!"

Both of them started to argue with each other and caused a lot of attention at the movie theatre.


Erina ignored things about her surroundings until she heard a "thump" noise from her side which startled her.

"Woah, who is that?!"

"Your boyfriend."

Haru leaned his arm on the pillar while panting.

Erina was happy to see him, but her anger was higher. She folded her arms and looked away.

"Tell me, your excuses."

"I don't have one. My bad for being late."


Erina slapped Haru's head and said angrily, "Why didn't you tell me first?! Am I still your girlfriend?!"

Haru rubbed his head and could only apologize.

Erina became even more excited and complained. "Everyone passing by, I thought it was you! I stood in this place like an idiot for 2 hours! It pissed me off!!"


Erina opened her small backpack and took out a small package that had a handle on both sides.

"Today before I came out, I made you chocolate."


Looking at his cute girlfriend, Haru had to admit that he was lucky to have Erina, especially when she waited patiently for him for two hours.

"You haven't eaten, have you? Go ahead and grab a bite."

Erina tried to search for something on her backpack, but suddenly the small package in her hand was grabbed by Haru.


Erina was confused by Haru's action, but then she was suddenly hugged.


Blushing over her face, Erina tried to push him away.

"W - W - W - What are you doing??"

"Hugging you."

"Let me go! You stink!"

Even though Erina tried to push him, she didn't put in that much power. She was happy, but she was very embarrassed for him to do this in front of a lot of people.

"Can you see the people around?"


Haru hugged her tenderly and said, "I love you, Erina."


Stopping the hand which was pushing him, Erina let him hug her and also hugged him.

"I love you too....."

Erina snuggled up to his chest and ignored the people around him hugging him in the crowd.



Alice and Hisako had a jealous expression on their faces looking at Haru and Erina who were hugging each other in the middle of the crowd.

"Hisako, do you think that it is wrong to get jealous of Erina, right now?"

"No, Alice-sama... I also feel the same."

Looking at Haru and Erina who held their hands together entered the theatre, they really wanted to go back and sleep since they didn't want to be tortured seeing both Haru and Erina flirting with each other.