Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 803

Volume 1 Chapter 803 Valentine's Day 4

After spending time Erina, from the movie theatre, an arcade and cooking food by themselves, they ended their date with Erina's reluctant expression.

"You're going to London tomorrow?" Erina asked.

Haru nodded and asked, "Do you want something? I'll buy you something there?"

Erina shook her head and asked, "How long?"

"I should come back in early March."

Haru knew that he needed at least 2 weeks to spend on his business and vacation trip with Sora, Megumi, and Utaha.

Erina looked at Haru and said, "Call me every day!"

"I'll call you." Haru nodded.

Erina hugged Haru's neck tightly and kissed his lips.


Haru was startled then when their lips parted since this kiss was under her initiative.

"Don't you stay?" Erina wanted him to accompany her.

Haru was tempted, but he shook his head and whispered. "Let's do it when I come back."

Blushing Erina was very embarrassed and hit his chest several times.

"W - What are you saying?! That's a bit too early, you pervert!"

Haru said goodbye and went to the next location. He felt that having too many lovers would make it troublesome to manage the time.

'If there's more time in the day...'

Haru shook his head and went to Kirari's house.


Peeking through the gap of the door, Alice watched the interaction between Haru and Erina. She started to imagine herself changing her place with Erina. She imagined that she was Haru's fiance and girlfriend, but she hurriedly shook her head since she knew that both Haru and Erina loved each other and she didn't have a place between the two of them.

Then suddenly the door was opened, Alice fell on the ground since she didn't expect the door would open suddenly.

"It hurts!"

Alice had her face fall on the ground crying holding her face.


Erina only looked at Alice in silence before entering her house since she knew that her cousin was peeking at her again.

"Erina, you're very cruel!"

Alice cried and stood up jumping into Erina while teasing.

"What did you do? Do you have fun with him? What steps are both of you taking now? Have you done that kind of thing? When can I see my nephew?...

Hey! Hey! Hey!"

Erina, who was being asked a lot of questions by Alice, started to get annoyed. "Shut up!" She picked Alice up and threw her outside her house before locking the door.

"Erina? Why did you lock the door? Open it! Erina! Erina!"


Entering Kirari's house, no one had stopped Haru again since after he had confessed to her, their relationship had become closer.

Ririka had stopped the security to stop him and Haru had also communicated with the people around the house to give a surprise to Kirari next month.

Haru taught them something which they would use for the amusing confession that he had planned to give Kirari.

Everyone had helped him since they knew that Haru might become Kirari's husband, and it wouldn't hurt to have a relationship with the youngest billionaire when he had also given them a bonus to help him.

Parking his car, Haru was about to enter Kirari's house, but he met two girls on his way.

One girl had brown skin color and blond hair pushing the wheelchair of other girls. She had a bright smile on her face and it gave her an image of a cheerful girl, but also slightly dumb.

The other girl sat down in the wheelchair with a blanket covering her legs. Her appearance was quite cute and she had short hair and her expression was quite calm.

Haru looked at the girl in the wheelchair who also looked at him in surprise. He didn't know who they were, but he thought that they might be cousins of Kirari. He smiled politely at both of them and said, "Hello."

"Hello!" The blonde-haired girl greeted back in wide smile since she thought that Haru was her type, but the girl in a wheelchair only nodded.

"Let's go."


Haru shook his head and entered Kirari's house.


When Haru entered Kirari's house, both girls seemed to talk about him again.

Both of them were members of the branch family of Momobami Clan, they were both Terano Totobami and Yumi Totobami.

"Who is that guy?" Yumi asked.

"You don't know him?" Terano was a bit surprised.

"Is he famous?" Yumi asked.


Terano sighed and said, "You should watch the news more often."

"Huh? Is he that famous?" Yumi was surprised.

Terano nodded and said, "He's Kasugano Haruka. In the news, he's the "Hottest Male in the Country"."

"Hottest Male in the Country?!"

Yumi remembered Haru's appearance and body then nodded since she felt that he might be the hottest guy that she had seen in her life, but then she thought about something. "But why did you see such news?" She didn't think that Terano would lose to see such news on the media.

"It is just happening in the morning....." Terano blushed when she remembered Haru's photo on a swimsuit, but she suddenly realized something.

"What is he doing at Kirari's house?"


It made them curious and surprised at the same time.

"Is he Kirari's boyfriend?" Yumi suddenly said.


"Is that possible? You know Kirari's personality very well, right?" Terano didn't think that Kirari was interested in having a relationship.

"Yeah, I thought so! But I really want to ask for his phone number earlier...."

Yumi sighed.

"Well, there's another chance in the future..."

Terano looked at Kirari's house once again and clenched her hands when she thought that Kirari was the Clan Head of Momobami Clan.

'Just watch...'

Terano didn't think that Kirari was suitable to become a Clan Head and would take that seat away from her in the future.


Kirari's mood was slightly bad when both of her the heir of branches family came to her house, but suddenly her eyes were closed by someone.

"Guess who?"

Kirari smirked and said, "If I guess right, you need to give me a kiss, but if I guess wrong then I'll kiss you."

"Why not?"

"Then, is it Runa?"


Haru was speechless and said, "Wrong." He was wondering how she could mistake her for Runa.

Kirari pulled both of his hands and looked at him with a smile before kissing him deeply.

They were kissing each other before parting with each other.

"What's wrong? Your mood seems to be a bit bad."

Haru noticed that Kirari wanted to vent out her emotions earlier.

"You saw two girls on your way here?" Kirari asked.

Haru nodded and asked, "Your cousin?"

"Yes." Kirari nodded and said, "I need time to strengthen my influence."

"Take your time, just tell me if you need support."

Kirari shook her head and said, "No need, I've gotten a lot of support from you. If I can't do this myself, then my ability is only that much." She hugged his neck and asked, "Can you carry me?"

"Why not?"

Haru carried her and said, "If you need help just tell me alright?"

Kirari nodded and said, "I've brought you chocolate. Let's go to my room."

Haru nodded and went to Kirari's room, but he hoped that Kirari's chocolate wasn't homemade such as the thing which was being made by Maki before.


Looking at two boxes of chocolate, Haru was speechless.

"I've got two boxes of chocolate with me. One is normal and the other one is filled with wasabi."


Haru was wondering why this girl couldn't give him normal chocolate. "Did you make it or buy it at the store?"

"Sorry, I can't cook. I can only buy it at the store," Kirari said. She had never lied in her life after all.

Haru sighed in relief and nodded. "That's good. You don't need to force yourself to cook."

Kirari pouted and asked, "Do you think that my cooking skills are bad?"

"I'm not saying that, but if you want to learn to cook then tell me. I can become your private teacher."

Haru thought that it would be good to teach her cooking and told her to wear an apron later.

"That seems pretty interesting. Let's do that after you've come back from overseas later." Kirari smiled and said, "But for now choose either one of them."


Haru thought that he could escape, but it seemed that he couldn't.


Coming back to his home, Haru sighed in relief since he didn't eat the chocolate which was filled with wasabi. Entering his house, Sora, Megumi, and Utaha told him to go back at eight at night and it was just right.

"I'm back."

Haru entered the door and was surprised when he saw a huge box in front of him. He saw a letter which told him to open the box, and when the box was opened.

Three girls appeared inside the box with only a ribbon wrapped around their bodies.

"Haru, please eat us...." 3x

Three of them said it at the same time, but they had a different expression on their faces.

Utaha was eager.

Sora had a hopeful expression that Haru would really eat her.

Megumi was embarrassed and her voice was very low.

However, Haru had to admit that this might be the best chocolate that had received for today. Hugging the three of them together, he brought them to the living room and started to flirt with each other.