Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 805

Volume 1 Chapter 805 Fish And Ch.i.p.s


Stepping down from the airplane, Haru looked at Ritsu who ran toward him in excitement.

Ritsu left him for 15 days in a foreign country along with an acquisition team to help his business.

Haru was really grateful for this artificial intelligence girl.

"Alright, everyone follows me. We need to hurry to get away from this place."

Ritsu looked at everyone and told them to enter the car.

"Huh? Why should we be in a hurry?" Sora asked.



They didn't understand why they needed to fear paparazzi, but then they noticed Ritsu who was looking at Haru.


They understood at that moment that the paparazzi were coming for this guy.

"Let's go."

Haru also had heard the fierceness of British paparazzi, even though he had a tool which was able to cause an error on the camera, but he knew it would be troublesome if he was surrounded by a group of paparazzi.

Unlike in his hometown, he was in a different country and his news about acquiring a football club in this country would make anyone who could get his photo became rich. As long as there was a photo of him, then any magazine, or media would be full of ratings.

It was also the reason why there would be a lot of paparazzi who were following them.

Even though Ritsu had caused a mess on the camera of the paparazzi, she knew the toughness of the paparazzi in this country and it was better to get away first then they could enjoy spending their time in this country.

Haru knew that his acquisition of Tottenham Hotspur was something very big in this country and he needed to do a conference press. Though, he wouldn't do it until he had spent a holiday with Sora, Megumi, and Utaha in this country since he was sure once it happened it would be quite impossible to move around freely in this country without anyone following them.

Unless he disguised himself.

"Do you have anywhere you want to go before we visit your house?" Ritsu asked.

Haru had asked Ritsu to buy a house in London and it was a very easy job since he had money.

They looked at Haru and thought that it should be him who made the decision.

Haru touched his stomach and asked, "I'm a bit hungry. Why don't we try Fish and Ch.i.p.s?"

They looked at Haru for a while and nodded.

"Why not?"


Fish and ch.i.p.s is a hot dish consisting of fried fish in batter served with ch.i.p.s. The dish originated in England and is an example of culinary fusion, as its two main ingredients were introduced by immigrants.

It has become a staple food for everyone in this country and everyone knows about it.

They went to one of the most popular fish and ch.i.p.s restaurants among the locals, not the most famous one since it would be troublesome if Haru's identity was known.

Ritsu used her data process to narrow down which restaurant was the best in London. Even though there were a lot of reviews on the internet, it didn't mean that it was delicious and it might be because of the hype.

The best way to tell whether it was good or not was to taste it directly or asked the locals, but with Ritsu around them, they didn't need to do such things.

They arrived at the local restaurant and they were lucky that it was quite quiet when they came.

Entering the restaurant, all of them decided to taste the famous fish and ch.i.p.s.

The owner didn't know who they were, but looking at the car and the bodyguard around them, he knew that they might be a rich tourist or something, but at the same time, he was quite surprised how they could find his store.

"Sir, can I watch you cook?" Haru asked.

The owner nodded and let Haru watch him cooking and somehow also explained to him the way he cooked his fish. He didn't think that Haru would copy his recipe, especially when he could see that this guy was very rich.

Haru looked at the owner who took a haddock fish and put it into the yellow batter. He knew that the owner had put spice on the batter.


But Haru also smelled different smells which were something that he was very familiar with.

*Sniff!* *Sniff!*

"Beer?" Haru raised his eyebrow.

The owner was a bit surprised but nodded. "Yes, I've used beer rather than water."

Haru nodded and thought that it was very logical.

Beer is alcohol and alcohol has a lower boiling point than water. When the fish is being fried using a batter that is mixed with alcohol, the alcohol will disappear quickly, leaving only the flour and the fish making it very crisp.

Haru thought that this technique was feasible to be used on tempura dishes.

Both of them talked for a while and the owner told him that he often used various fishes for his fish and ch.i.p.s such as cod, halibut, flounder, tilapia, and a rare fish such as ray and shark.

It didn't take both of them to start to be close to each other and talk about a lot of things.

"If there's a shark today, then I might serve you that."

Haru also talked about what other dishes he should try during his stay in London.

"Then you should try the English Breakfast and Jellied Eel."

"Jellied Eel?"

Haru didn't know what it was, but he felt strange when he heard it.

Their food was ready and Haru went back to his seat to eat with everyone.

"What have you been talking about earlier?" Sora asked.

"His frying technique. The way he fries his fish is quite special." Haru smiled and said, "When we go back, I'll try it on tempura later."

Sora, Megumi, and Utaha who had heard it started to salivate when they knew that Haru was about to create a new dish.

"Well, let's eat this fish and chip first while it is still hot."

They nodded and looked at the large size of fried fish in front of them with fried fries on the side and were accompanied by a lemon and tartar sauce. Just looking at it raised their appetite.

"Haru, I'll take some from you...."

Utaha was on diet and she didn't want to eat that much.


Utaha opened her mouth and waited for him to feed her.


Haru was speechless and fed her with the fish, but Sora and Megumi were also looking at him.

"I'll feed both of you too."

After feeding both of them, it was his chance to eat. Seri and Ritsu also looked at him intently which made him sigh.

"Do you want me to feed the two of you too?" Haru asked.

Seri and Ritsu nodded without hesitation.


After Haru fed everyone, he also started to eat.


The moment he put the fish into his mouth, it was very crispy, but inside was so soft. He could feel the saltiness that was right in his mouth. Then he put another one in and ate it with tartar sauce. He tried another one which had lemon juice poured on it.

His tongue was dancing, and it was as if he had become a mermaid.

Haru, Utaha, Sora, Megumi, and Seri suddenly teleported to the world of water and he had become the king of a mermaid while the four of them had turned into his wives.

It was so delicious that they entered the "Food Reality Marble".

(The concept of a Reality Marble is one that centers around the materialization and projection of one's inner world onto reality).

It is one of the mysteries in this world, if someone is able to create a very delicious dish, then it is possible to send the one who eats their food into the Reality Marble of the chef.

That's why it is very interesting to stay in this world.

Looking at the expression of the guest, the owner secretly smiled and fried another fish.

*Sizzle!* *Sizzle!*

'This is a craft I've perfected my entire life, of course, it's very good....'

Haru suddenly thought something and remembered that his body was similar to Aquaman who was half Atlantian.

'Is this cannibalism?'

Haru looked at the fish and ch.i.p.s on his plate for a while.

"What's wrong?" Megumi asked.

"Is it delicious?" Haru asked.

"Delicious!" Megumi answered without hesitation.

Haru nodded and decided to ignore his moral to eat the delicious fish and chip in front of him. He was a human and he had never been a fish, but suddenly a powerful force broke out from his body which startled him.

Haru hurriedly protected Sora, Megumi, Utaha, Ritsu, Seri, along with his bodyguards, but the guests and the owner of this place weren't lucky enough.

Their clothes were blown away and only their underwear was left.


One of the guys at the restaurant hurriedly sat on the ground to hide his and lower body. Even the tough owner was screaming like a little girl.


"W - What's happening?" Seri was confused, but she sighed in relief when her clothes were alright.

However, Sora, Megumi, and Utaha were looking at Haru at this moment.


Haru was also confused.

'What's happening?'