Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 807

Volume 1 Chapter 807 Jellied Eel

Waking up in the early morning, Haru opened his eyes and saw a lot of girls on his body.



Seri who was sleeping on his bed hugged his anaconda which stood very tall.


Haru took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. He really needed to control his libido better, but it was hard when he was in puberty while also being a harem protagonist at the same time. He knew that he needed to escape from this predicament since if Seri suddenly woke up no one knew what would happen after that.

Haru was about to turn and he saw Ritsu who was staring at him.


"Good morning."

Ritsu greeted Haru who had just woken up.

"You're not sleeping?"

"I don't need to sleep."


Haru was speechless and asked unsurely, "H - How long have you been watching?"

"From the entire night, I can see that a lot of girls seem to be very interested in your lower body."

Ritsu looked at Haru's anaconda curiously since this thing could make every girl scream in happiness.


Haru took a deep breath and decided to get fresh air or else he didn't know what he would do after this, but when he was about to wake up.


Haru saw that Seri had opened her eyes while looking at him with sleepy eyes.

"Huh? Haru?"

Seri wiped her eyes but didn't let go of his anaconda. She suddenly noticed the hard thing on her check and was confused.

"Huh? What is this?"


Seri suddenly realized what it was and looked at Haru with a red face.

"Can you let it go for a while?"



Everyone had woken up and the girls discussed with each other where they would go after this. They had planned to go shopping to buy a lot of things and thought about going to the place where they could buy souvenirs, clothes, tea, etc.

Ritsu knew the place and brought them with her.

"Seri, don't you wear more casual clothes?" Haru was wondering why this woman needed to wear a professional outfit every time.

"It's alright. I'm more comfortable this way."

Seri was quite embarrassed to talk with Haru since what had happened in the early morning, but at the same time, she was annoyed when he just brushed her off like it was nothing.

Haru didn't know what Seri was thinking and decided to pretend to not know about it since he knew if he acted like something had happened then it would be awkward between two of them since Seri had hugged his anaconda during her sleep.


Everyone went shopping for an entire day.

They had prepared their own money since Megumi and Sora often went to help Haru's cafe and got their salaries from it.

Utaha was a very popular writer, especially for her "50 Shades of Grey" which had been raging around the world.

Haru had bought the right to create the movie from Utaha's book and it also increased that girl's net worth.

Haru also bought a lot of souvenirs for everyone while also a gift for everyone who had given him chocolate during "Valentine's Day". He also bought the gift for "White Day" for Maki even though that girl almost made him die because of her chocolate. Of course, he also bought a gift for five girls beside him and chose the most special one.

Walking around looking at the various stores, Haru stopped at the "Housekeeping's Store" which sold various maid and butler uniforms. He was attracted to the maid uniform and thought that it would be good for them.

"Do you want this?"

Suddenly Utaha, Sora, and Megumi appeared beside him looking at this pervert who had a maid fetish.


"I've thought of it as a gift for the three of you, it is good right?"


They only silently stared at Haru, but in the end, they bought the maid uniform along with the butler uniform which was sold at the store.

Having fun shopping for the entire day, they went to try one of the traditional foods in England, pie and mash.

Pie and mash is a traditional working-class food, originating in the East End of London. This dish is being served with a meat pie, mashed potato, and being poured with liquor or parsley sauce.

(Note: liquor isn't alcohol, but rather an eel liquor sauce that is being made using the water kept from the preparation of the stewed eels).

They decided to go to one of the most popular shops among locals and went to order pie and mash, but suddenly Haru's words surprised them.

"I'll also order Jellied Eel."

The owner of the restaurant was surprised when this tourist dared to order the jellied eel, but he nodded and gave him the best jellied eel in his shop since he wanted to make him taste what was very good about jellied eel. He also wanted to see Haru's reaction since he could tell that Haru and his group were coming from a very far place.

"Haru, what is jellied eel?" Megumi asked.

"It's an eel on jelly." Haru had never tried it and since he was in this place he should try it.

"Eel on jelly?"

They couldn't imagine it and could only wait for their food to be served.

They didn't need to wait that long since pie and mash were considered one of the oldest fast foods in the world. They saw their food which consisted of meat pie, mash potato, and thick gravy liquor. They had to admit that this food was better than they had thought, and the owner also gave them chili vinegar to make their food better.

But then the thing which made them flabbergasted was coming.

Jellied eel.

The eel that was jellied was placed on the bowl.

"Here you go! One jellied eel!"

Haru looked at the jellied eel and felt weird. He touched it and was surprised.


"Yes, it is served cold."

The owner didn't go but waited for Haru to eat the jellied eel to see his reaction.


Sora, Megumi, Seri, and Utaha were wondering whether Haru would really eat this jellied eel. Even though eel was considered one of the most luxurious ingredients in Japan, in this country, it was being used as a jelly which made them flabbergasted.

"Use vinegar to make it better and eat using your hand."

Haru nodded and poured some vinegar on his jellied eel. He took it from the bowl using his finger and started to eat it.


Haru was expressionless and he didn't do anything, but he suddenly felt that he had entered a hentai manga where the character was being violated by an eel. It was his feeling right now, it was very complicated, even though it was good, but it didn't feel good being violated by an eel.


Everyone started to get nervous when they saw him didn't move and seemed to be expressionless.

'Did he pass out?'

Sora, Megumi, and Utaha were worried since they knew how sensitive Haru's taste bud was since he had passed out when they gave him strange food before.

Haru took a deep breath and ate the piece of eel on his fingers. He took out the bones in his mouth and said, "It's an acquired taste."

"Yeah, right? It's very interesting."

The owner laughed and went back to the kitchen.

"Is it good?" Seri asked curiously.

"Hmm... how to describe... it's a bit similar to natto (fermented soybean). There are a lot of people who like it, but there are a lot of people who hate it. It's just like that," Haru said.

"Can I try?" Seri asked.

"Sure, just take some from my bowl."

Haru had to admit that the taste wasn't suited for his tongue, but it didn't mean it was bad, rather only peculiar people could enjoy this dish.

They also felt curious, and tried it at the same time, but suddenly.....

They were teleported and being surrounded by a lot of eels that were ready to violate them, but Haru hurriedly killed all of the eels in front of them and protected them. They sucked a deep breath and the taste of the jellied eel.

"I - It's a really acquired taste."

They nodded and decided to eat the meat pie while thinking that it was the reason why they came to this place.

Everyone who ate the pie suddenly felt that they had teleported to a vast farm with a cow, parsley, and potato farm. It was a very nice feeling and very comforting for them.

Then they went out once again to try the movie theatre which had been brought by Haru.


The day after, there were a lot of reporters and journalists who came to the White Hart Lane since Tottenham Hotspur was about to welcome its new owner.