Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 808

Volume 1 Chapter 808 Football Challange

Reporters and journalists were waiting for the conference press to start as Tottenham Hotspur was about to welcome its new owner. What they were more curious about was the new owner since that person was the famous "Golden Boy".

Haru was very famous last year after his successful investment in gold, but his news was very limited and it was very hard to search for his information.

However, this time, it was different since Haru had decided to come to London to buy Tottenham Hotspur and would also do a conference press.

Haru's intention to do this conference press was to calm down the fans of Tottenham and also showed that he wouldn't do anything bad to Tottenham and he wanted to bring the glory of "White Lily".

Sometimes he also thought that it was because of this nickname that he bought this team since it often reminded him of the yuri scene.

(SFX: Aimer - Anatanideawanakereba -Kasetsutouka-)


Haru, who was backstage, spoke with Jose Mourinho, who will become the team's new coach. He only talked about getting to know each other and wanted to know what Jose would do after becoming Tottenham's coach. He also said that he would give him a budget of at least 100 million USD for player transfer.

Jose nodded and felt that it was good to work under a rich boss.

Then it was their time to enter the conference press in front of a lot of people and reporters.

Haru didn't wear his disguise at this time and felt that he didn't need it. He might need it if he was going on a date or just wanted to move freely, but in this case, he didn't do that since sometimes exposure was necessary since being too mysterious wasn't good.


Haru didn't know how it suddenly turned into this, but he didn't mind. He stood up on the grass of the stadium and touched it slowly. It was his first time at the football stadium and it gave him quite a novelty.

"Boss, here's the ball."

The staff of the stadium gave him a football ball.


The reporter took their camera and took his photo as much as they could since his appearance was better than they had thought. They thought tomorrow's news would be full of Haru's face, especially when people knew about the thing which they would do after this.

Haru received the ball and juggled with it. He used his knees, feet, head, shoulder, chest, etc playing around in fun. He thought that his career might be better than Captain Tsubasa if he decided to become a football player.

*Click!* *Click!* *Click!*


At this moment, Seri, Ritsu, Utaha, Sora, and Megumi were sitting on a random audience seat on the stadium since it was also their first time on this place, but they could imagine that there would be thousands of people cheering loudly when the football match had to begin on this stadium.

"Have Haru played football before?" Seri asked.

They looked at Haru who was on the field and played with a ball skilfully.


"Do you need to ask?"

Seri felt dumb when she asked that question since she could see that Haru was very skillful at playing his ball, but at the same time, she was worried that he would become a laughing stock of everyone when he failed this

Sora, Megumi, Utaha, and Ritsu didn't feel worried since they knew Haru's ability very well.


In front of the goal, there were various targets which had been stuck around it.

Haru was standing outside of the penalty area with a lot of football in front of him.

There were 10 balls in front of him and he needed to shoot half of those to hit the target which stuck on the goal.

Even though the conference press was quite smooth, there was a bad journalist who mocked that Haru was just a boy who didn't know about football.

Haru knew that the fastest way to raise his reputation was to accept his provocation. Even though he could ignore that reporter, he wanted to be accepted by the fans quickly and he needed to show that he knew about football. He told everyone in the conference press that he knew football and would show his skill in front of everyone right now.

His disadvantage is his age which will make people underestimate him since he didn't have much experience.


Everyone was startled when they heard it.

"How are you going to test it?"

Everyone asked this question, and Haru told them that he would shoot a football ball right into the target which was being placed on the outside of the penalty ring.

They were surprised but also felt excited when they thought that he would see Haru accept the provocation of the reporter. Whether he was successful or not, it didn't really matter since what was more important was they had gotten big news.


Haru stood up on the field getting ready for his challenge and Jose walked toward him.

"Boss, are you sure about this? Once you've failed then you will become a laughing stock for a lot of people."

"It's alright. Believe in me."

Jose looked at Haru's body, especially when Haru had taken off his suit. He sucked a deep breath in awe and thought that he would train him directly to become an athlete since his body was very awesome.

"At least, you should change your shoes."

Haru was wearing leather shoes, but it didn't really matter actually. If he changed his shoes then he would have shoes that were made by Professor Agasa on Detective Conan.

The moment Haru took off his shirt, everyone took his photos excitedly. He gave his suit to one of the staff and gave a cue that he would start the challenge.

Everyone nodded and moved everyone away from the field to look at their young boss starting this challenge.

Haru was ready and shot the first ball.


The force of the ball was so powerful that it broke off the target directly.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

Haru didn't stop and kept shooting all the balls in front of him.

Everyone was flabbergasted and opened their mouths wide when they saw him one by one had shot all of the balls on the target, no, rather he was destroying it since the force on his kick was so powerful.

"How powerful is his kick?"

Everyone was wondering, but they knew that once Haru became a player with that power on his body, he would become invincible. They knew that target was stuck on the goal wasn't something cheap since they had checked it themselves and it wasn't easy to destroy it, but each of the balls which was shot by Haru destroyed all of those targets.

Haru wasn't short and he was quite tall since his height was 183 cm or "6'0.05" feet.

The process of the challenge was quite fast and Haru had shot all of the balls on the target creating a loud exclaim on everyone.

They thought that it was the birth of a powerful football player.

The challenge was over, but Haru didn't show a happy smile or anything, his expression was calm as if it was something normal and took his suit walking together with the new coach of the Tottenham along with the staff.

The reporter who had provoked Haru earlier was being ignored and every reporter once again asked him a lot of questions such as whether he planned to become a football player. Or how long had he practiced football? Etc?

Haru didn't say too much, only joked in front of them, gaining their laugh.

Jose also joked and said, "If I can't get a good player later, then I'll ask boss to play." When those words came out, everyone laughed together.

"I'll do it when I'm free."

Haru joked since he didn't think that he would play on his own team in near future.

The press conference was over, and their trip to London was also over. The next day, they went to New York to start their second trip.