Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 809

Volume 1 Chapter 809 What Is He Doing?

The Student Council room of Hyakkou Academy.

It was quite quiet since they missed one person, the 3rd grade would graduate soon and there would be a change in personnel on the group of Student Council.

One of the members on the student council who was a 3rd grade told everyone that he hoped for Kaede Manyuda who was in the 3rd grade of middle school and would enter the high school division next year.

The one that had initiated that was Tougami who had been defeated on gambling by Haru before. Even though he had lost to Haru before, he retained his position as one of the members of the student council.

Tougami wanted to recommend Kaede Manyuda since Kaede's father was a Deputy Secretary of the Minister of Finance. He wanted his family business to be helped by Kaede, especially after he had lost 2.5 billion yen on Haru which made his financial ability drop dramatically.

"He seems interesting. I don't mind."

Kirari, who had read Kaede's profile, didn't mind adding Kaedo since it seemed this boy was a very good gamber in middle school.

The Hyakkou Academy is starting from Elementary to High School, but only the middle and high school who were able to gamble.

Tougami sighed in relief since he had successfully given his spot to Kaede Manyuda and he would make Kaede's promise soon. He looked around and asked, "Where is that Kasugano? He has been away for a long time!" He almost graduated soon and thought that it was good when he thought he could vent on Haru.

If Haru was here, then Tougami didn't dare to say anything and it was lucky that Haru was out today.

"Tougami-senpai, you haven't read the news?"

The one who had asked that question was Aoi Miboumi who was treasurer of the Student Council.

Aoi Miboumi has light brown short hair that seems to be a bit messy and blue eyes. He is very popular among students since he has never discriminated against the "housepet" or even been kind to them.

Haru didn't really like this guy since Aoi was the type of guy who always smiled to keep everything inside hidden.

It was just similar to where humans were sitting next to each other, but one of them was a snake that was ready to bite them down giving every one of them poison.

However, Haru didn't stop it since it was amusing. He was wondering how Aoi wanted to defeat Kirari when the hierarchy of the school had been decided.

"What's wrong?" Tougami was confused.


Sachiko, who was the Public Moral Committee Chairwoman of the Student Council, gave Tougami a newspaper. She felt that Haru was more and more interesting after reading the news.

Tougami was confused since he hadn't seen a newspaper for a while since he was busy with a lot of things, but then his eyes bulged out when he saw the newspaper since he saw a news about Haru.

"T - Tottenham?! How much is the deal!?"

Tougami still remembered that Haru was just a poor guy who had just entered high school, but suddenly Haru had risen so high that he couldn't see Haru's back, especially when he saw the deal which was made by Haru to buy the football team.

"He really knows how to enjoy his life."

Kirari smiled and said, "Now, let's finish our job as quickly as possible."

They nodded and also felt surprised by Haru's news, but at the same time, they looked at Kirari who was in good mood wondering whether the rumor about both of them was dating was the truth.


Erina was in her office and would go to her job to taste dishes that had just been developed in one of the famous restaurants in Tokyo.

It was her job to become a taster for those dishes which were about to be served to the customer, and as the owner of God of Tongue, her tongue would be able to notice whether that dish was suitable to be served or not, or she could give the advice to improve the dish.

However, at the same time, she missed Haru. She thought that when he came back later, she could ask him to pick her up after her job then spent their time together on a date or something. She looked at the time and knew that it should be a night at Haru's place since she remembered that he was in New York right now.

Erina didn't know what Haru was doing overseas, and he had only told her to read the newspaper. She didn't know why and it was also the reason why she often told Hisako to buy a newspaper everyday to see what had happened, but she didn't see anything.

"Erina, when he's going back?" Alice asked.


Erina looked at Alice and asked, "What are you here, Alice?"

Waving her hand, Alice smiled and said, "You don't need to worry. I'm just helping you."

"Sigh... if you're so free, why don't you go on training so your cooking skill will increase."

Erina thought about Haru's cooking skills and suddenly salivated when she thought about his food. 'When he comes back, I'll ask him to cook.' Even though Haru's cuisine was very mysterious and somehow unique, it tasted very good.

"Hmph! Erina, you should be the one who trains since you've been dating Haru! Your skill might deteriorate since you keep thinking something perverted with him!"

"A - ALICE!!!!" Erina blushed and felt embrassed when she was being teased by Alice.

Both sisters started to have their fight once again until the door was opened.

"Erina-sama, there's news about y - y - y - your b - b - boyfriend...."

Hisaka blushed when she remembered the scene where Erina and Haru hugged at each other in the movie theatre, but at the same time, she sighed when she thought that Erina became gentler after Erina had dated Haru. She lamented when she thought that the relationship between her and Erina that had been cultivated since their childhood time had been lost compared to Haru who had just met her a few months ago.

However, Hisako knew that both Erina and Haru were suitable to each other and she had to admit that she also often imagined herself in Erina's place, thinking what would happen if she dated him.

"Haru's news???"

Erina and Alice stopped fighting and took the newspaper into Hisako's hands.


They were speechless when they saw he had bought a famous football club so suddenly.

"Now, that you mention it is Haru really a high school student?" Alice asked.

"Yes, he is."

Even though it was hard to believe, Erina was really surprised by what Haru had done overseas.

'Haru... I miss you....'

Erina sat down on her seat and opened her wallet which she used to keep the photo of both of them that had been taken in the arcade in the past. She smiled when she thought about her first time playing in that place.

If he wasn't there, then she wouldn't even think about playing in that place.

Alice took her phone and started to call Haru right away whether this news was real or hoax since if he really bought a football club then she wanted to play at the stadium.


New York.

Haru and everyone was having dinner at the famous pizza restaurant while also eating the cheesecake which they had bought in the famous store before.

Utaha and Megumi sighed at the calories on each food, but they knew that they could get slim when they did intercourse with Haru, so they didn't need to worry that much, however, when they looked at Sora who kept eating but could maintain her slim figure.....


"What?" Sora asked while eating the cheesecake with a happy smile.

Utaha and Megumi thought that they had never been jealous of Sora until this moment since Sora wouldn't get fat no matter how much she had eaten her food.

At the same time, Haru received a lot of phone calls from Nasa, Yuri, Kosaka, Alice, and a lot of more who asked him about the matter of football club which he had just bought before.

They congratulated him and asked whether it was a joke or real.

Haru was speechless, but then he noticed Erina's father who was on the outside.

'Erina's father?'

Erina's father walked away with someone with a smile on his face leaving the restaurant without noticing him.

"Haru, what's wrong? You don't want your cheesecake? Let me eat it!"

Sora took Haru's cheesecake portion and ate it without worry since she wouldn't get fat no matter what.

Haru didn't really mind, but he could feel the jealous expression from both Utaha and Megumi. He nodded and didn't say much ordering one more portion of cheesecake and ate the dish which was famous throughout the city.