Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 81

Volume 1 Chapter 81 Living With Dying

Haru tried to explain what was happening to Machida.

Machida understood the situation but looked at him with a suspicious gaze, "Alright, you should get a girlfriend or something." She didn't want him suddenly dating her sister when she came to their apartment.

The corner of his lips twitched and looked at her, "Maybe you can help with that." He thought about teasing her for a bit.

Machida didn't laugh or anything, rather she took something from her bag.

Haru was confused by her actions until she gave him a piece of paper.

"For you," Machida said.

Haru read it curiously and he was startled, "M - marriage form!!!!" He looked at her and asked, "What do you want me to do with this?"

"I'm older than you, you should know that my parents are hurrying me to get married, I'm also not planning to play around, let's get married as soon as possible," Machida said.

Haru was stumped and wasn't sure how to react since this development was too much for him. He also understood that the woman in front of him was very desperate. He felt it was a bit painful for her, "I'm sorry, I'm not planning to marry you."

Machida smiled, "It's okay, I'm only teasing you." She took the marriage form from his hand and placed it back on her bag.

Haru didn't ask why she had a marriage form on her bag since it was dangerous. He knew that she was a beautiful woman but it was a bit too much for him to suddenly get married. He didn't know why but he could see her lonely figure suddenly, "Anyway, I'm sorry, I can't marry you but I'm just starting to open a cafe, we can talk over there later."

"Cafe, huh? That's good, we have a meeting in that place," Machida said. She also asked about his health and talked about a new volume of his books.

Haru only nodded and told her that he planned to end the work when he entered high school. He also told her not to worry since he had a plan about the next novel.

Machida nodded and didn't really worry about it since he was probably the most stable author similar to the mountain. Even though it wasn't that hot, it had constant growth similar to someone who invested in gold or land.

They talked for a while and Machida said goodbye to him. She warned him not to make love or date his little sister.

Haru only nodded and wanted him to go back since he was afraid to make Sora wake up from sleep.

"Goodbye," Machida went out and went back to her home.

Haru was alone right now and decided to test his new reward. He closed his eyes and sat in the lotus position. He tried to flow his energy throughout his entire body. He could feel that the energy that helped him to create magic had become several times bigger. He needed to learn about his control right now since he wanted to learn about medical chakra.

Haru knew that medical ninja needed very precise control. He remembered that there were several ways to learn his control from the easiest to the advance. He needed to learn how to stick something on his body, walking on the wall, and lastly walking on the water. He couldn't walk on the wall or water right now but he could learn how to stick something on part of his body.

Haru didn't feel tired since he had become the reincarnation of Asura Ōtsutsuki. He decided to train for several hours in this hospital. Though, he would still be sleeping later after a few hours of training.


The next day.

"Alright, you can go home now," Nishikino said.

"Thank you, aunty," Haru answered until his ear was pulled by her.

Nishikino was still smiling but her smile was scary, "Sister, right?"

Haru sighed, "Sister, can you let go of my ear?"

Nishikino sighed, "You're such a cute child in your childhood, at that time, you love to hug me."

Haru looked at her, "Do you want me to hug you?"

"It has been a while since we've met each other," Nishikino said.

"Sure," Haru thought he didn't really mind.

Nishikino hugged him and placed her head on his chest, "You've gotten taller, how many girls have you deceived?"

Haru twitched his lips, "I'm not doing that."

"What are you doing?????"

Sora suddenly came back from the toilet and saw both of them hugging each other.

"Sora, hug me too," Nishikino tried to hug her.

"Let go of me!!!" Sora didn't want her to hug her. She ran behind him and looked at her with a wary expression.

"Sora is very cute," Nishikino said.

Sora was similar to a cat that was afraid of strangers.

Haru laughed, "Thank you for your help, we will go home now."

Nishikino nodded, "Sure, also, don't forget about buying a vitamin later, I've given you a prescription."

They talked for a while and went back.

Haru and Sora went to the lobby waiting for their time to get the vitamin. He had insurance and he didn't need to worry that much about the payment.

"I'll get the vitamin, you should wait here," Sora said and went to the pharmacy.

Haru nodded and waited for her in this seat. He looked around and found a book on the floor. He took it because he thought someone had left it behind. He opened the book curiously and read the cover, "Living with dying?" He frowned and started to read.

"A diary?" Haru thought and was startled with what he head read.



Haru read it for a while and closed it since he thought it was rude.

"That's mine."

Haru heard a familiar voice and turned his head. He saw a familiar girl who was there looking at him without expression.

"Are you surprised?" The girl said with a smile.

Haru sighed and said, "A bit, Sakura."