Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 811

Volume 1 Chapter 811 High School Is More Interesting

Went back to Tokyo, Utaha and Megumi went back to their parents' house first. They decided to stay with their parents since they had gone on a trip for two weeks. After resting for a day, they would go to his house to play with him again.

Haru, Seri, and Sora went back to their house.

Seri had changed her apartment and lived together with Haru and Sora. She was a bit surprised to see Gundam inside the apartment and thought that Haru's house was more high-tech than she had thought.


When they arrived at their house,

Sora and Seri thought to rest first since the trip back from Los Angeles to Tokyo made them really tired.

Haru nodded and went to visit Yuri, Kosaka, Iwasawa, and Shiina since he had left them for two weeks.


"Here you go, I've brought you a lot of food and souvenirs from the US and London."

Yuri, Kosaka, Iwasawa, and Shiina looked at all of the foods and souvenirs which had been brought by Haru. They didn't expect him to go to their place right away after he had gone back from overseas.

The four of them wanted to go with him on this trip however....

Shiina and Iwasawa couldn't go since they didn't have passports.

Kosaka was busy with the new game plan which had been given.

"How is the trip?" Yuri asked. She couldn't go since she went to her parents' house.

"It's alright, but I miss this place."

Haru thought about the foods which he had tasted in both countries and some of them tasted quite strange, but some of them were very good.

"But you've done a lot of things during your trip, for almost an entire week the news almost filled your face."

Kosaka was speechless about what Haru had done on his trip.

Haru only laughed hearing Kosaka's words. He was helpless, but he couldn't stop the media from reporting him, even though he wanted to be low-key, but it seemed that it was impossible.

"Some of the customers who often bought bread at our cafe are often asking whether Kasugano Haruka who is on the television is you." Yuri complained and said, "Even though we've tried to say that the person on the television isn't you, it is only time for them to notice."

They looked at Haru's face and thought that it was impossible for everyone to mistake him with anyone since as long as someone had seen Haru and no one would be able to forget about him since he really gave a distinct feeling when they saw him.

"It's alright. You don't need to worry that much about them, but more importantly, no weird people are entering this cafe, right?"

Haru was worried that someone with bad intentions would come to this place. He was afraid after his exposure, his cafe might be targeted or something, but if that was the case he wouldn't hesitate to send them to the bottom of the sea, the edge of the earth, or space itself using Shambala. Though, before that, they might have seen the gate of hell first after being sent by GT Robot.

They shook their heads hearing Haru's question.

"No, it is quite peaceful. We're quite busy preparing our high school thought."

Iwasawa was quite excited when she thought that she was about to enter high school with everyone.

"That's good."

Haru sighed in relief, but he thought that he needed to prepare more security around this place, even though this country was very peaceful and firearms weren't allowed, but in front of money, everyone was crazy enough to do a lot of things.

Haru stayed with them for a while cooking them food which he had tried in London and the US such as fish and ch.i.p.s, clam chowder, and hot dogs.

Everyone was having a feast and felt as if they had gone to both the US and London with him.

Then at the last, Haru took out both cheesecake and jellied eel for the desert.

"What the heck is this?!"

Everyone felt weird when they saw a jellied eel for the first time.

"Jellied eel. It has quite a good flavor."

They looked at Haru who didn't seem to be joking, especially when they saw him eat one of them. They raised their eyebrows, but in the end, they took the jellied eel with their fingers.

"It has a strange texture."

Shiina shuddered, but she tried to eat it since she remembered the day when she often had an empty stomach before she met him in this world. She knew that she couldn't waste any food.

Everyone also took a small bit of the jellied eel from their mouth.


Suddenly they were surrounded by a lot of eels similar to H-manga which being sold on the store or event which made them shudder and sucked a deep breath.

"Is it good?"


Haru nodded and thought that only some people could enjoy this particular dish, though, he was thinking whether he could make this dish became delicious which could be enjoyed by everyone.


2 March.

Everyone at the Hyakkou Academy was quite depressed, especially the girls. On 14 February, it was Valentine's Day and they were about to give Haru their chocolate. Unfortunately, it was Sunday which was why they couldn't give him a chocolate right away, and when they thought to give it to him the next day, they were being told that he was on a trip to London and US for two weeks which made them helpless.

The only thing which made them able to calm down was the news about him which often appeared in the newspaper for the past two weeks since he had done a lot of things outside of the country.

At that very moment, they knew very well that as long as they were able to get his heart their future would be guaranteed since Haru was a mogul that controlled various media in this country.

Whether it was the daughter of businessmen or politicians, all of them would be tempted to marry him since it was better to marry Haru rather than an old man who had a big belly, especially when they saw his photo on swimwear which made them wet.

In their minds, Haru was their prince on the white horse, no, he might be a knight who stole the queen from the king such as Diarmuid and Lancelot in the legend.

Even though the test was about to happen, no one could concentrate since Haru hadn't come back from his trip.

Kaede Manyuuda, who was about to succeed Tougami's position on the Student Council, was about to visit the high school area since he had heard that Kasugano Haruka was about to come back.

Where did he learn about this news?

Kaede learned it from Tougami since Tougami had asked Runa when Haru had come back. He wasn't sure why there were a lot of female students who seemed down for some reason, but he didn't care much.

Kaede would lead into the life of high road in the future and he couldn't care less about those skanks around his surroundings.

But at this moment, Kaede heard a sound of something and turned his head. He saw someone was riding an antic of Vespa scooter with a denim jacket entered the high school division of Hyakkou Academy.


No one knew who shouted that name and everyone also looked at the direction of the person who rode on a scooter.

"Kasugano! You can't bring your scooter inside!"

The teacher also followed him and reprimanded him.


Kaede looked at the guy who was being surrounded by a lot of people. He kept observing Haru, and when he saw Haru took off his helmet....


Kaede couldn't look away since he was also being looked at by Haru. He couldn't move until Haru looked away before taking a deep breath. He pushed the frame of his glasses and nodded.

"So that's Kasugano Haruka."

Kaede thought that high school would be more interesting than middle school.