Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 812

Volume 1 Chapter 812 As Long As It Isn't Too Much

After reporting to the teacher's office, Haru knew that the teachers were worried that his grade would drop after he had done all of his business. He reassured them to not worry that much since if he wanted to graduate then he could do it anytime, but he didn't do so since he wanted to enjoy his youth.

They also congratulated him on buying two famous sports clubs and creating the largest movie theatre chains in the world. It really surprised them since Haru was able to achieve all of those things on his 16th. They also told him that it was alright for him to bring his Vespa later since all of the things which they had done earlier was an act since they knew that he would be surrounded by a lot of girls.

Haru had asked the teacher a few days ago to bring him to the teacher's office when he had come back from overseas since he was sure that he would be surrounded by a lot of people when he returned and this plan was successful since he could escape from the group of horny girls who were ready to grab his pants anytime.

Every member of the Student Council received special treatment since they were the ones who managed the finances of this school and also the one who paid the wages of every teacher at this school.

Haru said goodbye and was about to go to the Student Council room, but Kirari opened the door of the teacher's office then looked at him with a smile.

"Sensei, I need to bring him first."

"Y - Yes."

The teacher was pretty nervous in front of Kirari, even though she was beautiful, but this girl was very merciless.

Kirari grabbed Haru's arm with a smile. "Let's go."

Haru smiled when he thought that this girl wanted to show her identity in front of everyone.

When both of them came out while holding each other's hands.

Everyone had a broken heart at that moment.


Haru was sitting in his private room and reading a book while letting Kirari sleep on his lap. It seemed that she had worked very hard when he had gone to the US and London for 2 weeks. He looked at Kirari's sleeping face and if he didn't know this girl was the fiercest dictator of Hyakkou Academy then he would think of her as a docile cat.

If Kirari was a cat, then she would be a Persian cat.

Haru remembered that he had bought a cat headband and put it on her head.

Kirari seemed to awaken when he put a cat headband on her head. She touched her head and asked, "What is this?"

"Cat headband."


Kirari put the cat headband on her head and looked at her figure in the mirror for a while before nodded.

"Is it good on me, nyaa?"

Kirari also gave a cat pose while asking that question.


Haru felt blood rush into his lower body which made him very excited, but he calmed himself hurriedly.


Haru had to admit the combination of cat headband with Kirari was perfect. He thought that it would be more perfect if she wore a maid uniform, but he could do that later.

Kirari looked at the hard thing on his pants which stood very tall and slowly came down.



Haru noticed her looking at his anaconda and said, "Say, do you want to have a date after the exam?"

"Date?" Kirari was a bit surprised and nodded. "Let's do it. It seems amusing." It would be her first time to have a date, and she was quite anticipating it.

Haru thought for a while and asked, "How are the attackers from before? Have they stopped attacking you?"

"You don't need to worry about them. It has ended."

Kirari smiled confidently.

Haru nodded and didn't need to worry about her anymore, but he knew that her family business was quite dangerous since he had also learned the various business from branches of Momobami Clan.

There was poison, torture, killers, swindlers, etc. There were a lot of branches of families which weren't even listed on the family since it was a very old clan.

Haru also understood if someone grew up from such a clan then it wouldn't be weird for the mind of those children to be warped. Unfortunately, his heart had fallen for one of them so he would be connected with them.

They talked to each other about the date which they would do after the last semester exam.


After school was over, Haru brought Runa, Ririka, Sayaka, and Yuriko to the dance studio. He had asked them to help him with his amusing confession later and told them about his plan after his date with Kirari.

The preparation had been done, and they only needed to wait for the execution day.

Looking at a lot of familiar faces on the dance studio, Haru could see some of the staff, maid, and bodyguard on Kirari's house, there was also a member of the Traditional Culture Research Club, and of course, there was also a group of dancers who had been invited by Sayaka before.

The group of dancers were invited to to train and also performed on his confession later.

"Hello, everyone, I'm sorry that I can only come today, but don't worry, I've practiced the dance myself."

Everyone nodded and of course, they knew what Haru had done during the past two weeks since it was covered on the news.

"I won't waste time anymore. The important day is going to happen after the exam so let's do our best until then."


They nodded and started to practice together before the day of the confession.

Haru who practiced with everyone noticed that Runa, Sayaka, Ririka, and Yuriko had been looking at him.


"Nothing. I'm just surprised that you can dance so well." Runa sat on the sofa while looking at him in amazement. She could see that Haru's waist was very elastic and it could move in various movements.

Yuriko sighed and couldn't help but feel jealous of Kirari who had a boyfriend who would do this much for her.

Haru didn't care whether Runa complimented or mocked him, but he needed to ask one more important question.

"Kirari doesn't know about this, right?"

They shook their heads at the same time.

"You don't need to worry. We have been doing this secretly." Runa smiled and said, "You should give us something after we've helped you this much."

"Thank you very much. You can ask me anything after the confession."

Haru wasn't afraid to promise them something.

"Really? Anything?" Runa was very excited when she heard it.

"Well, as long as it isn't something too much, then I don't mind."

Haru didn't think that they would ask something unreasonable such as telling him to catch a Kraken on the sea or something.

However, Runa, Yuriko, Sayaka, and Ririka who had heard that he had promised to give them anything felt very happy and smiled when they thought about what kind of request they would make when they asked him later.


Looking at their reaction, Haru started to feel regret when he saw their reaction and added, "However, I have a right to reject your request if I feel that your request is a bit too much."

"Eh?! Didn't you say that it can be anything???" Runa complained.

"Yes, as long as it is not too much. You can't ask something weird such as telling me to dress up only wearing my boxer or something during school."


They had never thought about such a thing, but if they really asked such a thing then it was normal for him to reject their request.

"Don't worry, we won't ask you that kind of thing."

Haru nodded and felt relief. He continued to train for an hour before deciding to go back to his house after having dinner with everyone. He arrived at his home and had prepared everything before he decided to go for the quest. He took his smartphone and pressed the confirm button on the Group Chat then he was teleported to another world to start the quest.