Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 813

Volume 1 Chapter 813 Harem Protagonist Again?

Teleported to another world, Haru didn't know where he was. He only knew that the scenery around him was quite futuristic, but some of the places weren't that much different from his home.

"Japan again?"

Haru was wondering whether it was also the world that was being made by the author from the same country. He hadn't done his research on why there were a lot of futuristic places in this world, but he was sure that it might be connected to Infinite Stratos which he needed to get on this world.

'Is this a Sci-Fi world?'

Haru thought that this world might be similar to a Gundam's world and this "Infinite Stratos" might be a weapon or something. He needed to connect to the internet first to see what kind of world it was. He looked around before he saw a small restaurant around the neighborhood. He had been teleported in this world for half an hour and thought about tasting the food in this world. It was also in the afternoon and even though it was a bit late for lunch, he hadn't had his lunch and felt a bit hungry.

"Gotanda Eatery, huh?"

The restaurant was a bit normal, and he didn't see anything special about this restaurant, but usually such a place kept a hidden gem food inside.

Haru opened the restaurant and saw that no one greeted him. He looked around curiously and saw a kitchen in full view of the guest tables, separated by a counter.


Haru noticed an elderly man with red and white hair who had come out from the door on the back part of the restaurant. He thought that this restaurant might be connected with the house behind the restaurant. He nodded and walked toward the counter's seat.

"What do you want to eat?" The elderly man walked to the kitchen.

"It's my first time coming to this place, do you have any recommendations?"

The elderly man looked at him and said, "I've never seen you here before, are you a tourist, or have you just moved to this place?"

"I'm a tourist. I'm visiting my friend in this area."

The elderly man nodded and said, "Then, I'll recommend you to eat our Karaage set, is that alright with you?"


Haru nodded and looked around curiously. He saw a television remote and was about to turn on the television.

"It's alright to turn on the television?" Haru asked.


"Thank you."

Haru took the remote control and turned on the television.

"Big news! The first male IS pilot has been found!

The name of this young man is Orimura Ichika!

He's the first male pilot of IS who has been found in the last 10 years!

Even though the IS can only be piloted by a female, it is able to be piloted by a male!

For the specific news, we're waiting in front of the building which is used for the people in this country to enter IS Academy!"

Haru could see that every reporter seemed to be very excited on the television screen.

'The first male IS pilot?'

Haru felt strange and wondered whether IS could only be piloted by a female.

'So this is another harem world?'

Haru didn't feel that surprised by this setting, but he had to admit that this "Orimura Ichika" was very lucky since that guy was the only male student out of all the school girls. He was sure that this "Orimura Ichika" would have a harem life.

Haru hadn't done his research on what IS was, but he could tell that it was a powerful weapon and it could only be used by a female, but "Orimura Ichika" was an exception who was able to pilot an IS.


Then he heard the sound of the plate and a delicious smell on his table.

"Thank you, Sir."

The elderly man nodded and said, "Please enjoy while it is hot."

Haru nodded and saw the Karaage set in front of him.

The Karaage set consists of a bowl of rice, six pieces of karaage, shredded cabbage on the side, a slice of lemon, a bowl of miso soup, and a glass of ice tea on the side.


Haru had to admit the smell was delicious and he took his chopstick to eat the first bite of the Karaage.


The moment he took a bite, the outer part of the karaage was very crisp, but inside was so soft that it kept gushing delicious juices.

Haru could tell that this meat was from the thigh part since that part of the meat was full of fat which was very delicious. He suddenly felt as if he had a date with a hot harpy which turned into a steamy night. He was amazed and sucked a deep breath since this karaage was very delicious. He could tell that the secret of this karaage was inside the spice which was used to marinate the meat before frying it.

'The flour, egg, and the oil...'

Haru nodded and was able to give this karaage at least 88 points. He looked at the elderly man who seemed to be watching the news. He turned again to watch the news about the "First male IS pilot in history".

"Do you know that pilot, Sir?" Haru asked since he could see that the expression of the elderly man seemed a bit complicated.

"Yes, he's a friend of my grandchildren. I don't think that he'll be the first male IS pilot in history."


Haru nodded and felt a bit surprised since this old man knew about "Orimura Ichika". He looked at the picture of "Orimura Ichika" and had a feeling that this guy was the protagonist of this world.


The sliding door was opened and they heard a voice.

"I'm back!"

Haru turned and saw a quite cute girl with long scarlet hair that went down to her h.i.p.s and was tied up in a rough ponytail using a bandana.

"Oh, Ran? You've come back?"

The elderly man greeted her grandchildren.

"Grandpa, can I ask for something cold or something? I'm very---" The girl stopped when she noticed there was a young man who looked at her and suddenly she realized that he was a guest. "I - I'm sorry!" She knew that she was very rude.

Haru nodded and smiled before continuing to eat.

The elderly man looked at Haru for a while and said, "Ran, I'll go back to rest. Take care of the guest."


The girl seemed a bit confused by her grandfather's words. Then she looked at Haru who was eating the food quietly, but once she had observed Haru, she had to admit that this guy had received a perfect score on her heart.

"What's wrong?"

Haru noticed that the girl was looking at him.

"N - No, are you enjoying your food?"

Haru smiled and nodded. "It was very good. I'm glad that I've come to this place."

Blushing, the girl nodded happily.

"My name is Kasugano Haruka, what about you?"

"Gotanda Ran. That's my name." Ran introduced herself, but then she noticed the television which showed news about the first male IS pilot.

"Huh? Ichika-san?"

Ran was very surprised and closed her mouth with both of her hands.

"You know him, Gotanda-san?" Haru asked.

"Uh, yes, he's a friend of my older brother, and he also often plays in this place, but I don't expect him to...."

Ran didn't expect "Orimura Ichika" to become the first male pilot in the world which startled her since her big brother's who usually played at her house would suddenly turn out to be the first male pilot of IS.

Haru thought that he had hit a jackpot and started his way to get closer to this girl to ask him a lot of questions about this "Orimura Ichika".

Ran who was being asked became excited and told him a lot of things about Ichika.

Haru sighed when he heard Ran.

"What's wrong?" Ran was confused about why Haru suddenly sighed.

"No, I'm just jealous of him since he has a cute girl like you who likes him."

"N - No, I - I don't like him!"

Ran blushed and waved her hand. "K - Kasugano-san, don't tease me!" She was a bit embarrassed, but at the same time, she felt relaxed talking with him.

Haru smiled and talked about trivial things with her, telling her some jokes.

Ran laughed from time to time and told him a lot of things such as the importance of IS, female pilot, her intention to enter IS Academy next year, etc.

Hearing how precious IS was, Haru knew that it would be difficult for him to get an IS, and the only way for him to be able to get it was to steal it, but at the same time, once he stole it, it would be hard to enter IS Academy. He thought that he needed to think about his strategy before he started to move and whether he could pilot an IS or not.