Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 815

Volume 1 Chapter 815 Entrance Exam

In the early morning, there was a group of male students who came to one of the largest buildings in one of the downtown areas.

The number of male students in this place almost reached a thousand and all of them were ready to become har--, no, to test whether they had an ability to activate an IS or not.

Most of them dressed in their best uniform politely and everyone who looked at this scene could tell that they were from rich families or from an elite school.

Every young man in this place had a dream to change their fate to become an IS pilot.

Once they could become an IS pilot then the prestige of their family would rise and they would be able to get various advantages from the government since they would be the second male IS pilot in this world.

Lastly, they would be able to enter IS Academy which was full of girls and would live a harem life where they could fully enjoy their youth.

Every young man in this place had that kind of dream, especially in the society where a male had a lower status than a female.

All of them were eager to raise their status to reach the same standard as females.

But in the middle of those groups, there was one guy who was very conspicuous.

Everyone was wearing their school uniform and dressed their best, but there was one person who wore very rude clothes in this place.

This guy wore a gakuran (black Japanese school uniform which is often worn by delinquents) which was wide open while wearing an aloha shirt inside which gave him a relaxing feeling as if he came for a trip rather than an exam.


This guy was Haru and he thought that he should try to become a delinquent student. Among the group of elite students who came from rich families or elite schools, he was the only one who seemed to be a delinquent. If he wore a cap then someone from another world might mistake him as Jotaro Kujo who would scream "Ora Ora Ora".

Even though Haru dressed very rudely, no one denied that this dress was suitable for him, and he was also very tall among the group since he was 183 cm. Though, he wasn't the tallest among everyone since there were few people who were taller than him in this place.

Haru could see that even though everyone in this place seemed to be elite, he knew they had the same thinking which was to build a harem on IS Academy. Even though they tried to dress up as best as possible, in the end, every male was a pervert and it had already become a truth of the world.

Haru ignored some people who tried to provoke him, but there were some people who didn't know that it was better to retreat rather than provoke him.

The reason why they might try to annoy him was because of his rude clothes, but also his appearance which made them very jealous.

"Hey ----"

Before this guy said something but was suddenly being kicked by the guy beside him.


Then another guy also punched him.

One after another kept joining in, reaching at least 10 people and punching this guy together. The group of guys who kicked and punched the guy who tried to provoke Haru was confused since they couldn't control their bodies.

"Stop! Stop! Stop!"

The staff of the exam hurriedly stopped them and told them that they were being exiled from the exam.


They tried to complain and said that they couldn't control their body before, but the staff didn't believe them and chased them out directly.

Haru looked at the huge line in front of him and knew that to have a faster chance to test whether he could activate IS or not, he needed to decrease the number of participants in this place and thought to use Cross Tail to manipulate their bodies to create a huge fight among the participants. He made them go away from the line and made him move faster to start the test.

Everyone was confused about what had happened, but no one cared about that kind of thing since the most important thing was whether they were able to become pilots of IS or not.

The students who complained about strange things being chased out by the staff and they could do nothing only quietly lined back on the furthest line which made them very annoyed.

It didn't only happen twice or thrice, and it happened quite often, but it didn't attract the attention of the staff since Haru had done it in a very clever way.

After he stood up on the line, it would take him at least five hours before he could take the test, but it had decreased to one hour after he had caused a lot of mess around the line of people who lined up for the test.

Haru who was on the front line could see that the test was very simple and it was relatively fast.

They only needed to touch the IS which was being placed on the examination location and the group of male students needed to activate it.

If they weren't able to activate the IS then they could only say goodbye to their harem life and go back to their normal life.

If they were able to activate the IS then they would enjoy a harem life.

Haru was quite curious about the personality of the protagonist in this world.

There were various types of harem protagonists who once were similar to him actively chasing after the girl, the second was type similar to Akatsuki who often to do something dirty to the girl, the third was the kind type who usually very dense and easily embarrassed, etc. There were a lot of them, but he was too lazy to explain it to the readers.

There were various types, but he didn't know what the character of Orimura Ichika was.


The staff shouted and looked at Haru.

Haru nodded and gave the staff his number on the examination.

The staff member was a female and took a second look at Haru since she had to admit that this guy was very handsome, especially that mole under his right eye.

"Please put your hand on the IS."

The staff seemed to be gentler when she instructed him.

Haru nodded and put his palm on the IS, but it didn't activate. He frowned, but he didn't give up and entered his energy forcefully inside the IS.

The IS, which didn't show a reaction earlier, started to show a reaction and it started to glow.


Everyone at the examination location was surprised when they saw Haru had successfully activated the IS.

Even the staff who talked with him was also surprised.

Haru could tell that inside the IS, there was something which made it impossible for a male to activate it, but he forcefully used his energy to bypass that block and activated the IS which was impossible to be activated by a male.

"C - Congratulations."

The staff on his surroundings congratulated him.

"Please follow us, we'll do a registration next."

Haru nodded and followed the staff, but he also turned to see what had happened after he had forcefully activated the IS earlier.

"Failure, next!"

Haru saw that the next person failed and even the next person too.

"Kasugano Haruka-san?" The staff stopped when she saw that Haru didn't follow her.

"I'm sorry. I'm a bit curious about the examination process and wondering whether there is another male who is able to activate IS."

The staff chuckled and said, "It's not that easy to activate IS since only girls who have been able to activate in on the past 10 years until you and Orimura Ichika have activated it."

"Is that bad?"

"No, I guess it is interesting, but let me welcome you to IS Academy."

The staff gave her hand to him.

Haru nodded and took her hand gently with a harmless smile.

The staff smiled at him and caressed his palm in a more suggestive way.

Haru thought that he might have underestimated how open the female was in this world and followed the staff to the registration process. He really might enjoy his stay in this world later.