Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 816

Volume 1 Chapter 816 Personal Is And Is Core

Inside a black room with various computer screens, there was one person who typed the keyboard at a very fast speed doing something but suddenly stopped when this person saw information.

"Huh? Another male IS pilot?"

This person seemed a bit surprised but smiled again. "Interesting! Interesting!"


There was another news which happened which blew up the world since there was another male IS pilot who suddenly appeared in this world.

From Orimura Ichika to Kasugano Haruka, it caused explosive news which made everyone surprised after the appearance of the second male IS pilot.


Gotanda Eatery.

Rin and her grandfather opened their mouths wide when Haru, who had eaten a meal at their place yesterday, suddenly became a pilot of IS just the day after.

"Rin, Grandpa, what's wrong?"

"Onii-chan... Kasugano-san came to our eatery yesterday."

Rin told what had happened yesterday when Haru came to their eatery and at the same time, she blushed wondering whether he had done this because of her. She thought that Haru decided to become a pilot because he wanted to take her heart from Ichika.

If Haru knew what this girl was thinking, he would applaud her imagination since her imagination was very powerful.


Haru who had been accepted into the IS Academy needed to give a lot of information about himself, of course, he wasn't from this world and he could only create a fake history. He told them that he was living with his grandfather until his grandfather passed away. He had a school in the delinquent school where fist was more important than a brain, however, he wanted to change his fate and that was why he entered this examination.

If he continued to have a school in that place then he might join a yakuza, triad, or mafia, but he didn't want to do that and wanted to have a better future.

His story caused a lot of people to sob and told him to not worry about everything.

Haru was told that he needed to go to IS Academy in a month and before that he could do anything he wanted since once he had entered the school then there was no turning back. He also understood that since there were a lot of secrets inside the IS Academy, it was better not to communicate with anyone the outside after he had joined this school.

"You'll also be prepared with a personal IS since you're one of two only males in this world who is able to activate the IS in this world."

"Is it to collect data?" Haru asked.

The one who had told him about that was someone from the government.

"Yes, the data that can be gathered from a male pilot is very precious and I hope that you can understand it."

"Yes, I understand." Haru nodded and asked, "Can I get the book about IS and other's important book things since I'll be at the school in a month. I need to understand how to pilot IS and anything else."

"Yes, don't worry. In a month, you also need to face off with the examiner from the IS Academy to test your ability to pilot IS, you also need to be prepared for that."


Haru nodded and suddenly thought of something. "Is it possible for me to see the process of creating the personal IS?" He had an idea what kind of IS that he wanted to create, and if possible he wanted to create his own IS.

The staff raised her eyebrow and asked, "Why?" She thought as long as someone had their personal IS then they should be happy to receive it, and not to ask many requests.

"Why? Because I want to create my own IS."


Looking at the government's staff who were silent, Haru knew that he needed more excuse and added, "If I learn more about my IS, then I can give you more detailed data about my IS and other's things. I'm one of two male pilots IS in this world, and there are a lot of things that you can learn from me, especially after I've learned some knowledge regarding IS that makes it easier for the government....."

Haru started with his bullshitting skill which made the government staff moved by his words.

The staff nodded and said, "I'll talk about this matter to my superior about this."

"Thank you very much."

Haru nodded and went back to the apartment which he had rented before. Before leaving he had also received various books from the staff earlier regarding IS, weapons, etc. He knew that IS was being developed by Shinonono Tabane who was a genius scientist, but that woman had disappeared for a few years and no one knew where she was right now.

Reading the information of IS, he was a bit surprised at the number of cores that were created in this world.

"Only 467 Cores, huh?"

Haru was a bit surprised by this matter and at the same time, it was also a chance. He knew how precious IS core was and each country wanted to monopolize it by themselves. He thought that he should steal some of them since he knew that no one would publicize about this matter once IS core was stolen from their country since once that matter was publicized then their power would decrease on the international.

'10 days...'

Haru only had 10 days since the staff would inform him about the development of his personal IS in 10 days.

He knew that he needed to ask about his IS as soon as possible or else he wouldn't have a chance to have his personal IS since the protagonist of this world would also receive his IS. He needed to be the one who asked first since if he didn't ask then it would be Orimura Ichika who received his IS first.

IS was very precious and it might need a year or two before he received his personal IS, especially when only IS Representatives could get their own personal IS.

An IS Representative Cadet is a top student chosen to represent their country as an IS pilot. Acquiring a Personal IS unit is considered the utmost honor for any IS pilot due to harsh requirements and sheer rate of competition.

A Representative Candidate is one who has been selected as a potential Representative by the Government of the Country.

Haru took out his laptop and started his hack once again to check where was the location of the IS research since as long as he was able to find that place then it would be very easy for him to steal the IS core.

It was also one of his quests, and he needed to get one of them.

'Japan, China, Italy, Germany, France, England, US...'

Haru nodded and it was very easy to find that place. He created a visual illusion of himself in the room before he went out quietly to go and steal one IS core in each country. He thought that he might be able to develop an IS with more than one core, and at the same time, the more he learned about IS core, the more interested he was and thought that Shinonono Tabane who could develop it was a genius.

Haru turned into an astral mode and went directly past the wall on his apartment to the research place where this country kept their IS cores.