Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 817

Volume 1 Chapter 817 Development Of Is 1

A lot of countries and the various organizations started to strengthen their defense, especially when one of the IS cores inside their research facilities had been stolen by someone. They had also put a bounty on the underground organization on the person who had stolen their IS cores.

It was very quiet and no one said anything about the disappearance of the IS cores, but there were a lot of people who had been blamed for losing their jobs and trust of the government since the people on the research had lost the IS cores.

IS core is very important and once a country has lost it then they won't announce it since when they have announced it, it'll cause a heavy loss on the national defense side.

One thing for sure, this thief who had stolen an IS core from the various countries was very skillful and they didn't even notice his presence as if he was a ghost.

Each of the research facilities was being protected by various high tech mechanical defenses which were able to stop anyone without authorization to enter the location, but this thief was able to enter and exit without anyone noticing.

The underground organization was very lively when they thought one of their groups was able to steal an IS core from various countries without noticing and asked their friends and connections whether they knew something about it.

No one on the underground organization was a friend, and it was a world where the strong ate the weak.

There were a lot of strong underground organizations, but the strongest and most mysterious would be Phantom Task who had been in operation for 50 years, even though no underground organization dared to do anything to it, but it didn't mean the country around the world didn't dare to put a bounty and tried to eliminate them once they had caught the Phantom Task. It would be possible for them to get a lot of IS cores which had been stolen from various research facilities from both countries and organizations.


The headquarters of Phantom Task.


"This dammed "Ghost"!"

One of the members of the Phantom Task slammed the table furiously with a powerful force.

No one said anything since they were also angry with "Ghost" who implicated their organization.

Ghost is the nickname of a thief who is able to steal IS cores from various countries in just 10 days.

No one knew who "Ghost" truly was whether this thief was male or female, or whether "Ghost" was a human or not, or whether "Ghost" was using an IS or not, but one thing for sure this "Ghost" had implicated their organization since everyone in the world thought that "Ghost" was one of their members.

If that was really the truth, then they would be more than happy since they were able to receive a lot of IS cores, but that wasn't the case since "Ghost" wasn't their member, however, everyone thought that this guy was their member.

The truth didn't really matter, but once everyone believed that it was the truth, then it would really become the truth.

That was what happened to Phantom Task.

"What should we do?"

"Let's kill him and get all of his IS cores!"


The question is how?

Even various countries were unable to get any information on "Ghost", and even blamed them even though they didn't do anything.

"Let's calm down first."

Everyone quieted down when they heard this woman's voice since she was the leader of this organization.

"I've gotten the information that the second male IS pilot is going to produce his own IS. If he has the ability to create his own IS then....."

Everyone nodded and they knew that once the second male IS pilot was able to create his own IS then he would become an important asset, especially in their group who could only steal IS without being able to produce it.

For the first male IS pilot, they decided to ignore it since the second male IS pilot was more pleasant to their eyes and his origin more suited in their group, especially when they knew that Haru was coming from delinquent middle school.

Bad boy.

Their group was a group of criminals and thought that it would be suitable for him who was a bad boy in his school.

However, one of the people in the group took a knife and stabbed the photo of Orimura Ichika.

'Orimura Ichika....'


Haru had gotten permission to observe the production of his personal IS after he showed his ability to understand the technology of IS. His knowledge about technology increased after he had learned a lot of things from Charlotte on the world of Hundred and Sumire from the world of Black Bullet.

Both Charlotte and Sumire were famous scientists in their own world and they had various interesting technologies.

Charlotte was very smart since she was able to develop a Hundred, Little Garden, and even made Gundam if she wanted.

Sumire was also very smart since she was a doctor and also one of the Four Sages in her world. She was also the one who had developed the Mechanical Soldiers in her world.

If possible Haru wanted to invite Shinonono Tabane, but he wasn't sure whether he could meet her or not. He didn't care whether Shinono Tabane was a villain or not since his own wife Esdeath was also the cruelest villain in the world of Akame Ga Kill.

Haru had only learned about technology in the world for 10 days, even though it wasn't enough, but at least he could make the weapons which he wanted to put on his IS along with understanding the technical and jargon from IS development.

In the early morning, he was being picked by the government staff to go to Kuromochi Research Center which was a location where his IS would be developed.

In the last 10 days, the government observed him and they could see that he didn't do anything weird.

Along with the appearance of a "ghost" who had stolen the IS core from various countries. They thought that it was better to keep him under protection since it was possible for a "ghost" to kidnap one of two only male IS pilots in this world.

No one knew about the "ghost" but one thing is for sure that this person was a very skilled thief, and this person might be more than one since the "ghost" kept stealing IS core from country to another country in just 10 days.

It might be only IS core for now, but in the future, "ghost" might steal something different in the future.

Another reason is that Haru's ability to understand IS's technology was better than they had thought and if he was trained very well then he might become one of the pillars of scientists for this country in the future.

It was the real reason why they agreed to let Haru come to observe and develop his IS together at Kuromochi Research Center.

The other reason was that Haru was an orphan who didn't have a family.

Unlike Orimura Ichika, who had a big sister, his big sister was also the winner of Mondo Grosso and the teacher of IS academy. He also had a connection with Shinonono Tabane who was hiding from various organizations.

They didn't know whether Orimura Ichika was related to the Shinono Tabane or not and there was a chance that he might also be her spy or a tool that would cause a mess on the world.

Rather than putting their hope on Orimura Ichika, it was better to put their trust and trained Kasugano Haruka to be their obedient dog for the government.

Haru also knew what the government wanted him to do, but he didn't care much since he would get his personal IS and he had also gotten a lot of IS cores after stealing from here and there. He was more curious about Kuromochi Research Center since it was the location where his IS would be developed. He didn't know much about this research place, but he hoped that it would able to develop his own IS.

Arriving at the location of the research center, Haru was being told to enter the place by himself and the staff said that he needed to be careful since the director of this place was a bit weird.

Haru could see an apologetic expression from the female staff of the government which made him speechless. He didn't care much and entered the research building. He had seen a lot of weird people and he wouldn't think something might shake him off, but the moment he entered this location suddenly someone wanted to touch his butt. He turned and caught the wrist of this person.

"Hey, boy! Let me touch your delicious butt!"