Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 818

Volume 1 Chapter 818 Development Of Is 2


Ignoring the rude remark from this woman, Haru was more curious about the identity of this woman since she was here that meant that she was someone from the research facility.

"Hehehe, let me introduce myself...

My name is Hikaruno Kagaribi."

Hikaruno put both of her hands on her waist while raising her chest proudly.

Looking at her, Haru had to admit that her b.r.e.a.s.ts were really large and beautiful.

Hikaruno is a woman with curly hair and a large bust.

Haru couldn't see her eyes since it was covered in swimming google, and she only wore a school swimsuit along with a white coat over her body which made her quite eccentric. He let go of his hand and introduced himself.

"Kasugano Haruka. Nice to meet you, Kagarabi-san."

"I know you. You're the second male IS pilot, right?"


Haru nodded and realized that he was more famous than he had thought.

"I have heard that you want to develop your own IS, is that true?" Hikaruno asked.

Haru was a bit surprised since Hikaruno knew that matter. He didn't think the government would tell such a thing to random people and he knew that this woman might have high power and authority within this research facility.

"Kagarabi-san, you're...."

"You guess, right! I'm the director of the Kuromochi Research Center!"

Hikaruno put her hands again on her waist with quite a proud expression that seemed like she wanted to be praised.

"Wow, amazing!"

Haru could only praise her in this situation.

"Well, I don't mind helping you to develop your own IS, but...."


"Let me touch your butt...."

Hikaruno raised both of her hands while moving it weirdly. She knew that the 2nd IS male pilot was very hot, but she didn't expect that this boy would tempt her this much and she had quite pent up since she had been in the research facility for a long time. It had been a while since she had seen a hot guy and he made her excited.

It was also the reason why she agreed for him to help the creation of IS since it was great to have such a handsome guy around her during research.

Hikaruno thought that Haru would stay for a long time and there would be a lot of things that could happen during her stay. She started to imagine a lot of things inside her head and laughed pervertedly.


Haru was speechless. It wasn't his first time meeting a female pervert, but he had to admit that the body of Hikaruno was really hot. He sniffed and could tell that this woman was a v.i.r.g.i.n. He had delicious meat right in front of him, but he was quite hesitant to eat it since he wanted to change somehow, no, he meant that he wanted to train his self-control more.

The novel was for downright 18 years above, but he wanted it to be more age-friendly, however...

Looking at the lewd body of Hikaruno, Haru knew with his self-control it was quite hard to control his anaconda. He knew that this woman might do something weird to him during his stay. He needed to think that he wouldn't have a loss that badly when his butt was being fondled by this woman.

Then Hikaruno took out her swimming goggles showing her beautiful blue clear eyes.


"Kagarabi-san, how about we...."

"Hikaruno, just call me Hikaruno, then I can call you Haru, right?"

Hikaru blinked her eyes which made her long eyelashes seem similar to the butterfly wings which flutter beautifully.

"It's alright. Then, I'll call you Hikaruno." Haru nodded and asked, "How about the development of IS?"

Hikaruno smiled and said, "Impatient, aren't we? Let's go, I'll show you something." She walked toward the hall of the research facility.

Haru followed beside Hikaruno and he could see that her eyes kept staring at him. He asked her some questions and she answered him with quite detailed information. He had to admit that besides her perverted tendency, this woman was very nice, very kind, and very smart at that.


They walked toward the underground area of the research facility together.

"Did you see what that was?"

Hikaruno pointed her finger at the center of the lab which showed something in round shape with a strange design which moved strangely as if it were a planet itself.

"That is... IS core?" Haru was a bit surprised since Hikaruno decided to show IS core directly to him.

"It seems that the government really liked you..." Hikaruno smiled and said, "You've got an IS core now, and what are you going to do with it?"


Haru looked at Hikaruno who looked at him with a smile. He knew that it was a test and he needed to show her that he was capable of creating his own IS. It might sound arrogant, but he didn't want to lose to the smart people in this world.

"I'm going to create a 4th Generation IS."


Hikaruno opened her mouth and didn't believe what she had heard. She cleaned her ears with her finger and said, "It seems that I've heard you wrong, what kind of IS do you want to build again?"

"I'm going to create a 4th Generation IS."

"It seems that you don't know the reality, boy."

Hikaruno folded her arms and said, "The world is in a race to develop their own 3rd Generation IS and some of the countries in the world haven't been able to create their own 3rd Generation IS, do you know how difficult it is to develop 4th Generation IS? It also hasn't been proven whether it is possible or not to develop 4th Generation IS"

It is stated that there are four generations of IS with each generation surpassing the previous in terms of overall specifications, each generation of IS has its own specific theme and goal to achieve such as 1st Generation which was focused on applying various IS-related technologies to produce stable and operational IS, 2nd Generation which focused on the utilization of add-on capability, known as Equalizer (the name for any kind of add-on equipment for IS), and the 3rd Generation which focussed on the application of more advanced weapon.

The 4th Generation of IS means that they need to develop an IS which is able to surprise the previous Generation whether it is in terms of weaponry, capability, energy, etc.

Haru who hadn't only stolen IS core from various countries and organizations, but he also had stolen data from those countries such as data from 3rd Generation IS. After reading the data, he could imagine something on his head and thought that it was possible for him to develop 4th Generation IS.

"Hikaruno, it is very boring to develop something which has appeared in this world...." Haru smiled and said, "Let's create something that hasn't appeared in this world, 4th Generation IS... isn't it easier than creating IS itself from nothing? Even if we're able to develop 3rd Generation IS, it is only a copy, isn't it more interesting to create 4th Generation?"

"Yeah, it is interesting, but can you do that in reality?" Hikaruno had to admit that Haru's words almost swayed her, but she knew how hard it was to develop it.

"You can read this."

Haru took out his plan to develop his only IS which he wanted to create in this world.

Looking at the plan which was being made by Haru, the eyes of Hikaruno bulged and took the plan right away.

"I see... I see... I see....."

Hikaruno kept muttering alone reading all of the data and the plan which Haru had developed. She put down the plan and took a deep breath.

"Interesting. Let's do it."


Haru smiled since he knew that it would take quite a long time to develop it by himself.

"Yes, but can I touch your butts first?"

Hikaruno looked at Haru with a hopeful expression.


Haru was speechless and said, "You're going to become a criminal if you molest me."

"It's alright. I don't mind entering jail to molest you."


Haru knew that Hikaruno couldn't be stopped and he could only do this. "Have you heard about equivalent exchange?"

"Equivalent Exchange?"

Hikaruno who was about to touch Haru's butt stopped for a moment.

"Yes, you want to touch my butt, but what can you give to me?"


Hikaruno thought for a while then smiled. "Then you can touch my b.r.e.a.s.ts, is that alright with you?"


Haru looked at Hikaruno's b.r.e.a.s.t and nodded.



Hikaruno jumped into Haru's butt and put her face on it.

"Ahh... what a wonderful butt..."

Hikaruno even buried her face into it and smelled it. She was wondering whether his existence bornt in this world was to tempt the women in this world.


Haru was speechless, but it didn't feel bad. "You only want to touch my butt?"

"Huh? What do you mean?" Hikaruno stopped and looked at him in surprise.

"We can do more if you want..."


Tempting her like a devil, Hikaruno understood that she might not be the predator, but she was the prey all along.