Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 820

Volume 1 Chapter 820 Pilot Test

It had been a month since his stay in this world and before he entered IS Academy, he needed to have his pilot ability tested at the testing location before he entered the academy.

Haru woke up in the early morning and started to wear his clothes.

Hikaruno who was sleeping on his bed n.a.k.e.d opened her eyes slowly and looked at him who was wearing very neat clothes different from his usual rough style since he usually only wore a t-shirt. "Huh? Haru, where are you going?" She yawned and felt a bit tired after last night's activity, but when she saw that he was about to go somewhere she became curious and wondered whether he would go somewhere.

"I have an IS pilot test since I'm about to enter IS Academy."

Hikaruno raised her eyebrow and asked, "You're going to the academy?"


Haru nodded and looked at her. He sighed inwardly since he didn't intend to be serious with this woman, but he knew that it was hard to not get serious, especially when he had taken her first time.

Hikaruno smiled and stood up before pushing his back. "Then you should go! You can't make them wait, right?"

"I'll go now."

Haru kissed her lips and said, "I've prepared breakfast for you. You can warm it up later." He went out of his room and decided to go to the test's location directly since if he stayed any longer then he would start another round with her.

Haru had to admit that he might have a soft spot for a beautiful scientist.

When the door was closed once again, Hikaruno laid on his bed once again and didn't dare to ask whether he could stay with her forever since she had a feeling what his answer was. She took his shirt and hugged it tightly. She knew it from the beginning, but she really wanted to try whether it was possible to change his mind.


Haru usually wore a gakuran, but this time, his appearance was different from before since he decided to be more polite. He was being guided by the staff and went to the test location.

"Kasugano-san, your test is pretty simple. You only need to fight against the instructor in the arena."

Haru nodded and asked, "So I don't need to win?"

"No, what you need to do is just to show your best ability."

The staff nodded with a smile since she knew that Haru was a newbie at piloting an IS, but as long as, he learned on the academy later then it was possible to become stronger.

"You can follow me now. You can also see your fellow male IS pilot inside this place too."

Haru was a bit surprised since he didn't expect that he would able to meet Orimura Ichika, but he felt that this was quite normal when he thought that he had also met Kisaragi Hayato in the past almost in the same way.

Entering the test location, Haru saw a young man who was sitting on his seat with a somewhat clueless expression.

"Ano... when is the test going to start?"

The young man who saw the staff asked unsurely since he had been here for a long time. He was quite surprised when he saw Haru since he had also seen him on the television before.

"The test is going to start soon. Both of you can get to know each other while we prepare for the test."

Haru nodded and walked toward the protagonist of this world.

"Hello, my name is Kasugano Haruka."

"Orimura Ichika. Nice to meet you." Orimura smiled and sighed. "I'm glad that I'm not the only male IS pilot in this world."

"Hoh? Shouldn't you feel conflicted since you won't be able to hog all of the girls in the IS academy?"

Haru thought to test Ichika to see what kind of harem protagonist this young man was.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Ichika seemed confused by Haru's words.


Haru was speechless by Ichika's response.

Dense protagonist.

Haru could see clearly that this guy was a very dense protagonist. He wouldn't be surprised if this guy didn't understand the difference between males and females.

"Can I call you Ichika? Since both of us are the only male IS pilots in this world, then we should know each other better. You can call me Haru."

"Yes, then, I'll call you Haru."

Ichika was glad that Haru was a very friendly guy and it didn't take them a long time before they knew each other.

Haru heard Ichika complain about a lot of things since Ichika couldn't comprehend his situation where he had become one of the two male IS pilots. He only listened patiently and though this guy couldn't understand how many guys would be willing to change his place to enter IS Academy since it was filled with a lot of beautiful girls.

"Orimura Ichika-kun, please follow us to start your test first."

"Y - Yes!"

Ichika was a bit nervous, but his shoulder was patted.

"Good luck." Haru gave him a thumbs up.

Ichika smiled and felt calmer. "I'll go first."

Haru nodded and decided to watch Ichika's ability to pilot IS. He had piloted IS before and frankly, it was easier than he had thought. He waited for a while and saw that Ichika had come out to the arena while using a mass-produced IS model "Uchigane".

"Uchigane" is a highly-rated 2nd generation frame. As a defensive model, it focuses on stability and is easy to use for beginners as a training model for the Students. The design is basically meant to look like an armored samurai while wielding a quite large katana on its hands.

Haru saw that the instructor from the academy also came out from the arena and also used the same type of IS.

It is very rare for someone to own personal IS and only the representative of each country and organization who is able to own it.

However, he was lucky that he could own it as soon as possible since there were only 467 IS cores that were created in this world and he had stolen some of them which decreased the number of IS cores in this world.

Haru had researched IS Cores, but he really couldn't comprehend how Shinonono Tabane was able to create IS Cores. He thought that he needed time to learn more about it.

While he was thinking the match between Ichika and the instructor had started, he watched the instructor charge directly to Ichika.


The intruder raised her katana high and charged toward Ichika, but Ichika only dodged the instructor before she slammed into the wall of the arena.



The instructor fell down on the ground and was defeated.

"Huh? I won?" Ichika was confused.


Haru knew that the luck of the harem protagonist was usually very high, but he didn't expect such a thing would happen.

'Slam herself into the wall without doing anything.'

Haru sighed at Ichika's luck, but at the same time, he could see that the instructor was clearly nervous about something which was quite strange. He was wondering whether someone had threatened her which made the instructor have an error since he didn't feel that it was logical for the instructor to be defeated this way.

"Kasugano Haruka-kun, please follow me."


Haru nodded and followed the staff to start the test.


After changing his clothes, Haru also used "Uchigane" which was used by Ichika before.

"Haru, good luck." Ichika smiled.

"Yeah, wish me luck so my opponent is also going to slam into the wall like you."

"Yeah, my opponent is quite weird." Ichika nodded.

Haru didn't think much and the only thing which made him uncomfortable was the tight suit that he needed to wear. He didn't understand why he needed to wear such a uniform since the big bulge on his lower body was shown.

Ichika also looked at Haru's big bulge and could only shake his head since that size was very amazing.

"I'll go now."

Haru controlled the IS to go to the arena.


On the arena, Haru was waiting for his opponent and the weapon in his hand was also a katana.

The instructor also went to the arena, but her eyes were focused on the big bulge on Haru's lower body.


"Can we start?"

Haru was helpless, but there was nothing that he could do.

"Yes, but don't expect me to have the same battle as my junior!"

The instructor charged once again and raised the sword very high. .


When the instructor was about to swing the sword downward, Haru also started to move and used his technique to make the instructor let go of the sword in her hand.


The instructor was surprised and suddenly she noticed a blade right on her neck.


"Y - You win."

Haru nodded and took down his katana from her neck.

The way he won was better than Ichika, and it made the people who secretly observed them feel complicated.


"Hmm... he's better than I thought...."

The woman folded her arms before went away since there was nothing she could do at this moment.


Haru stepped down from the IS and Ichika came to congratulate him.

"Haru, congratulations!" Ichika smiled.

Haru nodded and said, "Thank you. You're the same."

They talked for a while and decided to meet each other later on in the academy since both of them were the only male IS pilots in this world.

Ichika was glad that he had known Haru, and Haru knew that the situation of Ichika was more complicated than he had thought, especially about his elder sister. He also didn't know why Ichika could activate IS, since unlike him Ichika couldn't manipulate nor had a similar energy within his body.

They talked to each other for a while and received information from the staff that they needed to report to the school in a week since the school was about to start.

The staff told them to prepare since they needed to live inside the dorm.

They nodded and went back to their own houses to prepare their first step on the IS Academy.