Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 821

Volume 1 Chapter 821 First Day At School

"I can't believe that we really can create 4th Generation IS...."

Hikaruno felt quite moved when she thought that she had made this IS together with Haru.

"Yeah, and the time is quite right."

Haru was about to go to IS Academy in few hours, and he hadn't slept for a few days since he was busy completing his personal IS. His eyes were red, but it was full of excitement.

Unlike Haru, Hikaruno was very lively, and she had a good rest every night since both of them often did the deeds.

When a scientist was building something, they wouldn't feel tired or anything, especially when their creation had been completed.

IS can take different forms, depending on its current status.

There are four forms which are known as Inactive Form, Closed-Form, Default Setting, and 1st Shift. There was both 2nd Shift and 3rd Shift, but it was only in theory and no one had ever done that before.

The Inactive Form is a form all IS takes when there are no pilots. In this case, IS retains the physical manifestation of its components even when inactivated, and call-up just activates IS without any significant visible change.

In his case, his IS was similar to armor that was kneeling right in front of him.

Closed-Form is a form the IS takes when not being used. It takes on different shapes for different users, mostly accessories like rings, earrings, necklaces, etc.

But in his case, this form was also different.

Haru changed the Inactive Form of his IS into Closed-Form and it changed from the IS armor into a card.

The card was similar to a tarot card with the "Devil" symbol.

"Interesting shape," Hikaruno commented, since the Closed-Form of his IS was really suited for it.

Haru put the card into his zipper storage quietly very fast without Hikaruno noticing.

"I'm going to the academy now."


Hikaruno nodded and knew that they would be separated. She hugged him tightly and kissed him so long before they parted.

"Come anytime, my place is always open for you."

"Don't chase me out at that time."

"Of course not!"

Both of them hugged each other.

Haru sighed since he really had made a lot of memories with her.

"Do you want to do it now?"


Haru was speechless and asked, "Aren't you tired?"

"Just once!"

Hikaruno knew that it might be good to sleep right after did the deeds.

"Well, just once....."

Haru agreed and he would really miss this woman when he went to the academy.

Four hours before school started, both of them were having a steamy action together.


Wearing his uniform, Haru was inside a monorail to go to the IS Academy. It didn't take him long before he saw the IS Academy, which was built on an offshore island.

The IS Academy is, as its name suggested, an educational corporation meant to nurture IS controllers. The Japanese government sees it as a principle and duty to fund it and run it. However, the results of the research are revealed to the entire world due to the common agreement, and at the same time, Japan has no right to neither remain silent nor hide them. No matter what happens in this school, the Japanese government has to intervene fairly, and has the obligation of settling these under the premises that the other countries in the treaty have agreed on. Also, the school has opened its doors to foreign students without any conditions, and the Japanese government is to provide protection according to the contents of the IS treaty regarding IS pilot training agencies. This is the school's code of discipline.

Haru felt that it was quite normal for the IS Academy to be located in this country since this country was the one who had created it and he also had a feeling that it was a method for the other countries to ask Japan to bear all of the responsibility of the action which had been caused by the birth of IS.

IS Academy is built on an offshore island which can only be reached via a monorail connecting it to the mainland. It has a decidedly futuristic look, with all its domes and a branch-like tower in the middle of it. There are plenty of trees and parks to tone down the metallic look.

However Haru wasn't in the mood to enjoy such scenery. He closed his eyes and felt mentally tired. His body was alright, but his mind was different since his mind had been fully focused to build his personal IS. He wanted to sleep a bit, but the monorail had arrived.

His belongings had been sent to the school a few days ago and he only needed to arrive at school while wearing his uniform.

Looking at his watch which showed that in five minutes his class would start, he knew that he was late, but as a new student he had a privilege to be late, however, he knew that the real reason why he was late was because of Hikaruno, but he didn't regret it. He left the monorail while yawning before he heard the voice of a woman and her high heels which tapped on the ground loudly.

Haru turned and saw a beautiful woman who folded her arms around her chest looking at him sternly and somehow very impatient.

"You're late!"


Ichika was inside his classroom and he felt very uncomfortable since he was the only guy inside this classroom.

'Haru, where are you?'

Ichika had never felt that he really wanted to meet his new friend as soon as possible since it felt very uncomfortable being surrounded by a group of girls who stared at him intently. He turned and saw his childhood friend who he had never seen in the past few years.



Houki only looked away since she was embarrassed to see her childhood friend for the first time in a few years.

The door of the classroom was opened and a beautiful woman with short green hair entered the room with a smile.

"Congratulations to everyone on entering this school. I'm the Vice-Homeroom teacher Yamada Maya."

Maya waved her hand and a hologram screen appeared beside her showing her name in "kanji" words.


However, no one answered her since everyone was more focused on Orimura Ichika who was the only male in this classroom.

Maya didn't expect this situation and became slightly nervous. She changed the picture on the hologram beside her showing a scenery of various locations inside the school which she thought would attract their attention.

"Ah... ehh? From this day onwards, everyone here is a student of IS Academy. This is a boarding school. Everyone will be together, even when classes are over. Please help one after another and enjoy spending the next 3 years together."


No one answered her again since they were too busy to look at Ichika.

Ichika sighed and was quite depressed at this moment.

"Now, let's move on to the self-introductions. Erm... we're going according to numerical order on the attendance list....

Kasugano Haruka-kun! Kasugo Haruka-kun! Is Kasugano Haruka-kun here?"

Everyone was confused when no one answered the teacher, but suddenly they remembered that Kasugano Haruka was the second male IS pilot in the world and didn't expect that he would be in the same class as them too. The only thing which made them sad was that they couldn't see him right now.

"Where is he?"

Everyone started to chatter with each other and the classroom became noisy.

"Uh... everyone please be quiet...."

Maya became even more nervous when everyone started to talk to each other.


Suddenly the door of the classroom was opened which startled all of them and made them quiet.

"Be quiet!"


Everyone looked at the figure of a beautiful woman who opened the door, then attracted to the handsome young man beside her.

The woman turned at the young man and said, "You'll need to report to me why you're late on the first day of school later."

"Yes, Mam..."

"Go inside and sit on the empty seat."

Haru nodded and smiled at Ichika who looked at him as if a savior. However, he was slightly surprised by Ichiya's reaction and felt taken aback. Then he realized that it was a misunderstanding since he was sure that there was no way for a harem protagonist to love a man. Though, he didn't understand why Ichika couldn't appreciate this situation.

"Umm... are you Kasugano Haruka-kun?"

Haru turned and saw a beautiful woman with green hair whose bust wouldn't lose to Hirakuno.


"Can you introduce yourself since your name is on the first list of attendees? Is that alright with you?"


Maya sighed in relief when she heard his answer.

Haru nodded and turned to see everyone in this classroom. He had to admit that this school was amazing since he would stay in this place together with a lot of beautiful girls and he thought that this school was really testing his self-control over his lower body. He took a deep breath and smiled lightly to introduce himself.

"I'm Kasugano Haruka. 15 years old (he lies about his age here). As you can see, I'm a male IS pilot, but I'd appreciate it if I could get along with you all without any problems."


Everyone was looking at him in silence and raised their hands together in excitement.

"Yes, we'll get along with you!"

"But he was kind of cute just now, right?"

"Yeah, he seems like a brat and makes you want to take care of him."

"Um... Kasugano-kun, do you have a girlfriend?"


"How bold!"

Everyone started to become excited and started to ask him a lot of questions.


Haru, who had done his best on his introduction, was speechless when he saw their reaction.