Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 822

Volume 1 Chapter 822 Mama Maya


"Be quiet!"

Everyone was quiet and turned to see the beautiful woman earlier.

"I'm your homeroom teacher Orimura Chifuyu."

Chifuyu stood up on the podium and said, "If you want to ask him a question then you can ask him later after he has received punishment for being late on his first day." She looked at Haru sternly and said, "Now, hurry up and sit down at your place so we can continue the introduction."

"Yes, Mam..."

Haru wondered whether he had done something to her. He looked at Ichika who kept looking at Chifuyu and wondering whether they were siblings. He sat down on the protagonist seat which was located near the window and second from behind.

"Nice to meet you, Kasugano-kun."

Haru smiled and asked their names, but once again Chifuyu reprimanded him.

"Be quiet!"


"Now, the next person should start his introduction."

Chifuyu looked at Ichika at this moment and said, "Orimura Ichika, go and start your introduction."

"Y - Yes!"

Ichika stood up and once again became the attention of everyone.

"Erm... my name is Orimura Ichika. Pleased to meet you."


Ichika became even more nervous when he was being stared at. He took a deep breath which made everyone seem to wonder what this guy wanted to do.

Haru had decided to sleep quietly since everyone's attention was on Ichika. He put a sticker on his closed eyes which was able to disguise everyone that he was awoken even thought he was about to sleep.

"That's all!"

Ichika ended his introduction, but it caused everyone to be speechless. Hearing their reaction, he felt a bit fl.u.s.tered. "Eh? Is it not good?"


Chifuyu smacked Ichika's head with an attendee book.

"You moron!"



Chifiyu smacked Ichika's head again and said, "Call me Orimura-sensei!" She looked at Haru who was sitting quietly in his seat and suddenly felt weird. She walked toward him which surprised everyone and also looked at Haru.

No one knew what Chifuyu was planning with Haru.

Chifuyu observed Haru who was very quiet and suddenly she noticed something which made her frown. She pulled the sticker on Haru's eyes showing that he was sleeping.


Chifuyu had never found such a brazen student in her life before and smacked his head directly.


Haru opened his eyes and sighed.

"I'm doing meditation, will you believe me?" Haru put up an innocent expression as if he was a pure child who had never done anything wrong in his life.


Chifuyu took a deep breath and smiled.

"Good! Good! This is my first time to have a student like you."

Chifuyu walked once again to the podium and announced.

"I'll have all of you people memorize the basics of IS within the next 6 months. After that it's hands-on, you should let the basic maneuvers sink into your body within half a month. Okay? If you agree, answer me. Even if you don't, still answer me."


Everyone answered at the same time.

"And Kasugano, I'll have you come to the teacher's office after the homeroom!"

Chifuyu had a fierce expression on her face.


"Yes, Mam."

Haru was helpless.


After the homeroom, it was time for a break since it was only the first day of the school, and the teacher had only done an introduction about Infinite Stratos to everyone.

It was time for a break, but Haru was being called to the teacher's office which made him speechless.

"Kasugano, follow me!" Chifuyu looked sternly at Haru.


"Kasugano-kun, please follow us, alright?" Maya asked kindly.

"Yes, Maya-sensei."

Haru answered Maya with a smile.

"Ah - Uh, umm... Kasugano-kun, you should call me Yamada-sensei, but well, actually, it is alright for you to call me Maya-sensei in private."

Maya blushed and nodded with a smile.

Haru nodded and said in a low voice, "It's secret between the two of us."

Maya was somehow shy being treated like this by a guy who was several years younger than her, but it was quite fun.


Chifuyu noticed the difference in the way Haru called her and Maya which made her became more annoyed.

"Maya, don't let a guy who is several years younger than you, make you blush!"

"O - Orimura-sensei!"

Maya blushed at the tease of Chifuyu.

"Good grief." Haru shook his head and said, "Ichika, I'll go out for a bit."


Ichika looked at the trio who had left the classroom and he was once again alone since his only male friend was being taken by both Chifuyu and Maya. He was a bit speechless at his friend, and somehow really wanted to follow them since he only knew Haru and Chifuyu in this place. He was also being ignored by his childhood friend which made him helpless, but suddenly his childhood friend walked in front of him.

"Can you follow me a bit?"


Teacher's office.

"Kasugano-kun, do you know why you're being called to the teacher's office?"

Maya sat down in front of Haru with a strict expression, but somehow she was somewhat cute when she tried to reprimand him.

Chifuyu stood up by their side letting Maya do her job since she was also curious about the second male IS pilot beside her brother. She knew about her brother and she didn't need to worry about her brother, but Haru was different and she had a feeling that this guy was going to turn IS Academy into his garden or something which she couldn't allow, and it was also her instinct which told her that Haru who seemed lazy in front of her was very powerful character and somehow a bit perverted.

Haru understood the feeling of being reprimanded by a beautiful teacher.

"Sigh... Sensei, I also want to wake up open, but have you heard about my report before?"

Maya nodded and said, "Yes, I've heard that you're going to develop your own IS together with someone."

"Have you completed that IS?" Chifuyu asked. She was quite surprised when she knew that someone who was the same age as her brother could develop his own IS, and at the same time, she had received an order from the government to train him as hard as possible to turn him into a perfect IS pilot.

"Yes, I've just finished it at dawn and I haven't had time to sleep.... yawn...." Haru closed his mouth with a hand to close his yawn.

"Then, do you want to sleep in the infirmary first?" Maya felt sorry for Haru since she knew that he had worked really hard.

"No, it is the first day of school and I don't want to miss the class since someone might think that I've gotten preferential treatment since I'm one of the only male IS pilots in this world."

Haru shook his head and didn't accept her suggestion.

Chifuyu and Maya nodded and understood his reasoning.

"Then what do you want to do now? You can't take a rest in class later."

Chifuyu was very strict.

"Maya-sensei, can I sleep on your lap? I might sleep better on your lap."

"H - Huh? My lap?" Maya blushed and fl.u.s.tered.

"Yes, if that's alright with you."

Haru put up a very innocent expression.

"W - Well, as a good teacher, I should help my students." Maya nodded and said, "Go ahead and use my lap."

"Thank you, Maya-sensei. You're very kind, different from...."

Haru stopped since he was glared at by Chifuyu.

Chifuyu wanted to stop Haru, but since Maya had accepted his request then she could do nothing in this situation.

Haru laid his head on Maya's lap and closed his eyes. "Maya-sensei, you smell very good..."

Maya fl.u.s.tered once again and said, "H - Hurry up and sleep before it is time for the class!"

"Yes." Haru nodded and said, "Thank you, Sensei. You're very kind." He really slept right away after caressing her smooth thigh.

Looking at Haru's expression, Maya started to understand the feeling as a mother and really wanted to pamper him. She caressed his hair lightly with a smile and said, "Sleep well..."


Looking at the expression of Maya who really let him sleep on her lap, Chifuyu was speechless at this development and thought that she really needed to keep her eyes on this boy or else the chastity of the girls in this academy might be in danger.