Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 823

Volume 1 Chapter 823 Dense Protagonist

Sleeping soundly on Maya's lap, Haru woke up when the break was over. He wanted to continue his sleep, but he knew that he needed to continue the lesson and it was impossible to sleep when Chifuyu who had been staying beside them pulled his ear to wake him up. He knew this type of woman would have trouble marrying someone and would be single until their 30's similar to someone he knew in his original life, but he wouldn't say anything since Chifuyu kept glaring at him at this time.

"Did you think something rude about me?" Chifuyu asked with a frown on her face.

"No. I'm just thinking that I'm lucky to have a beautiful teacher like you, Orimura-sensei."

Haru shook his head and his expression was very calm at that moment. If monk saw his face, then they would be surprised since he might have entered "zen" at that moment.


Chifuyu raised her eyebrow and snorted. "Don't sleep in the class later!"

"Yes, Mam."

Maya smiled looking at their interaction and also reprimanded him for not sleeping in the class.

"If you want to sleep then wait for the lesson to end, alright, Kasugano-kun?"

"Yes, Maya-sensei."

Haru thought that Maya was similar to his mother and he really liked this type of girl which made him remember Sheele.

Entering the class, everyone sat down in their seats.

Haru went back to his protagonist seat and sat down while also greeting the girls who sat around him since they would be classmates until he had completed his quest in this world.

"Now, I'll start the lesson." Maya smiled and started to explain the basics of IS.

His spirit was obviously better and he could listen to the lesson from Maya. He had learned most of the knowledge about IS before, and it made him a bit bored when he needed to learn it again. He thought to learn something more interesting such as to open the observe the IS core which he had stolen before.

Haru didn't know how Shinonono Tabane had developed an IS core, but he had to admit that this IS core was very mysterious. He didn't think that it was a device rather it was something similar to a living thing.

Yes, not a device or some technology, but a living thing since an IS core can evolve by itself.

Haru remembered that there was a network between all of the IS core which existed in this world and the thing that had happened on every IS core in this world would be recorded in that place.

In his hypothesis, the IS core could communicate with each other which made it able to copy a technique that had been used by someone in reality. He wanted to open that network, but he knew that it was impossible. What he could do to reach that place was to communicate with his own IS and letting it help him to access that place.

Haru also thought that IS was similar to a partner rather than a tool. He needed to treat it better and if possible he needed to treat it the same way when he treated his lover, no, it might be a bit too much to treat it as a lover, but he couldn't treat it as a tool since IS had its own will. He also had doubts about whether Tabane was the one who created the IS core, but since it was the setting then he could only believe it.

While thinking about IS, Haru looked at Ichika who sat on the 2nd seat from the front and seemed troubled during the lesson.

"Is there anyone who doesn't understand at this point?" Maya asked everyone in the class.


No one raised their hands and it seemed that they understood everyone.

Haru looked at Ichika who didn't raise his hand but looked at him with a hopeful expression.


Haru sighed and wondered whether this guy wanted to ask him to teach him, but he also noticed a blonde-haired girl who kept staring at him. This girl sat beside him, and it seemed that she was coming from a different country. He turned and also looked at this girl.

The girl seemed a bit surprised that Haru turned toward her, and stared at her.

Both of them stared at each other before the girl turned away with a blush on her cheeks.


'I haven't done anything....' Haru was speechless.


The break had started and Ichika went directly to Haru's desk.

"Haru, help me with the lesson!"


Everyone seemed to be surprised by Ichika's outburst.

"You didn't understand everything earlier, right?" Haru asked with a sigh.

"H - How did you know??" Ichika was surprised.

"Haven't you read the reference book before?" Haru asked.

"Reference book?" Ichika was a bit confused.

"The thick book which is about this size...."

Haru gave Ichika the approximate size with both of his hands.

"Oh, that one!" Ichika only realized it now.

"Yeah, didn't you read it?" Haru asked.

"No... I threw it away before."


The conversation between Haru and Ichika wasn't that loud, but the class was quiet since everyone wanted to hear the conversation between two males in this school.

Haru looked up and saw Chifuyu behind Ichika. "Ichika, you're dead."



Chifuyu smashed Ichika's head with a book.

"It hurts!" Ichika turned and was surprised to see his big sister. "Geh? Chifuyu-nee?"


"Call me Orimura-sensei!"


Everyone seemed surprised when they heard that Ichika and Chifuyu were brother and sister.

"I'll give you the book and you need to remember everything in a week."

"Wait, a week? But..."

"I've said that you need to do it." Chifuyu had a glare on her eyes.

"Yes....." Ichika sighed.

"How about you, Kasugano? You understand everything?"

"Yes, Sensei. You don't need to worry about me." Haru nodded with a smile.


Chifuyu didn't worry about Haru in terms of grade since she knew that this guy was genius, but she was worried about him trying to seduce the female students in this school.

"Then, I'll go out now. You can get your book after class later."

Chifuyu walked out from the classroom to the teacher's office.

Haru looked at Chifuyu's back and asked, "She's your sister, Ichika?"

"Yeah... it is very often for her to go back home, but I don't expect him to be a teacher at this school...." Ichika had a rare smile when he talked about his older sister.

'Sis-Con...' Haru thought when he saw Ichika's expression.

"Right, I'll introduce you to my childhood friend!"

Ichika stood up and walked to the ponytailed girl.

Haru could see that they were talking about something and the girl seemed to resist him a bit until she sighed and gave up.

"Haru, this is my childhood friend. Her name is Shinonono Houki."

Ichika smiled when he thought that his childhood friend would have a new friend. "Houki, this is Kasugano Haruka. I've met him during the entrance exam before school before."

Haru and Houki looked at each other for a moment.

Haru had to admit that Houki was a really beautiful girl with a very good body, especially her b.r.e.a.s.ts which might be even bigger than Hikaruno.

Houki didn't like it when she saw Ichika communicate with a girl, but it was different when he communicated with a guy. She looked at Haru for the first time and she didn't have any special feeling since her heart was leaning toward Ichika, but Haru had this strange charm which made her who had trouble communicating with a stranger feel comfortable.

"Hello, Shinonono. Nice to meet you."


Houki wasn't good at meeting new people and felt a bit shy.

"Did you learn kendo?" Haru suddenly asked.

"How did you know?" Houki asked in surprise.

"Your posture, I guess? I have learned about a sword or two before."

Houki raised her eyebrow and looked at Haru. She could see the callousness on his hands and from his body, she could tell that his body was very strong. She nodded and asked, "I've never seen you at the tournament before?" She thought that such a strong young man would appear in the tournament.

Haru shook his head and said, "I'm not interested in the tournament and rather than a sword, I'm more into a knife."


The girls in the class looked at Houki in jealousy since she was surrounded by two males in this school.

If it was only Ichika then they wouldn't mind, but it seemed that Haru and Houki could talk to each other very well which made them very jealous.

Ichika who was by their side nodded in a smile when he saw both of them talking to each other very well. He was afraid for Houki to become a loner, but it seemed that wasn't the case.

It was when they were talking to each other that suddenly someone interrupted them.

"Erm... can I have a moment?"


Haru, Houki, and Ichika turned to see the blonde-haired girl who sat next to Haru.

"My... what a response! You should be grateful to have a conversation with me!"