Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 824

Volume 1 Chapter 824 Clash Between Harem Protagonists

Houki frowned and said, "If you just want to say that then don't bother us!" She felt happy that someone could talk about martial arts with someone else, but suddenly someone interrupted them which annoyed her.

"Huh? Can't you have a better attitude! Shouldn't you see that you've been bothering me talking near my seat!" The blonde-haired girl complained.

"You...!" Houki was angry.

"Well, Shinonono-san. Calm down, it's our fault to not care about our surroundings." Haru looked at the blonde-haired girl and apologized. "I'm sorry, Alcott-san. If you're being bothered by us." He had introduced each other before and he remembered that the name of this girl was Cecilia Alcott.

The girl nodded with a smile when she saw Haru apologize to her. "No, it's alright, but you should be really grateful when I'm just talking with you."

"Sorry, I don't know you." Houki snorted.

"You don't know me? I'm very famous! My name is Cecilia Alcott!"


Houki and Ichika looked at each other and looked at Haru to see whether he knew about her.

Cecilia also looked at Haru at this moment waiting for him to explain her identity.

'Why are you all looking at me?'

Haru was helpless and said, "Alcott-san, I don't know anything besides your name. Unless I'm your childhood friend or boyfriend, I might able to explain something to them, but I'm not."

"B - B - B - B - Boyfriend?!"

Cecilia blushed and coughed several times to calm herself.


Houki looked at Haru and wondered whether this guy had an interest in this haughty girl.

"Well, since you don't know me then I'll explain my identity to all of you!"

Cecilia put her hand on her chest and smiled. "My name is Cecilia Alcott! I'm the valedictorian of entrance exam and the representative contender student of England!"

Haru raised his eyebrow when he heard that Cecilia was a representative student. Looking at Ichika's confused expression, he knew that this guy didn't understand anything.

"Ichika, IS Representative Cadet, is one of the top students chosen to represent their country as an IS pilot," Haru said.

"Yes, I'm an elite!" Cecilia nodded with a smile. "It's quite a miracle and good fortune that you can be in the same class as the chosen individual like me."

Houki thought that this girl was only a loud girl, but it seemed that she needed to change her impression.

"Oh..." Ichika nodded and he understood, but he couldn't help but ask, "But what is so special about that?"


Everyone was in silence, even Houki who was by his side could only sigh at her childhood friend.

"Ichika, you really don't know anything don't you?" Haru asked.

"Well, I'm just a normal student before I'm chosen to enter this place, but how can you know a lot of things?" Ichika felt that this friend of his had left him behind which made him quite sad.

"It's common sense." Haru looked at Houki and said, "Even Shinonono-san also understands why the IS Representative is very special, right?"

Houki nodded and said, "Yeah, only someone who has an ability is the one who is able to become IS Representative."

"Then, Houki, are you also an IS Representative?" Ichika asked.

Houki shook her head and said, "There's only one person who can become an IS Representative in each country or organization. If I'm not wrong the IS Representative of Japan should be in the 1st grade too, but I'm not sure which class."

"Eh... " Ichika kept asking them a lot of questions.


Cecilia who was beside them suddenly ignored.

"Don't ignore!"


Houki and Ichika had forgotten that Cecilia was there.

"Don't you know that I'm an elite? I've also defeated the instructor on the entrance exam!"

Cecilia wanted to put them in awe, however, their answer made the situation turn unexpected.

"Haru and I have also beaten the instructor."

"What?! How can that be?! I was only informed that I was the only one, why----"

*Ding! Dong!*

Suddenly the bell rang which stopped their conversation.

Cecilia took a deep breath and calmed herself. "We can continue our conversation later."


Houki and Ichika shook their heads at the same time.

"See you later, Haru."


Haru looked at Cecilia who puffed her cheek and seemed to be very annoyed. He took candy from his pocket and placed it on her table.

Noticing the thing on her table, Cecilia took it with a frown and turned her head toward Haru, but she saw the words which were written on the packaging on the candy "sorry". She looked at him and gave her a gesture to be quiet.

"Shh..." Haru put his index finger on his lips.


Cecilia blushed again but tried to hide it with the annoying feeling on her heart.

'W - What is this guy?!

Is this guy trying to seduce me?!

Hmph! It isn't that easy to make me fall for you!'

Cecilia blushed and somehow felt a bit excited by this secret interaction between two of them which made her feel as if she was a bad girl. She looked around and seemed glad that no one realized their interaction. She opened the chocolate candy and put it in her mouth.




After the class, Ichika asked him to go with him to meet with his big sister since he was a bit scared.

Haru didn't really mind and accompanied him to meet with Ichika's big sister since Ichika's big sister was beautiful.

Houki went directly back to her room and didn't wait for them.

The trip was quite peaceful and Chifuyu didn't say too much, only gave Ichika a lot of books telling him to learn all of that in a week.

Ichika sighed and Haru talked with Maya until he was stopped by Chifuyu telling them to not hurry up and went back to their dorm.

Walking back together, Haru didn't help him to hold the book rather he walked lazily beside him. "What's your room?"

"It is 1225, what about you?" Ichika hoped for both of them to have the same room.

"I'm 1226."

Haru felt strange since usually, the same gender would have the same room since it would easier.


Ichika thought that it would be great to have the same room as Haru since he could teach him, but it seemed that wasn't the case.

However, Haru thought of a development where the childhood friend of Ichika would suddenly stay in the same room as Ichika later. He couldn't help but think about such a thing since he knew that this world was a harem world and it was possible to have such a development since he remembered in the world of "Hundred" that Hayato and Emilia were also in the same situation before.

Both of them walked faster to go back to their dorm since they were being followed by a lot of girls.

Haru understood the mind of the girls in this place.

They were looking down on a male since they were able to pilot an IS, however, they were curious about males since they never had that much interaction with them before except their father.

Haru and Ichika had arrived in the room with number 1225 and Ichika opened it with his key.

"Let's go to my room first." Ichika was a bit lonely to be alone.


Haru didn't mind and followed him. He didn't feel any presence in this room. 'Is this going to be one room with only one guy?'

Ichika took out the book from his bag and said, "Haru, teach me!"


Haru could notice the presence of a lot of girls behind the door of Ichika's room who were saying something very rude.

'BL .....'

Haru was helpless and didn't want to teach him.

"Sorry, Ichika. You need to learn by yourself. I'm a bit sleepy right now. Bye!"

Haru went back hurriedly to his room which was located next to Ichika's room.

"Wait, Haru! Wait!"


Ichika scratched his head and was clueless about what his friend was thinking. He sighed and could only learn by himself.

"But Haru is very stingy!"

Ichika complained, but in the end, he knew that he needed to rely on himself and started to read the book by himself since he needed to learn all of this in a week.

When both the harem protagonists appeared together, there would be a clash between the two of them. The stronger one would get everything, while the weaker one was clueless and didn't know anything that he had lost in the battle between their clashes.

Suddenly there was a change in the plot, but no one knew and no one thought too much, but one thing for sure, if Ichika wanted to get his women back then he needed to grow up and change his dense personality.

If not.....