Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 825

Volume 1 Chapter 825 Class Representative

In the early morning, everyone was eating breakfast in the cafeteria, but there was something which was different from usual which made everyone to have a jealous expression on their face looking at one girl who sat down between two only male students at this school.

If it was only one then they wouldn't care, but it was two of them!

They would have never expected that there was a girl who was able to create a harem right after she entered the school, especially when both males were the only IS pilots in this world.

If it was only Ichika, then they didn't mind, but why did this girl also have the attention of Haru which made them annoyed.

If their stare could create a hole in someone, then they really wanted to create a hole in Houki's body.


Houki didn't care much about the group of girls who talked behind her back and chatted with Ichika and Haru. She only knew that both of them had a different room and lived by themselves, but she thought that it was quite normal when both of them were the only males in the group of girls.

If it was on the story then she would be annoyed since Ichika had taken her bra, but this time it didn't happen since Houki's room was different from Ichika's.

They talked to each other until a group of girls came toward them.

"Kasugano-kun, can we sit down next to you?"

Haru nodded and said, "Sure."


The three girls seemed very happy and sat next to Haru.

Then another group of girls came toward them and asked Ichika whether it was possible to sit beside him.

Ichika nodded.

"Ahh.... Why didn't I ask them earlier!"

Every girl in the cafeteria sighed in regret since they weren't moving that fast earlier.

Houki was annoyed when there were a lot of people around her and stood up while bringing her plates.

"I'll go first."

"See you later."

Haru looked at Ichika who didn't seem to notice anything and could only sigh his head.

"Kasugano-kun have you done any sports?"

The girls seemed to look at Haru's arms which seemed very strong.

"Yeah, I do a workout."

"Umm... can I touch arm?"

Nohotoke Honne, who seemed to be sleepy, asked him with expectation.

Haru looked at the expression on other's girls and shook his head. "No."


"If I give you permission, then the other girls also ask the same. I know that you're curious, but let's do it when there is only both of us later..." Haru whispered.

Honne blushed, but nodded and thought that it was better to ask him later when there was only both of them, alone, privately.

Ichika looked at his friend and seemed quite clueless about what they were talking about.

*Clap!* *Clap!*

"How long are you going to eat? Take in your meals with speed and efficiency!"

Chifuyu who wore a tracksuit reprimanded everyone.


Everyone started to eat faster.

"I'm the dorm supervisor for the 1st year! If you come late to school, I'll make sure you do 10 laps around the school track."

Haru shook his head and continued to eat while thinking that if she kept angry like that her skin would grow old faster.


Haru ducked down his head and avoided the book which was thrown at him from behind. He was speechless and asked, "What have I done, Sensei?"

"I'm not sure, but I feel that you're thinking something rude about me!" Chufuyu glared at Haru.


'This woman.....'

Haru felt a bit annoyed. If he wasn't a gentleman then he would tie her up and spray a white liquid all over her. He really felt that no one would marry such a woman, especially with this character, but he didn't say anything since this woman kept staring at him.


Everyone was in the class since the class had started.

Chifuyu stood up in front of the podium to announce something.

"We will now decide on who will be the class representative who will be competing in the inter-class tournament. Class representatives will not just compete in a tournament but attend student council meetings as well as committee meetings. You can consider it something like a class leader. Self-nominating or nominating others, either is fine.

"Are there any candidates?"

Chifuyu glanced at Haru at this moment since she was curious about the ability of Haru's IS. She only knew that he developed it by himself together with Hikaruno, but she didn't know what its ability was and what its shape was. It was all mystery, and only some people knew about it. It was the reason why she hoped that it would be him who became the case representative.

Haru noticed that Chufuyu was looking at him, but he didn't say anything since he felt that it was quite troublesome to become a class representative.

Then one girl raised her hand and said, "Yes, I recommend Kasugano-kun!"

"I agree with that too!"

Haru twitched his lips, but he also understood this development.

Ichika smiled and gave a thumbs up to his friend.

Houki was silent and didn't say anything.

"Are there any other opinions? If there is none, he shall be elected."

Chifuyu knew that someone would complain and it was a perfect chance for her to see his ability.

"I can't acknowledge that!"


Cecilia stood up and after slamming the table. She looked at Chifuyu and complained. "This type of selection is unacceptable! Having a man as our class representative is nothing but shame! Did you ask Cecilia Alcott to bear that shame for the whole year?"

"Well... I agree with that, the class representative should be the strongest pilot in our class, right?" Haru suddenly interrupted.

"Yes! That's true." Cecilia nodded and thought that Haru had supported her.

"But the question is, Alcott, are you stronger than me?"

Haru suddenly asked Cecilia, looking at her with a relaxed expression. He was also curious about Cecilia's IS and wanted to fight it since she knew that she IS was 3rd Generation IS. He had gotten the data after he went to England to steal the IS core along with the data about IS in that country, but he had never fought it before.


Cecilia didn't expect this development and pointed her finger at him. "Y - You...!" She thought that Haru was a gentle type of guy, but didn't expect that he would show his backbone in this situation.

"Then, let's have a duel!"

"Interesting. You and me?" Haru asked with a smile.

"Yes." Cecilia had a smug smile on her face and said, "If you lose to me, then I'll make you become my servant!"

Haru stood up and his height was taller than Cecilia which made him a bit intimidating.

Cecilia seemed to want to move back, but she didn't want to show her weakness.

"Well, if I lose then I'll become your slave, right? Then, what if you lose?"

Haru folded his arms waiting for her answer.

"There's no way that I'll lose!" Cecilia refuted

"But it is not fair, right?" Haru thought that this girl was really fun to tease.

"Well...." Cecilia nodded and thought for a while. "Then, if I lose. I'll become your maid or something!"

"Good. I agree." Haru agreed and said, "Don't be a sore loser when you lose later."

"Hmph! You're the one who is going to lose anyway!" Cecilia looked at Chifuyu and asked, "Sensei, when is the duel?"

Chifuyu who heard their interaction knew that she couldn't stop it, but she had a feeling that Cecilia would lose this battle. She looked at Haru and needed to stop him if he really did something immoral to Cecilia later.

"That settles it. That battle will be held next Monday. It will take place at 3rd Arena."

Cecilia was confident and said, "You need to learn etiquette, tea, cooking, and a lot more after you've become my servant!"

"If you lose, what will you learn?" Haru asked curiously.

Cecilia thought about a lot of perverted things that she read in the novel before which made her blush.

"No! I won't lose!"

Haru thought that this girl had raised a FLAG, but he didn't say anything and waited for a week later to start the duel between the two of them.