Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 826

Volume 1 Chapter 826 Personal Training 1

"It's good that both of you have a personal IS, you can prepare yourself for the duel in a week."


Hearing Chifuyu, they were surprised when they heard Haru had his own personal IS. They didn't feel surprised about Cecilia since she was the IS Representative of England, but Haru was different and Japan also had their own IS Representative which made this situation had never been seen before.

But since Haru was one of two male IS pilots, it might be because of that he received his own personal IS.

It was also because of this reason that Ichika's IS which should have been received at the beginning of the story wouldn't be made soon and it might need a lot of time.

"Kasugano, you're a newbie in IS, right?"

Haru wanted to say "no", but Chifuyu didn't let him answer her.

"I'll train you for a week. Go to the kendo dojo after class later! For one week, I'll train you before you have to duel with Cecilia." Chifuyu looked at Cecilia and asked, "Is that alright with you, Cecilia?"

"Well, since he's a newbie then it can't be helped. I'll allow it so he won't have a shameful battle in our duel later in the week."

Cecilia seemed very proud and smiled while touching her chest.

Looking at Cecilia, Haru was wondering how her expression was when she lost the battle later.

"Kasugano, I haven't heard your response!"

"Yes, Sensei!"

Haru nodded and didn't mind being trained by Chifuyu.

Chufuyu nodded since the government had asked him to personally train Haru. She didn't know what kind of deal he had made with the government, but she knew that he couldn't underestimate him. Even though she saw him a bit sloppy, she knew that all of them were just an act.

No, it is real.

Haru was quite sloppy if he didn't need to take care of his little sister.

Everyone was surprised by this development. Suddenly they heard that Haru and Cecilia would have a duel in a week, then they heard that Haru had his own personal IS, and lastly, he would be trained by Chifuyu-Sensei personally. They had to admit this development had overwhelmed them quite a bit, but at the same time, they were worried about Haru.

If Haru lost against Cecilia, then he would become her servant which was something that they couldn't accept.

They didn't want Cecilia to monopolize Haru by all of her own which made them unable to spend their time with him in the future.

But since both of them had agreed to each other then they could do nothing, however, they sighed in relief when they heard that Chifuyu would personally train him which made them believe that there was a chance for him to win this duel.

Ichika had a lot of questions on his head, but he decided to ask it later when the class was over.


After the end of the class, Haru went to the kendo dojo together with Ichika and Houki.

Ichika didn't want to be alone and thought about following both of his friends to meet his older sister.

Houki joined a kendo club and it was normal for her to come to the kendo dojo.

"Haru, what is personal IS?" Ichika asked.


Haru and Houki were speechless when they heard Ichika's question.

"Shinonono, do you want me to be the one who explains it to him or you?" Haru asked.

"Sigh... Ichika, you really don't know anything, do you?" Houki asked.

"Huh? What? Is it something that someone should know?" Ichika was confused.

"There are only 467 IS cores in this world, and there are 6 billion people in this world. That means there are only 467 people who are able to own their own IS," Haru said.

"What? Only 467?!" Ichika was in shock.

Houki nodded and asked, "You don't know something so basic?"


"Is it really something normal to know about such a thing?" Ichika asked.

"The answer depends. If you go to the normal high school then you don't need to think too much about this, but you go to the IS school which means such a thing should be normal to know."

Haru understood that it was a normal setting for a protagonist to be clueless, but he didn't expect Ichika to be this clueless.

Houki was also speechless at the knowledge of her childhood friend.

"Anyway, you should read the book more after this."

Looking at the expression of his two friends, Ichika knew that he needed to get serious, or else he would be really left behind by both of them.

"So how can someone be able to get personal IS?" Ichika asked.

"I'm asking the government."

Haru didn't hide it and he also didn't mind becoming the dog of the government since this position was very comfortable, but rather than a dog. He was similar to a Persian cat which was being pampered and being let to do whatever he wanted since he was very obedient.

"Where is your IS then?" Ichika asked.

"Here's my IS."

Haru showed them a tarot card with the "Devil" symbol in front of them.


Houki was pretty surprised at the Closed-Form of Haru's IS since most people would have their Infinite Stratos with a shape of a bracelet, necklace, ring, earrings, and it was her first time to see an IS in form of a card, especially with "Devil" symbol which gave quite ominous feelings.

Ichika was confused and asked, "Isn't this a card?"


Haru sighed and said, "You know what? I'm too lazy to explain it to you, go, and read the book." He shook his head and left him to go to the kendo dojo. He wasn't encyclopedia or google, it was better to search it on the internet rather than wasting his time while asking such an obvious question.

"Wait, Haru!"

Ichika chased after Haru.

Houki could only sigh at Ichika.


Arriving at the kendo dojo, the three of them could see Chifuyu who was sitting on the "seiza" position with a katana right in front of her.

Her eyes closed as if she was on meditation.

"You're late!"

Chifuyu opened her eyes and stared at Haru fiercely.

"Your brother is asking me a lot of questions, it is his fault." Haru put all of the blame on Ichika.

"What?!" Ichika was startled, but then he also saw Chifuyu who glared at him.

"Ichika, have you remembered all of the books which I gave you yesterday?" Chifuyu asked.

"N - No, I need more time, Chifuyu-nee!" Ichika was scared in front of Chufuyu.

"Call me Orimura-Sensei at school!" Chifuyu reprimanded Ichika and said, "Don't bother him too much. He has a duel in a week."


Somehow Ichika felt a bit resentful at Haru at this moment since he was being reprimanded by his older sister, but he also knew that it was his fault to not know anything and threw away the important book at the beginning of the school.

Chufuyu looked at Haru and said, "Go and change your uniform to "do-gi" in the locker room."

"Yes, Sensei."

Haru went to the locker room to change his clothes.


Ichika and Houki looked at Haru who went to the locker room in a trace.

"What are you dawdling for? You two also hurry up and change your clothes!" Chifuyu reprimanded both of them again.

"Y - Yes!!!"

Ichika and Houki didn't know why they needed to change, but since Chifuyu had asked him to change then they could only change.

Haru who heard Chifuyu's voice could only shake his head and knew that woman wouldn't marry so soon since it would be hard to search for a man who was able to handle her temper. Though he had to admit that she was beautiful, he didn't have a hobby to date such a fierce woman, right?

There was a lot of doubt when the readers read the sentence above while remembering a lot of fierce women who he had dated in his life such as Brandish U, Esdeath, Tsunade, Kirari, etc....

But, anyway, his training would start soon after he had changed his clothes.