Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 827

Volume 1 Chapter 827 Personal Training 2

Coming out of the locker room, Haru and Ichika had changed into "do-gi" and went to the dojo.

Houki also had come out from the changing room and looked at Haru and Ichika.

"Don't be dawdling and go over here!"

Chifuyu who sat in the "seiza" position was quite impatient.

"Sit down in front of me."

Haru, Ichika, and Houki also sat down on the "seiza" position right in front of Chifuyu.

"Haru, have you trained in kendo?" Chifuyu asked. She didn't need to ask either Houki or Ichika since she knew that both of them had learned kendo during their childhood.

"Only a knife."


"I wanted to become a chef before."

Haru didn't hide it before and thought that it was good to add a lie.

"You? Chef?" Chifuyu was a bit surprised and asked, "Then, why not continue to become a chef?"

Haru didn't answer and shut mouth in silence. He felt that it would give him a deeper history or something by doing this kind of act.

"Well, whatever." Chifuyu didn't answer force him and said, "Anyway, it doesn't really matter whether it is a sword or knife." She threw a katana to Haru and said, "Let's start our spar."

Caught the sword with his hand, Haru frowned and unsheathed it feeling a bit surprised.


Chifuyu smiled and said, "What are you afraid of? IS is more dangerous than a katana." Her eyes turned serious and asked, "Do you know what is the similarity between katana and IS?"

"Both of them are weapons," Haru answered simply.

"Yes, and both of them are weapons and they are used to kill people."


"Kill people?!"

Houki and Ichika who were beside them were in shock.

"That is what most people think, but what I think is different....." Chifuyu looked at them and said, "In my opinion, IS and katana are being used to protect the people that I care."

Houki and Ichika sighed in relief and nodded.

"What about you? You've got your personal IS, and what are you going to do with it?" Chifuyu asked.

Haru raised his eyebrow and asked, "After you know it, what are you going to do?"


Chifuyu shook her head and said, "I'm just asking if you don't want to answer then it is alright."

Haru smiled looking at Chifuyu and thought that this woman was somehow cute thinking that he would be moved by her words similar to bloody, exciting, and hot shounen manga.

"The world is dangerous, what's wrong with holding something to protect yourself? For now, I'll do the work which the government will give me, and in the future, if I find the person who I want to protect then I'll do the same as you."

His answer was pretty simple, but it surprised Ichika since he didn't expect his friend to think so deeply.

"Hmm... you don't have anyone that you want to protect?" Chifuyu asked.

"There was in the past, but not now."

Haru knew that Chifuyu had read about his information and knew that he was only living with his grandfather who had passed away in the past. He knew that Chifuyu would think about something complicated in her mind.

Chifuyu looked at Haru with complex expression and thought that this young man might be hiding something more inside him which made her somehow worried, but one thing for sure, she wanted him to search for someone who was very important for himself in this world.

"How about Hikaruno?"

Haru raised his eyebrow.


Ichika and Houki were curious when they heard this name.

"I've heard that your relationship is quite close before when you've stayed on the research facility to develop your own IS."

Chifuyu thought that Hikaruno might become an important person in this world.

"Orimura-sensei, I don't know if you love to gossip." Haru sighed and asked, "So is this really personal training or an interview?" He didn't expect his lie would develop into this situation, and he was wondering now whether Chifuyu would think that he was someone who had a troubled childhood or something.

"I guess...." Chifuyu stood up while holding her katana and said, "You're very impatient, huh? I also want to test your ability. Let's have a spar as soon as possible."

Haru nodded and stood up while holding the katana which was given to him earlier.

"Erm... Chifuyu-nee, is it alright to use a real katana? Don't you think that it is dangerous?" Ichika tried to stop them since he didn't expect both of them would do it for real.

"Yeah.. it isn't a good idea..." Houki also tried to stop them since if it was training then it was better to use a wooden katana.

"No. You two just watch or do training by yourself there. You don't need to worry about us."

Chifuyu unsheathed the katana and held it with both of her hands facing Haru in front of her.

"Please be easy on me, Sensei."

Haru was very relaxed and his form was full of openings. He looked at Chifuyu and also held the katana with both of his hands.

"If you can stay for 10 seconds then I'll praise you."

Chifuyu didn't comment on his form rather she would show him the world of pain later since she loved to teach someone using their bodies rather than a word.


Haru was speechless and asked, "What if I can stay longer?"

Chifuyu didn't expect this question but smiled since she didn't hate when Haru was so ambitious to face her. "What do you want? But if you can become a good sparring partner, then I don't mind granting you anything."

"Anything?" Haru raised his eyebrow.

"Yeah, anything."

Chifuyu was confident about herself and she had never seen someone who was as strong as her beside Shinonono Tabane in this world. Even if she faced someone who used an IS, she wasn't afraid and could face them only using a katana.

"Don't regret your words later."

Haru smiled and knew that the standing and power of women in this world was better than a man. It was the reason why Chifuyu was so confident of defeating him in 10 seconds, and at the same time, he had two females who had created a bet with him in this world.

"Shinonono, become the referee!" Chifuyu thought to teach this bad boy a lesson as soon as possible.

Houki sighed when she couldn't stop both of them and nodded. "Then, I'll start from the 3... 2... 1..."



Suddenly Chifuyu leaped and appeared right in front of Haru swinging her katana downward.


However, Haru raised his right hand and blocked Chifuyu's swords, but in an instant, he knew that he needed to redirect this attack or else his katana would be destroyed.

Chifuyu was about to destroy Haru's katana, but suddenly Haru's right hand raised which made her katana slip, but she turned her body in a twist and swung her sword toward his side.


But Haru blocked it again. He smiled and asked, "Done?"

"Hmph! I wonder how long that you can maintain that composure!"

Chifuyu felt a bit excited and wanted to see how long he could fight against her. She moved back for a bit and changed her posture before swinging her katana down several times.

*Clang!* *Clang!* *Clang!*

Chifuyu changed the direction of her attack from the side, top, hand, feet, etc, but all of them were blocked by Haru.

Houki and Ichika who saw their battle from the side were in awe since their battle was very fierce.

Not only them, but everyone on the kendo dojo was very surprised when they saw the fight between Haru and Chifuyu.

In the fight between the two of them, they could see that Chifuyu had an upper hand since she kept attacking Haru with a fierce attack, but Haru's defense was very tough and slippery.

Haru blocked Chifuyu's attack and also redirected it to the side changing its direction.

"10 seconds is over."

Haru reminded Chifuyu and thought she would stop, but that wasn't the case.

"That's good! Let's continue!"

Chifuyu had never thought that Haru was able to match her and kept attacking him fiercely, but at the same time, she realized that his movement was a bit weird. She knew that he hadn't learned kendo, but the way she dodged and avoided her attack... it was as if he could predict her attack in advance.


Chifuyu raised the corner of her mouth and kept attacking.

"Don't forget about your promise."

Haru reminded her.

Chifuyu stopped and nodded. "I know." She had promised and of course, she would grant him his request. Though, if he asked something perverted...

"So what's your request?"

Haru hadn't thought anything and said, "Let's keep it for later."

"Alright. Then, let's continue our spar!"

Chifuyu started to attack him once again and this time she moved faster.

*Clang!* *Clang!* *Clang!*


Everyone was dumbstruck and no one did anything, only watched their spar with surprise expression with only one thought in their minds.


It was what they were thinking when they saw their fierce battle.