Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 828

Volume 1 Chapter 828 Duel 1

Ichika and Houki had joined the training of Haru and Chifuyu in the past few days.

Houki who was very disciplined with her kendo had learned a lot, but at the same time, she realized that she was very weak.

Ichika, who hadn't trained kendo for a long time, felt tired every day and he often complained wondering why he needed to train so hard in kendo.

"In the end, IS is also a tool. If the user is weak, then the IS is also weak."

Chifuyu didn't show mercy, and she had been in a very good mood when Haru was able to handle their spar every time, but at the same time, she realized that this guy had never attacked her. Even though she had told him to attack her, he didn't do it and when she tried to force him to attack her.... this guy was so slippery that it was very hard to attack him which annoyed her.

Though, if Haru heard what Chifuyu was thinking then he would think that this woman was lewd.

Sometimes they used a real katana, and sometimes they used a wooden katana, but the wooden katana was destroyed very easily during their spar.

Cecilia, who also saw the spar between Haru and Chifuyu, knew that Haru was a very strong opponent, but she was confident that she would win since they were fighting using an IS, not a katana.

If it was katana then she knew that she wasn't Haru's opponent, but it was different when they were fighting using an Infinite Stratos.

Cecilia also couldn't wait to see Haru in a butler uniform and thought that it would suit him. She also imagined what kind of things she would do to him later after she had won the match.

Haru didn't think too much about Cecilia and he also had never shown his Infinite Stratos in the past week which made everyone became even more curious.


Ichika and Houki went to the bathroom to wash their bodies.

Chifuyu wiped her sweat since it had been a while since she had a good fight with someone but suddenly noticed something right in front of her. She took the drink right in front of her and said, "Thank you." She opened the cap of the bottle and drank something very fresh and slightly sweet, but it wasn't cold.

"What is this?"

"Coconut water." Haru also drank the same thing.

"It's good."

"Yeah. It's also good after a workout."

Chifuyu looked at Haru from up and down. She had to admit that his body was very good, and she understood why this guy was so popular at school.

"Are you ready for tomorrow's match against Cecilia?"

Chifuyu hadn't taught him to use an IS, and only trained him in swordmanship (though, her training was useless in Haru's mind, but he didn't say anything since it was nice to spend his after school time with beautiful teacher) but she knew that he was stronger than her which made her quite conflicted when she thought about the bet between Haru and Cecilia. She knew who would win the duel, but she wanted the result of the match to be a tie since she didn't really want something happened between Haru and Cecilia.


Haru looked at Chifuyu who had a strange expression and asked, "What's that expression?"

"I've never seen your IS before, can you show it to me?" Chifuyu asked.

"You can see it tomorrow, Chifuyu-Sensei." Haru smiled and thought about the expression of everyone when they saw his IS.

"Well, that's true."

Chifuyu knew that this guy wouldn't show his IS no matter how many time she had asked him, but when she thought about the Closed-Form of his IS. She felt quite curious and she had a feeling that it would be a very powerful IS.

Haru thought about the past few days when Chifuyu had personally trained him. He felt that he was the one who trained Chifuyu rather than the other way around. Even though Chifuyu's skill at kendo was very good, and even had reached the human limit in this world... but he had seen a lot of powerful sword users such as the people in "Kimetsu no Yaiba". His kendo was very rough, and he used his physical prowess along with Kenbonshoku Haki sparing against Chifuyu.

However, his knife ability was very powerful and it was possible to apply his knife skill to sword since the sword was just a knife with a longer blade in his mind.

"In the past few days, I've been thinking that I'm the one who trained you rather than the other way around."

Haru glanced at Chifuyu to see her reaction.

Chifuyu blushed, but she refuted him and said, "Didn't you learn a lot of things? It is good that you can apply your knifemanship to a sword, right?" Her expression as if saying that it was because of her that Haru could have done that.

"Well, I don't really mind, but...." Haru smiled and asked, "Did you remember your promise?"

Chifuyu sighed and said, "What do you want? But let me remind you...." She took her katana and said, "If you ask something perverted then...." She was ready to slay him down at this moment waiting for what he was about to ask her.


Haru was speechless and said, "No. I'm not going to ask that."

Chifuyu became calmer and sheathed her katana back. "Then?"

"Can you accompany me to shopping? I lack a lot of things in my dorm and you're familiar with the area outside of the school...."

Haru thought of buying a souvenir before he went back from his quest later. He hadn't defeated "Silver Gospel" and invited one member to the Group Chat, but he had a feeling that his quest would be over soon.

Hearing Haru's request, Chifuyu felt a bit weird since it seemed that his request was similar to asking her on a date, but in a more subtle way, however, she might think too much when she thought that there were a lot of cute girls around him.


Suddenly Chifuyu was quite annoyed when she remembered the thing which Haru had said in the past who told her that no one would ask her for a marriage. She thought that it might be a good chance to show him the charm of an a.d.u.l.t.

"We can go after your duel with Cecilia tomorrow."


Haru nodded and took out a honey lemon in jar eating it, but he noticed Chifuyu who stared at him.

"Do you want some, Sensei?"

"Can I?"

"Why not?"

Haru gave Chifuyu the entire honey lemon in a jar.

"You give me everything?" Chifuyu asked.

Haru nodded and said, "I still have a lot of them in my room." He walked away and said, "I'm going to take a shower first."

Chifuyu nodded and took lemon which had absorbed the honey inside the jar. She took a slice of lemon and ate it right away. She closed her eyes and tasted both sour and sweet from on her tongue.

Then suddenly she felt that she was being teleported to the pool of honey while lying lazily on the boat of lemon. She was using the arm of someone letting her pamper her, but when she saw that it was Haru who was laying beside her.


Chifuyu opened her eyes and sucked a deep breath at the taste of this honey lemon, and at the same time, she was wondering why she had seen him earlier trying to pamper her.

"What's wrong, Chifuyu-nee?" Ichika came out of the locker room and asked, "You're a bit weird."

"Call me Orimura-sensei!"

Chifuyu reprimanded Ichika and went to take a shower since she was too embarrassed to tell what had happened to her earlier.

Looking at Chifuyu's back, Ichika felt confused and wondered what was happening.


It was the day of the duel between Haru and Cecilia, everyone was sitting on the audience seat waiting for their duel.

Houki and Ichika were also one of them and they were sitting together with each other's classmates from class 1-1.

Everyone really hoped for Haru to win this duel since they wanted to have a male class representative.

Then when they were thinking about the duel, Cecilia came out from her dock using her IS.

Cecilia was flying in the air with a blue IS which covered her legs, arms, and some part of her chest and forehead with a blue armor with four optical drones that hovered around her surroundings.

"Is that Alcott-san's IS?" Ichika asked.

"Yeah...." Houki could tell that Cecilia was very strong and got quite worried about Haru since she had never seen Haru's IS.

However when they were thinking about Haru's IS, from the other dock, Haru was flying from toward Cecilia, and when his Infinite Stratos appeared in front of everyone. They were really shocked since his IS reminded them of "Devil", no, it might be suitable to call him "Reaper", especially when they saw the weapon of his IS.

Cecilia who looked at Haru had a complex expression since she knew that Haru's IS was better than she had thought, but she didn't think that she would lose and she was confident in her ability.

"I can't wait to see you in butler uniform serving me every time, Kasugano-kun."

"I also can't wait to see you in a maid uniform later. I can see that it'll be very cute on you, Cecilia."

"C - Cecilia?!"

"Is it alright to call you that?"

"W - Well, I don't mind."

"Then, you can call me Haru."

"Cough! Cough!" Cecilia blushed and said, "Even if you try to seduce me, it won't work! I'll win this duel!" She pointed her finger and shouted.


Haru only shook his head and thought to show the reality to this girl with his IS.