Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 830

Volume 1 Chapter 830 Dinner

The duel between the two of them had ended and Haru was the winner of this duel.

Cecilia's IS needed to be fixed since all of her weapons were destroyed by Haru, but she didn't care about that since her country would pay for everything, and her family also didn't lack money. She was more cornered about her visit to Haru's room.

Cecilia told him to go back first to his room quickly since she knew if they were walking too slow then a group of girls might stop them and even follow her to his room.

Haru felt strange when this girl was so excited to go to his room wondering whether this girl really wanted to become his personal maid, but suddenly he felt that it wasn't a good idea when he thought about her rich girl profile which made him remember Maki's disaster chocolate that he had eaten during Valentine's Day. Though, she might be good enough to warm up his bed during the night.

They walked together before they arrived at Haru's room in 1226.

Haru opened the lock of the door and looked at Cecilia. "Please enter."

Cecilia was a bit nervous, but she was also curious about his room. She nodded and entered his room together with him. Hearing the sound of the closing door, her nervousness intensified and she didn't know what to do for a bit.

"Sit down on the chair first." Haru was in the small kitchen in his room and asked, "Is black tea alright with you?"


Cecilia nodded and didn't ask where he had gotten his black tea since she thought that he also loved to drink such tea. She sat down on the chair in his room while looking around. She thought that boy's room would be very messy, but that wasn't the case and the aroma of the black tea permeated into this room which made her nose move slightly.

"Here you go."

Looking at the cup of tea which let out white steam in front of her, Cecilia nodded and wondered how good it was. In England, she had tasted various black teas, and even if she didn't want to hurt Haru's feelings, her tongue was very sensitive to the taste of the black tea.

Sipping it into her tongue, she couldn't help but m.o.a.n.


Cecilia was suddenly looking at the scenery of beautiful tea farms in front of her. She took fresh air from her surroundings, and suddenly her waist was hugged by someone. She smiled and also hugged him back. She looked at him and kissed him on his lips.

Haru had always tested the effect of his food on every world where he was teleported and wondered whether the power of his food could make the girls on that world climax. Looking at Cecilia's reaction, he nodded and thought that it was working.

"W - What with this tea?"

Cecilia was more than surprised since the tea which Haru brewed was better than her chef which was selected from an elite among the elite in the cuisine world.

"In the past, I wanted to become a chef, but I haven't trained that much lately since I've been busy lately. Fortunately, it seems that my skill hasn't decreased since it seems that you love my tea that much."

Cecilia blushed and nodded, but suddenly she realized something and asked, "Haruka-san, do you want to become a chef before?" She was quite surprised.

"Just call me Haru, Cecilia."

Cecilie blushed again but nodded. "Yes, Haru."

"Well, that's in the past, but now, I realize that being an IS pilot is also good."

"Why is that?" Cecilia asked.

"It's because I can meet you now. If I become a chef, then I might not see you in this life."


'Is this confession? W - Well, I don't mind accepting him, but i - isn't it a bit earlier? W - What to do? W - Will we kiss now? Kyaaa!!!'

Cecilia was very excited inside her head.

"Now, change into these clothes."

Hearing his voice, Cecilia woke up from her daydream and looked at the clothes which were given by him. She was a bit confused and asked, "W - What is this?"

"It's a maid uniform."


Cecilia became fl.u.s.tered and asked, "W - Why should I change into that?"

"Well, did you forget what you said last week?" Haru asked with a mischievous smile.

Looking at his teasing smile, Cecilia couldn't help but complain. "H - Haru, you're such a bully."

"Hmm? Well, I won't force you, but I guess even an elite like you won't keep her promise, huh?"

Haru glanced at Cecilia to see her reaction.

"I - I will wear it!"

Being provoked, Cecilia decided to wear the maid uniform and asked, "C - Can I borrow your bathroom?"


Cecilia nodded and went to the bathroom, but stopped. "Haru, you can't peek alright?" She had a light blush on her cheek and she seemed to be very shy at this moment.

Haru was in a trace and thought that it was fun to tease such a cute girl. "I won't promise, but I'll do my best. Who makes you so charming that I want to peek at you?"

Cecilia's face was very hot, even though this guy was perverted, but she thought that it was a normal reaction since she was indeed beautiful.

"P - Please don't tease me!"

Cecilia entered his bathroom in a hurry while fl.u.s.tered.

Haru sighed and wondered why he couldn't control his anaconda.

No man is perfect.

Haru was the same since he really couldn't control his lower body.


Waiting for a while, Cecilia's voice could be heard from the bathroom.

"H - Haru, I've changed..."

"Oh? Let me see it." Haru was curious about Cecilia's appearance in a maid uniform.

The door of the bathroom was opened and Cecilia came out from the bathroom while wearing a maid uniform. The maid uniform which was used by her was the maid uniform which was usually worn in his cafe, Fleurs De Lapin.

Haru had to admit that Cecilia was indeed a very beautiful girl.

Cecilia has light blue eyes and long, light blonde hair that forms drill-like curls at the ends, along with a royal blue headband that holds her hair up. She is extremely beautiful and has a slender, voluptuous figure; possessing a large bust, narrow waist, and a curvaceous butt.

Haru took a deep breath and sat while crossing his legs to hide something.

"Haru, are you alright?" Cecilia was worried when she saw that his expression seemed to be in pain.

"It's alright. You don't need to worry about it, but...." Haru looked at Cecilia and gave her a thumbs up. "You're really beautiful."

"Y - You don't need to praise me that much..." Cecilia was a bit shy.

"How about you have dinner with me? I'll show you my craft." Haru was also a bit lonely to stay in his room alone and he didn't really want to spend his day with sausage.

"Eh? Is that alright?"

"Yes, you alright with French cuisine?" Haru asked.


Cecilia didn't expect Haru to be able to cook something fancy as a french cuisine and she had some expectations.

"H - Haru, can I help you?"


Haru was speechless and asked, "Have you cooked before?"

"No. I don't have any experience! But I'm learning fast!" Cecilia seemed very excited when she thought that she would cook with him.


Haru had a doubt, but looking at the excitement on her face he knew that he needed to accept it.

"Alright, but you need to listen to me."

"Yes, Haru!"

Both of them wore their aprons.

Cecilia had to admit that Haru who was in his apron was really handsome.

They started to cook, and he gave her instructions, but as expected it didn't take a long time before she created a mess.

"Oh, why does this thing blow up?

Hmm, the fire isn't strong enough....

Right, I want it to be more colorful!"

Haru had a headache and held Cecilia's hand.

"W - What's wrong?" Cecilia asked.

"Cecilia, let's do this together."

Haru moved behind Cecilia and held her hands. "Let's cook."

Her face was very hot since the distance between the two of them was very close. She also smelled a manly scene from him which made her legs feel a bit weak.

Haru held her stomach and asked, "You alright?"

"Y - Yes, I need a few seconds to calm myself."

Cecilia took a deep breath and didn't know why his smell was really good, but she could smell him all day.

"Alright! I'm ready!"

"Good, we're going to make Quiche De Lgumes Oublis now."



Ichika and Houki had come back to the dorm, and they met a group of girls who were searching for Haru and Cecilia.

"Huh? Where are they?" Ichika was confused.

Houki had an idea, but she wasn't sure about it.

"What's wrong? Hurry up and go back to your room!" Chifuyu shouted when she saw a group of female students who were outside of the dorm.


Hearing Chifuyu's shout, they could only go back to their room.



Chifuyu hit Ichika's head and said, "Call me Orimura-sensei! You two go back to your room!"


Houki and Ichika sighed while walking back to their rooms.

"Well then...."

Chifuyu started to walk toward the direction of Ichika since her target's room was right beside Ichika's room.


"Haru, when is it done?" Cecilia looked at the Quiche on the oven with expectation since it was something she cooked together with him so she had high expectations of it. She could smell a delicious aroma from the oven which made her want to eat it as soon as possible. It was also her first time cooking so she wanted to taste it as soon as possible.


Haru patted her head since her action was quite childish which received a blush from her again.

*Knock!* *Knock!*

Suddenly the door was knocked on.

"Who is that?" Cecilia asked curiously.

"I will open it."

Haru walked to the door and checked the outside. He saw Chifuyu who stood up folded her arms looking at him sternly.

Chifuyu noticed Cecilia who wore a maid uniform in Haru's room and frowned.

"Cecilia Alcott, what are you doing in the male student room?"

"S - Sensei!?"

Cecilia was startled and became scared.

"Well, Sensei. I'm just teaching Cecilia cooking. If you haven't had dinner, how about you have dinner with us? Is that alright with you, Cecilia?" Haru asked while winking at her telling her to go along with her.

Cecilia noticed Haru's gesture and nodded. "Yes, Sensei. We're cooking Quiche. If you haven't had dinner, then you can join us."

*Sniff!* *Sniff!*


Chifuyu frowned since her stomach was growling. She blushed and coughed lightly.

Cecilia was quite surprised since Chifuyu's reaction was very cute.

Haru thought that this tough woman really had an unexpected side.

"Then, I'll join you, but you need to go back after this, Alcott."

"Yes, Sensei!"

Chifuyu also entered his room and closed the door since if she let it open the smell of the food inside would go out to the outside which caused trouble later.

The Quiche was ready and Haru took it out from the oven. He sliced it into several pieces and placed it on the plate before serving it in front of them. "If you want more, you can have it and it can be kept in the fridge for a day or two, but I guess, you don't listen to me." He thought that Cecilia was useless as a maid and thought that he should use her as a pillow at night later, but he knew that it was impossible with Chifuyu around.

Chifuyu and Cecilia were attracted by this Quiche and gulped.

"Hurry up and sit down! So we can eat it." Chifuyu looked at Haru.

"Alright, alright."

Haru nodded and sat down with the three of them.

"Let's eat."

The three of them took a spoon and ate the Quiche.


Chifuyu and Cecilia suddenly felt their clothes were blown away and they transformed into a magical girl because of the deliciousness of this quiche.

Haru was their enemy and he had gotten them on his hands, but they didn't fight back since it was very delicious to stay with him.


Both of them agreed that this dish was very delicious.

Chifuyu sighed and said, "If only I had wine here."

"Don't worry, Sensei. I've got wine here."

Haru took a bottle of wine out of nowhere.


Chifuyu was angry and said, "Kasugano, how dare you bring wine into this academy!"

"It's also for cooking, Sensei. However, don't you want to taste it?" Haru knew that it was too much to bring a bottle of wine to his room, but it was different when he pulled Chifuyu in.

Chifuyu snorted and smiled. "I will ignore it today. Bring me a glass."

"Yes, yes."

Haru looked at Cecilia and asked, "Cecilia, do you want to drink it too?"

"Eh? Is that alright?" Cecilia asked while looking at Chifuyu.

"It's alright. The teacher is giving us permission."

"Who says that I've given you permission?" Chifuyu looked at Haru.

"Then, I'll say that Chifuyu-sensei is forcing her student to bring a bottle of wine later."

Chifuyu snorted and said, "Just keep it a secret here." She really hated this smartass student who could use his mouth very well.


Cecilia was a bit excited since she could taste the wine.

Haru took a glass wine and poured wine for the three of them.

They drank wine and the taste of the quiche turned out better.

Haru looked at the condition of the two of them, which was quite weird and he could see that they were a bit tipsy.

"Cecilia, are you alright? Stop drinking, you're drunk."

"I'm not drunk!" Cecilia hugged Haru and put her face on his stomach. "Haru, you smell really good. Your body is also very nice."


Haru would be lying if he wasn't excited, but he wouldn't touch a girl when they were drunk. He took her glass and said, "You should stop drinking. I'll send you back to your room."

"No! I'm not drunk! I also don't want to go back to my room! I want to sleep with you... hehehe...."

Cecilia laughed while hugging him, before sleeping soundly.


Haru sighed and carried her to his bed to sleep.

"Kasugano! Accompany me to drink!"

Chifuyu had her cheeks very red and didn't stop drinking for a while.


"Sensei, you should stop."

Haru really didn't like to handle a drunk girl, but he was the one who had brought the wine. He walked toward Chifuyu to stop her, but he was also hugged by her.

"Hmm... you smell really good."

Chifuyu also hugged him, sniffing him and then sleeping.


Haru sighed and wondered what he should do with his anaconda. He could only have a cool shower to calm himself before forcing himself to sleep since it was the only thing that he could do right now.


Ichika was sleeping in his room so soundly that no one could wake him up. It seemed that he had a good dream that a curve of smile appeared on his mouth. It seemed that he dreamt that he owned his own IS and saved the world.