Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 831

Volume 1 Chapter 831 Wonderful Day

In the early morning, everyone gathered on the open field to start practical IS lessons, or rather they were being told to see how to use IS by their teachers.

However, everyone didn't seem to focus and was shocked when they saw Haru was wearing a skin-tight suit.

Cecilia also exclaimed with a blush, closing her mouth with both of her hands. She was quite embarrassed after what had happened yesterday, and she knew that she was alright since if she was being attacked by Haru then she would know immediately, especially when Haru's weapon was at a nuclear size.

Houki and Maya were also blushing and tried to look away.

Ichika was clueless about what had happened and only waited for the lesson curiously since he was curious at how to activate an IS.

Chifuyu couldn't look at Haru remembering what had happened yesterday.


Back in the early morning.

"Ugh... my head..."

Chifuyu woke up and looked around and felt confused when she saw that she was in an unfamiliar room.

"Sensei, you've woken up?"

Chifuyu was in shock when she saw Haru who had just come out from the shower.

"Last night, you were very amazing, Sensei," Haru said with a smile since he wanted to tease this teacher.


Chifuyu held her head with both her hands with a depressed expression when she thought that she was attacking her student. She took a deep breath and didn't remember everything last night, but she knew that something must have happened after she heard that sentence.

"Here, water, you drank too much wine last night."

Haru brought Chifuyu a glass of water.

Chifuyu looked at Haru with complex expression and took a glass of water before drinking it silently. She took a deep breath and asked, "W - What did we do last night?" She knew what she had done, but she needed to ask him this question.

"It was the thing which you'd imagined, Sensei."


Chifuyu's expression turned pale and thought that she had failed as a teacher since she attacked her own student. She was wondering what to do and wondering whether she should stop as a teacher, but....


Cecilia moved around on the bed which caused Chifuyu to feel surprised.


"Well, there were three of us last night."


Chifuyu became paler since she wasn't the only one and there was another female student in this room. She looked at this guy and wondered how this guy could be so lucky, but she saw his smile and somehow felt quite wrong.

"I was joking. Nothing happens and you just fall asleep after you've drunk."


Chifuyu's expression turned very bad and she took a pillow hitting him several times.

"You bastard!"

Chifuyu was really scared earlier.

"Stop, Sensei! Stop! I'm sorry!"

Haru had to admit that this teacher was very cute.

"Hmm... can you be quiet?"

Cecilia also woke up, but then she noticed that she wasn't in her room and she also noticed both Chifuyu and Haru in this room. "Huh?" Her face flushed and thought a lot of perverted things.

"D - Did the three of us....?"

"Yes, last night, you were amazing, Cecilia."

"W - W - W - W - W - What...."

"He's joking. You don't need to listen to him." Chifuyu took a deep breath and calmed herself.

However, suddenly Chifuyu and Cecilia had a headache since they drank too much wine.

Haru brought them water and asked, "Do you want to have breakfast here? I can cook you a hangover breakfast?"

Remembering the food which he had made last night, they nodded without hesitation and wondered what kind of food he would make for them.

"I'll cook you Kongnamul-Guk."

Hearing the name of the food, they didn't know what it was, but it didn't erase their anticipation.


Ichika who also had woken up in the early morning was wondering why Haru's room was a bit noisy in the early morning.


Back to the present.

Everyone stood up in a line waiting for the teacher to say something, but they really couldn't help but keep glancing at Haru.

Haru didn't care about their glance since he had gotten used to people when they were looking at him. However, he was wondering why the girls needed to wear such skimpy clothes which made it very hard for him to calm himself. He looked at Ichika and felt a bit jealous when he saw him and didn't seem troubled by the group of girls who wore such skimpy clothes.

"Hmm?" Ichika looked at Haru with a confused expression.

"Nothing." Haru sighed at Ichika's reaction.

"With that, let's start practicing some basic IS maneuvers."

Chifuyu looked at Haru and Cecilia and said, "Kasugano, Alcott, try flying your IS."



Cecilia's earring started to glow and equipped her body with an IS.

Haru's card also shattered and turned into full body armor, but he didn't wear his helmet. He was glad that he was wearing his IS so the big thing on his lower body could be hidden.

Both of them could do it in an instant, and at the same time, it received awe from everyone.

Chifuyu nodded looking at both of them and thought that she should ask Haru to wear his IS every time so his big thing wouldn't disturb the class.

"Now, fly!"

Haru and Cecilia were flying toward the sky while everyone was looking at them.

Ichika understood how great it was to have an IS of his own.


In the sky, Haru and Cecilia were flying together while talking to each other.

"Haru, is it alright for us to train together after school?" Cecilia asked since she hoped to spend time together with him. She thought that after that she could go to Haru's room asking her to teach her how to cook again so they could spend their time together.

'This time, no one will bother us!'

Cecilia also thought that it was better for her to stay directly in Haru's room since he was the only one who lived in that room.

"Why not?"

Haru agreed since he was also interested in Cecilia's IS. He had stolen the data of "Blue Tears" in the past, but he knew that observing it from close was better.

When they were talking to each other, Chifuyu's voice could be heard from the commutation device.

"Kasugano, Alcott, try performing a sudden dive and coming to a complete halt."

"Roger." Cecilia nodded and said, I'll do it first, Haru." She wanted to show him her great performance and dove to the ground before halting in an instant landing softly on the ground.

Haru also did the same rather he was smoother than Cecilia and landed beside her. "You're amazing."

"You too, Haru."

Cecilia smiled after being praised.

Chifuyu nodded at both of them since they could do it so perfectly. She continued with the lesson while explaining their maneuvers earlier to every student in front of her.

For Cecilia and Haru who had mastered the basic maneuvers and owned their own IS, they didn't need to do anything and talked to each other while also answering the questions of their classmates who came to them.


After the class, everyone in class 1-1 gathered in the cafeteria to start a party.

There were only potato ch.i.p.s, pocky, juice, soda, etc on the table, but it was quite amazing since they were able to gather all of them for his party.

"Kasugano-kun, congratulations on becoming the class representative!"

They brought a party gadget and pulled the party cracker, sending out confetti into the air.

*Clap!* *Clap!* *Clap!*

Everyone clapped their hands with a smile.

"Thank you, everyone." Haru stood up and said, "Since I've been chosen for the class representative, then I'll do my best to work hard for this class." He raised the glass of juice and his hand and said, "And, I really appreciate it for you for creating this party. Thank you, everyone!" He really wanted to put a disco lamp on this place and play music in this place to create the mood.

Everyone was happy when they heard him.

"You don't need to worry, Kasugano-kun!"

"Yeah, we're happy that you've become our class representative."

There were a lot of girls gathered around Haru and talked with him with laughter and smiles.

Cecilia who saw this situation pouted seeing him very popular, but at the same time, she knew that he had this aura which made people attracted to him.

"Don't get close to him!"

Cecilia tried to stop them when some of them tried to touch a part of his body.

"He's sure very popular." Ichika looked at Haru.

"You're jealous?" Houki asked.

"Why?" Ichika asked.

Houki sighed and thought that it was great that this guy wasn't that popular and all the girls were attracted to Haru, but at the same time, she looked at Haru and knew that this guy was really good at attracting people.

Haru was about to sit down, but someone took a picture of him. He looked at a cute girl with glasses and a ponytail while holding a camera. "Yes?"

"Hi hi~ this is a newspaper club!"


"Can we have your picture? We want to put you in the school newspaper tomorrow."

"Sure." Haru didn't really mind.

The girl looked at Cecilia and said, "Ah. Why don't we have Cecilia-chan in the picture as well?"

"Eh...? You mean the two of us?" Cecilia asked with a smile.

"Since you're a hot topic, the owner of a personal IS. It might be good to have a handshake or something."

"Is that so..?" Cecilia blushed while looking at Haru.

"Why not?" Haru nodded and agreed.

"Umm... Naturally, I'll receive a copy of the picture, right?" Cecilia asked.

"That's for sure! Okay then, stand up! Stand up!"

Haru and Cecilia stood up together and stood side by side.

"Alright, let's shake hands."

Haru looked at Cecilia who held his hands tightly and smiled happily. 'This girl....' He had to admit that she was very cute and moved closer to her.

"Ahh, that smile! That's a very good smile!"

The newspaper girl felt that if she posted Haru's picture then the newspaper tomorrow would be sold out.

"Alright, I'm going to take it!"


The moment the girl shuttered her camera everyone in their surroundings also joined the photo together, with even Houki and Ichika also joining in.


Cecilia was in shock and didn't expect them to join them. She raised her hands and complained, "Why is everyone else in it?!"

"Well, well, well..."

"We can't let Cecilia have a head start, right?"

Haru looked at Houki and Ichika wondering why both of them also joined the photo together.

The party wasn't that long and everyone returned when they were being chased by Chifuyu to go back to their room.


Cecilia sighed when she thought that she couldn't take a photo with him alone and could only go back to her room in a depressed mood.


Cecilia turned and saw Haru ran toward her. She was a bit surprised and asked, "Haru? What are you doing? Orimura-sensei is going to kill you if she knows that you're not in your room!" She knew how fierce Chifuyu was and if she knew that Haru was in this place then it would be troublesome.

"Let's take a photo together."


Cecilia was surprised and felt a bit excited. "Is that alright? How do we do that?"

"I have an instant camera here."

Haru showed a quite vintage instant camera in his hand.


Cecilia was excited and nodded. She didn't care about the camera as long as they could take a picture together.

"Come to the window, I'll use the night sky as the background."

Cecilia nodded and followed him.

"Come closer."

Cecilia blushed and moved very close to him.

"Is it alright for me to hug your waist?" Haru asked.

"Y - Yes..." Cecilia answered with a low voice.


Haru wrapped his hand around her waist, closing the distance between the two of them.

Right now, they were only being separated by pieces of their clothes.

Cecilia placed her hand on his chest with a smile looking at the camera.

"Give your best smile to me."

Cecilia smiled and saw him taking the picture of both of them.

Then the picture came out from the camera in an instant.

Haru flapped the photo and showed the picture of both of them.

"Here, you can have it."

"Thank you."

Cecilia smiled sweetly.

"Kasugano! Go back to your room!"

Haru turned and saw Chifuyu who was in a rage and looked at him flirting with a girl at night.

"I'll go now. Bye."

Haru started to run and Chifuyu chased after him.

"T - Take care...."

Cecilia sighed but smiled looking at the picture which had just been taken by two of them. She thought that today was a very wonderful day.