Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 838

Volume 1 Chapter 838 Transfer Student 2

In the classroom, the group of girls discussed something with excitement.

"Did you hear about that rumor?"


"You mean that IS on the other day?"

"If that's what you mean then that IS was about some experimental machine gone berserk."

"It's not about that, I heard that if anyone won the tournament this month..."

"You can date either Kasugano-kun or Orimura-kun."

"What?! Is that true?!"



Houki and Cecilia were standing next to each other, but they didn't know what the group of girls were talking about.

"Cecilia, do you think that you can win the tournament?" Houki asked.

"Hmph! Of course! I'm sure that I can win later and I can have a date with Haru!" Cecilia had asked Haru for a date last night if she won the tournament and he agreed to it. Though he also said that she didn't need to win and he could bring her anytime, but as a proud woman she wanted to prove her power in front of him.


Looking at how happy Cecilia was, Houki was quite jealous since she wasn't sure how to get close to Ichika when that guy was so dense.

"Good morning." Ichika entered the class and greeted everyone.

Haru also entered and yawned a bit since he was quite busy researching something last night. "Morning." He noticed that the class was a bit noisy, but he didn't care much. He was being asked by Chifuyu last night to research the unidentified IS which had attacked the academy which was why that he didn't have time to rest last night.

"What are you talking about?" Ichika asked.


Every girl in the class answered at the same time.

"Haru, you seem a bit sleepy, don't you get enough sleep?" Cecilia asked worriedly.

"It's nothing. I'm doing a bit of research, but...." Haru smiled and said, "Seeing you in the morning makes me energize."

"W - Well, you can see me anytime..." Cecilia blushed and was happy.

"Morning, Houki," Haru said.

"Hmm...." Houki nodded and somehow was in a complex mood.

"I'll go back to my seat first."

"Wait, I'll go back too." Cecilia followed him and said, "Houki-san, bye."

Both of their seats were next to each other and it was normal for them to go together.


Houki would be really lying if she wasn't jealous at this moment.

Ichika didn't seem to care about the conversation between Haru, Houki, and Cecili. He was standing near the entrance door but suddenly he was pushed by Chifuyu.

"Take your seat."


"We will begin the homeroom."

Chifuyu's complexion also wasn't good since she hadn't slept last night accompanying Haru.

Ichika didn't seem to notice Chifuyu's bad complexion. He was helpless and could only sit done honestly.

Everyone sat down in their seats and Maya was standing on the podium and seemed to make an announcement.

"Today, I will be introducing a transfer student!"

Everyone was surprised and the door was opened showing a figure which startled them since the transfer student was wearing a male uniform.


Haru looked at the transfer student and thought that this transfer student was a bit interesting. He also felt that this transfer student was somehow quite familiar.

'Have I seen him?'

Haru thought inwardly.

"I'm Charles Dunoa. I come from France. Nice to meet you all."

Charles Dunoa was wearing a male uniform. He had long blonde hair and medium height which was short for a man, however, different from Haru and Ichika, he gave off a feeling of a cute boy which made some women in the class want to protect him.

"A - A male?!"

"Yes. I've heard there was someone in the same situation as me here. So I transferred from France..." Charles said with a smile.


Everyone was excited.

"It's the third male student!"

"He is coming to our class!"

"He's the type that you want to protect too!"

Everyone was quite excited since they thought that the competition on Haru would decrease and some girls would move to Charles Dunoa, however, it seemed that everyone underestimated Haru's charm.

"Settle down. Be quiet."


Everyone was quiet when Chifuyu opened her mouth.

"Today, we will be doing IS practice together with Class Two. Everyone, change quickly and gather up at school ground 2. Also, Kasugano."

"Yes?" Haru looked at Chifuyu with a confused expression.

"Dunoa is going to move to your room. You and Orimura can take care of him and tell him about a lot of things later," Chifuyu said.


Haru only nodded since he was too lazy to say anything in this situation.

"That's it. Move out!"

Everyone started to stand up and get ready to go change their clothes.

Haru and Ichika also stood up.

"Dunoa, right? Follow us first and question later," Haru said.


"Yeah, just follow us first," Ichika said.


Charlotte looked at Ichika and Haru who had left him which surprised him. "W - Wait!" He looked around and saw that a lot of girls started to chase after them similar to a zombie movie.

"W - We're not changing in the classroom?" Charlotte asked nervously.

Haru smiled looking at Charlotte and said, "Dunoa, I know that France is a very passionate country, but do you want to peek at a girl on your first day of transfer? I like it! You're very bold!" He wrapped his arm around Charlotte's shoulder as if they were best friends.

"H - Huh?!"

Charlotte blushed because of Haru's words and how close the distance between them was.

"Dunoa, you're a pervert huh?" Haru teased Dunoa.


Charlotte blushed and needed to change this misunderstanding since he was actually.....

Only Ichika was clueless by their conversation.

'What is a girl? What's peeking at? What are they excited about?'


They entered the changing room in the arena after running away from the group of girls.

"Charlotte Dunoa, right? I'm Orimura Ichika."

"I'm Kasugano Haruka. You can call me Haru."

"Yeah, you can call me Ichika."

Charlotte nodded and said, "Yes, nice to meet you, Haru, Ichika. Call me Charles, alright?"

Haru nodded and looked at Ichika who seemed surprised.

"Uwah! Oh, man, we're short of time! Let's change immediately!"

Ichika started to take off his shirt and Haru also did the same.

Haru noticed Charlotte who looked at them with blush and stunned. "What's wrong? You're not changing?"

"I - I'm going to change, but don't look at me, alright?" Charlotte asked with a blush.


"I don't have a hobby of staring at a guy's body." Haru shook his head and changed his clothes.

Charlotte changed his clothes very fast, but he was blushing when he looked at Haru who had taken his clothes. 'H - His body....' He saw a big bulge on his boxer which made him not know where to look in this situation, but it didn't end since Haru also took off his boxer. He quickly closed his eyes, but there was a big gap between his fingers. However, he realized something and quickly changed his clothes.

"Wow, you're very fast!" Ichika looked at Charlotte who had changed his clothes.

"Hehehe...." Charlotte only laughed awkwardly.

"Having to get n.a.k.e.d to wear this is very difficult. It gets tangled and..." Ichika looked at Charlotte's suit and said, "That suit seems quite easy to wear."

"It's a special made by the Dunoa company," Charlotte said.

"Dunoa?" Ichika seemed confused.

"It's the biggest IS-related company in France, right?" Haru said.

"Yes." Charlotte nodded.

"But... your name is Dunoa too, right?" Ichika asked.

"My father is the president," Charlotte answered.

"I see. You're the president's son, huh?" Ichika nodded and said, "No wonder."

"What do you mean?" Charlotte asked.

"Well, it's just that, you have this aura like you're from a high-class family," Ichika smiled and said, "I understand now."


Charlotte seemed quite down after hearing that.

"Enough of talking, do you want to be punished by your big sis?" Haru asked. He patted Charlotte's shoulder and said, "Let's go. Leave this guy alone." He sniffed Charlotte's smell and wondered why this guy smelled like a girl.

"Eh?" Charlotte looked at Haru in surprise.

"Wait! Wait for me!"

Charlotte was wondering whether Haru was trying to cheer him up or something.

"What?" Haru looked at Charlotte curiously.

"N - Nothing." Charlotte blushed while shaking his head.

"Charles, there is something that I need to tell you first," Haru said. He knew that he needed to talk about this matter or else it might be too late.

"What's wrong?" Charlotte asked and looked at him curiously.

"I'm sorry. I don't have an interest in men," Haru said with a serious expression.


Charlotte really wanted to smack Haru's head at this moment.