Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 84

Volume 1 Chapter 84 Date Is More Important Than A Match

Jouichiro thought that he would show a shameful or funny reaction when the boy ate his food but he didn't expect that the boy wouldn't show any reaction. Even his regular customers who had eaten his food several times still showed a colorful reaction when they had eaten his food but the boy in front of him had never come to his restaurant and didn't have a reaction when he had eaten his food. He suddenly felt his pride as a cook was challenged by this boy and the fire inside his body started to blaze.

The guests were also amazed since Haru didn't show an embarrassing reaction when he had eaten the food.

Yuri looked at him with quite dissatisfied expression, "Aren't you going to open your shirt or give some reaction?" She had seen a lot of male and female guests suddenly open their shirts when they had eaten the food from this restaurant. She thought she could see him have that reaction since it would be funny. She felt quite disappointed since she couldn't see him having a reaction.

Haru looked at her and asked, "Do you see me n.a.k.e.d?" He felt that this girl was quite pervy. He didn't really mind it though since it was interesting.

Yuri blushed, "N - no I don't mean it like that." She waved her hands furiously afraid of being mistaken as a pervert.

Jouichiro decided to ask, "What do you think of this fried rice?"

Haru nodded and said, "The fried rice is good, the rice is fluffy, the taste isn't heavy and there isn't any oil in my mouth, I've to say that it's one of the best-fried rice that I've ever eaten but..." He looked at him and said, "This is not your best, right?"

Jouichiro started to laugh, "Hahaha, that's true." He looked at him and said, "You're an interesting boy, Yuri has said that you will open a cafe, who will be your cook?"

"Hmm, I'm the one who will cook but there is also a machine that will help me," Haru answered. He had created a machine that would help him cook easier.

"Machine?" Jouchiro frowned when he heard it.

"But, of course, I will make the machine by myself, the guests don't need to worry about the taste," Haru answered.

"Good, how about you cook something for me, let me taste your food," Jouichiro said. He was curious about the skill of the boy in front of him.

Haru thought for a bit and nodded. He should have more people to taste his food and he wasn't afraid of challenge from the professional, "Sure, let me lend your kitchen."

"Alright, go with me," Jouichiro said.

"Eh???" Yuri was startled with the development.

"Yuri, you can also taste it later," Haru said.

"Good," Yuri nodded and became quite excited.

Haru felt that Yuri was quite a simple girl but he liked it though. He entered the kitchen and looked around. He could see that it was well cleaned and very neat. He looked around to see the ingredients inside this restaurant. He looked at it for a minute and nodded because he decided what kind of food he would make later.

"Have you thought about what kind of food you will make?" Jouichirou asked.

Haru nodded and said, "Yes, it's Neapolitan Spaghetti."

"Neapolitan Spaghetti?" Jouichirou frowned since it was a very simple food to cook. He looked at him wondering whether he had some secret in his recipe.

Haru opened a zipper on his body very fast without anyone noticing and brought his secret tomato ketchup. This sauce was a bit special since he had gotten this recipe from Yajima in the group chat. He loved it and Sora also loved it. He took the ingredients and started to cook while suddenly remembering about her. He smiled and cooked while thinking about her.

Yuri who ate her karaage set slowly looked at his figure in the kitchen curiously. She sniffed the aroma that was coming from the kitchen and made her stomach grumble.

Jouichirou didn't say anything and looked at him with a serious expression. He nodded since he saw that this boy was very good at cooking, though, he didn't expect his skill to be this high. He knew that this boy wasn't simple and was wondering who had taught him how to cook. He couldn't help but wanted to try his food as soon as possible.

Everyone was also interested in this boy who suddenly came and was being challenged by the boss of this restaurant.


"I'm back." Souma who entered the restaurant was looking around and saw that everyone was looking at someone in the kitchen. He sniffed something nice but it was an unfamiliar smell that he had never smelled in this kitchen before. He was wondering whether his father was trying to make a new recipe but it was wrong. He walked to the group of people and saw his father was in the kitchen but didn't do anything rather looking at a stranger who was cooking in the kitchen. He tapped his father's shoulder and asked, "Who is he?"

Souma was wondering why his father let someone cook in their kitchen.

"He is the boyfriend of Nakamura," Jouichirou said and turned his attention toward Haru again.

"What?" Souma was startled. He didn't expect such a tomboy girl would have a boyfriend. He was wondering what kind of boy that wanted to make her become his girlfriend.


Haru didn't know that someone was thinking about him and focussed on cooking. He was finished and ready to serve it to both of them. He only made a small portion since he knew that both of them probably had eaten something. He served it to both of them, "Please enjoy." He said while looking at Jouchiro and Yuri.

Yuri was quite full since she had eaten the karaage set but the acidic smell from the Neapolitan Spaghetti made her stomach growling once again. She smelled it for a bit and gulped. She took her fork and started to eat it slowly.

"I'll taste it," Jouichirou also smelled something unusual from this spaghetti and wondered whether it was the tomato sauce. He had seen him put a tomato sauce and he wanted to taste it since it smelled quite particular and delicious at the same time.

Both of them put their spaghetti into their mouths and suddenly they opened their eyes wide. They knew that it was very delicious but they didn't expect it to be this delicious. Both of them could feel a freshness from the tomato sauce, the smooth spaghetti, and the savory ham, making harmony inside their mouths. They felt that they were at a tomato festival having fun with ham and spaghetti. They grinned happily eating this food at the same time until they saw a bull suddenly came toward them. They were scared until they saw someone suddenly protecting them.

"Don't worry, I'm here...."

Both of them felt that they had been protected by an older brother and couldn't help but cry out.



Both of them shouted at the same time and woke up from the illusion. They took a deep breath and looked at him with amazement.

"This is amazing," Yuri said while eating.

Jouichirou nodded, "It's really good, I want to know the recipe of that tomato sauce though."

"I'm sorry but it's a secret," Haru answered. He received this tomato sauce recipe from Yajima in a group chat and it was a secret.

"Too bad," Jouichirou shook his head and continued to eat. He was wondering whether he could recreate this taste.

Haru was confident with his food and nodded. He walked out from the kitchen but he was stopped by a young man in front of him, "You're?" He frowned since he felt that this guy was very familiar.

"My name is Yukihira Souma, nice to meet you," Souma said.

"Kasugano Haruka, nice to meet you too," Haru answered.

"Alright, let's have a match," Souma said suddenly while looking at him with an excited expression.

"Huh?" Haru looked at him with a confused expression.

"Dad has acknowledged your skills, I want to test my skills against you, let's have a cooking match," Souma said. He was eager to fight with him since their ages were similar and he wanted to know who was better.

Yuri sighed at this boy, "Ignore him, Haru, let's go back." She walked from her table and pulled his arm. She only wanted to invite him to eat and didn't want him to get into this kind of thing.

Haru also didn't really want to have a match against him since he felt that this type of person would start to haunt him after he won against him, "I'm a bit busy today, let's do it next time."

Souma wanted to say something but he was stopped by his father.

"Stop, they're on a date, don't bother them," Jouichiro said while holding his shoulder.

Yuri blushed hearing that statement, "Anyway, thank you." She paid the bill and took him outside.

Haru said goodbye and went back together. He felt that it was great that he had gotten free food from her. He was also glad that he had found someone with great skill in cooking. He was really thinking about how strong that middle-old man was when he got serious.


In the Yukihira Restaurant.

"Why is a date more important than my match?" Souma asked with an annoyed expression.

Jouichirou shook his head, "Souma, come here, let me tell you about a girl, I'm afraid that you will become a single in your life in the future."

Souma frowned in response, "I don't need a girl! My aim is to surpass you first!"

Jouichirou was really wondering whether he could see his grandchildren in the future.