Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 840

Volume 1 Chapter 840 Transfer Student 3

As Haru had promised before, he invited Ichika and Charlotte together for lunch, but when he was about to invite Houki, both Cecilia and Rin also joined the lunch session. But such a thing was under his calculation so he wasn't unfazed, in the end, the number of people had turned into six people.

They went to the rooftop of the school since it was fairly quiet. Sitting on the top of soft artificial grass, they took out their lunch ready to eat.

"Is it alright for me to be here?" Charlotte asked.

"Why not? You're going to be in the same room as me, after all. It is also your first day in this school, at least, you should know some people beside us," Haru said.

"Yeah, we're the only guys in this school, but I'm quite jealous that you'll be Haru's roommate," Ichika said. He really felt lonely when he thought that Haru and Charlotte could play a game together in their own room. Yet, he was alone in his own room which made him sad somehow.


Charlotte wondered whether Ichika was the same as rumor that he loved the same-gender.

"Why should you be jealous?" Rin asked with a confused expression.

"I mean... in the past, both Haru and I were alone in our room, right? But now, Haru has a roommate. I'm alone in my room, and it feels a bit lonely."

Ichika looked at Haru and Charlotte at this moment.

"Well, you often play in my room, right? What are you lonely for?"

Haru felt weird by Ichika's words.

"Hahaha, that's true. Let's play a game console later."

Ichika didn't know how Haru was able to put a game console in his own room. He couldn't do that and it was one of the reason why he was quite envious.

"Not tonight. I'm a bit sleepy. I want to sleep early tonight."

Haru yawned since he had spent last night researching the unidentified IS.

Ichika nodded and didn't force him.

"Alright, let's eat."


Listening to their conversation, the girls also seemed to be a bit curious about what guys usually spend their time on.

'Game, huh?' Charlotte nodded and created a note in his head.

Rin and Houki had brought their own bento lunch.

Unlike the girls, Ichika and Charlotte seemed to have only brought bread and drink in the cafeteria.

Only Haru and Cecilia who sat next to each other seemed to have brought their own lunch box.

Charlotte noticed this and asked, "Are you two eating from the same box lunch?"

"Yes! I've made this together with Haru!"

Cecilia opened the lunch box that was filled with various sandwiches. She seemed quite proud and wanted to show it to everyone.


Haru sighed at this girl since the reason why he was a bit late earlier was also because of Cecilia. She had asked him to cook lunch together in the morning, but she had caused a lot of disaster in the kitchen. He couldn't bear that and told her to go to the class first telling her that he would handle the rest or else these sandwiches would turn into a disaster weapon. He took a lobster sandwich and asked, "Houki, is that karaage?"

"U - Uh yeah..." Houki nodded and felt a bit shy.

Ichika who had been attracted by Haru's sandwich turned and looked at the lunch of Rin and Houki, but he was more attracted to Rin's lunch.

"Wow! Sweet and sour pork!"

Ichika was quite surprised and he sighed at his bland lunch. He was jealous of Haru who was able to cook something really nice.

"Here, I'll give it a taste for you."

Rin gave Ichika her box.

"Thanks, Rin!" Ichika was very happy.


Haru was speechless looking at Houki who didn't do anything. He looked at Cecilia who started to eat the lunch which he had prepared with a smile.

'This girl....'

"Haru, can I ask you something?" Charlotte asked.

"What's wrong, Charles?" Haru asked.

"Did you date Alcott-san?" Charlotte asked.

The moment Charlotte asked that question, everyone turned their eyes to Haru and Cecilia in surprise.

"My... W - We're dating...." Cecilia blushed and held her cheeks with both of her hands.

"No. They're not dating." Houki suddenly interrupted them and asked, "Right?"


"Yeah, we're not."

Haru looked at Houki and felt that this girl was a bit weird.

Cecilia felt a bit sad when she heard Haru's reply, but she also understood that he hadn't confessed to her nor she had confessed to him, but she wouldn't give up easily.

"Here, you can have some BLT."

Haru gave one of the sandwiches to Charlotte.

"Thank you." Charlotte smiled and received the sandwich since he had wanted to try it.

"Ah! It's not fair! I also want one too!" Ichika immediately also asked when he saw that Haru gave one of the sandwiches to Charlotte. He knew how delicious Haru's food was and of course, he also wanted to eat it.

"There's enough of everyone. You don't need to worry."

Cecilia didn't mind sharing it with everyone. She also thought that it was better to share it. Even if she could eat it by herself, she was afraid that she would gain weight in the future.

When Ichika's attention was attracted by Haru's sandwich, Rin and Houki had a complex expression. They thought to attract Ichika's heart with food, but Ichika's heart was stolen by Haru's food first.

Rin looked at Haru with a resentful gaze, but she had to admit that Haru's food was very good.

"Rin-san, is it alright for me to taste your sweet and sour pork?" Haru asked.

"Hmph! Just try!"

Rin had confidence in her sweet and sour pork since she had trained it a lot of times from her childhood.

Haru nodded and suddenly took chopsticks out of nowhere. He moved closer so he could eat Rin's sweet and sour pork closer. Putting it into his mouth, he nodded and thought that the taste was quite good, but it was so-so. However, he knew that the level of food in this world wasn't that advanced and the best food which he had tasted couldn't even make him blow away the clothes of the people in his surroundings.

"How?" Rin wasn't sure but she felt a bit nervous.

"Well, it's good. I can tell you want to make it for the special boy, but..." Haru looked at Ichika who ate his sandwich happily with a sigh.

Rin also looked at Ichika and couldn't help but sigh. She couldn't help but feel annoyed and wanted to punch Ichika wondering why this guy couldn't even notice her feelings.

"You shouldn't punch him that much. It might be why he's a bit dense in that area," Haru said.

"EH?!" Rin who heard Haru's words felt surprised, but when she thought about it, she felt that it was quite reasonable.

Haru looked at Ichika and thought that he should ignite Ichika's jealousy since this guy was too dense. Looking at Houki who seemed very pitiful on the side, he felt that he really needed something.

"Houki, can I try your karaage?"

Hearing Haru's question, Houki nodded and said, "Yeah, come here."

Haru sat down next to Houki and took the karaage inside her lunch.

Looking at Haru who started to eat, Houki suddenly became nervous.

Haru who ate the karaage felt a lot of things and could imagine a figure of a beautiful girl who was clumsy preparing lunch for the guy she loved. He couldn't help but feel jealous of Ichika at this moment to have such a girl beside him. He looked at Houki and gave her thumbs up. "It's good!"

"R - Really?" Houki smiled happily.

"Yeah, what is the secret? How can you make it so good?"

"Its flavoring is ginger, soy sauce..."

Looking at Haru and Houki who seemed very close, Cecilia was jealous and sat down next to Haru once again. "Moo! Haru! I'll also cook by myself later!"

Haru turned pale and tried to stop her. "N - No, we can cook together. I'll teach you first, you don't need to force yourself."

"No! I want to cook food by myself!"

Haru became busy stopping Cecilia from cooking by herself since he didn't want to die yet.

Ichika also looked at the interaction of both Haru and Houki. He suddenly felt quite uncomfortable, but he didn't think too much. He smiled and asked, "Houki, can I try your karaage too?"


Houki nodded.

"Thank you."

Then the lunch session had turned into a very cheerful activity with some people fighting and laughing.

Charlotte thought that spending time with them was very good, but he knew that...


Dorm room 1226.

Charlotte who had moved to Haru's room looking at Haru who was sleeping soundly on his bed. He was a bit scared somehow, but he walked toward him. Standing right next to Haru's bed, he saw him sleeping soundly and couldn't help but chuckle since Haru seemed very cute this way. He also understood the reason why this guy was very popular.

Suddenly Charlotte remembered what Haru had said to him in the changing room earlier and couldn't help but feel annoyed. He moved closer and flicked Haru's forehead.

"Dummy, I'm a girl so it is normal for me to want a boyfriend, instead of a girlfriend."

Charlotte knew that he couldn't say that secret and it was because Haru was sleeping that she was brave enough to do that. But in that very moment, suddenly the hand which was used to flick Haru's forehead was caught and Charlotte was pulled to Haru's bed.


Charlotte was startled and suddenly he was being hugged by Haru. His face was red and hot because it was his first time being so close to the opposite gender.

"W - What are you doing?!"

Charlotte didn't know what to do for a while in this situation. He wanted to escape, but his power wasn't enough to do that.

"Don't go...."

Haru's voice was heard, Charlotte was a bit surprised, but he sighed in relief when he saw him sleeping. He thought that Haru was dreaming about something in his sleep. He sighed, but he didn't feel uncomfortable in this situation rather he was more secure in his arms. He felt that Haru's arms were loosened from his body and he could change his posture to be more comfortable. Looking at Haru's face once again, he was a bit annoyed and flicked him again.

"Dummy, you can't hug a girl so suddenly!"

Charlotte was annoyed, but somehow he was also sleepy and closing his eyes. He moved closer to him and slept together with him in Haru's arms.


Charlotte really missed his mother, but he knew that he couldn't see her again...


In the early morning, everyone had gathered in the classroom.

Charlotte couldn't look straight at Haru after remembering what had happened last night.

Haru didn't think too much about what Charlotte was thinking and looked toward the podium.

But everyone's focus wasn't on Charlotte rather, they were looking at the petite girl who stood up near the podium.


Maya was unsure how to explain, but in the end, she started to introduce the petite girl beside her.

"I have a happy announcement again today. Our class will be joined by a new friend. This is Laura Bodewig-san, a transfer student from Germany."

Everyone was confused since there were two transfer students in a row which was very rare and the two of them were transferred into their own class which made them unsure how to respond.

"E - Everyone, please be quiet!" Maya told them to be quiet when they started to talk to each other in a low voice. "We haven't finished introducing her yet."

"Say your greetings, Laura," Chifuyu said.

"Yes, instructor!"

Laura straightened her back and looked at everyone with a cold expression.

"I'm Laura Bodewigh!"


Everyone was waiting for Laura to say something, but it seemed that Laura didn't intend to say anything besides her name in her introduction.

"Umm.... is that it?" Maya asked unsurely.

"That's it."

Laura looked at Ichika and said, "So it's you."

"Hmm?" Ichika was confused.

Laura walked toward Ichika and gave him a loud slap.


Ichika felt a tingling pain in his cheek and looked at Laura in confusion.

This action caused everyone to be in shock.

"I will not accept that you are her brother. I shall never accept it!"


Haru thought that Ichika really had very good luck with a girl.