Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 841

Volume 1 Chapter 841 Real Identity 1

In the arena, everyone started with their IS training as usual.

Ichika and Houki who didn't have their IS could only train using Uchigane or the mass-produced machine which was being owned by the academy. Both of them were training using a large katana together with their classmates.

Swinging their swords from up to down, they shouted together to perform this exercise in a uniform manner.

"1, 2."

"1, 2."

"1, 2."

Looking at Haru, Rin, Cecilia, and Charlotte who were practicing on different things since they owned a personal IS, Ichika couldn't help but feel quite envious. In his mind, he also wanted to own his own IS and perform a mission or fight together with everyone, especially when he remembered the incident about the unidentified IS which happened before. He was helpless and couldn't do anything since he didn't own his own machine.

"Orimura, focus!" Houki shouted.

"Y - Yes!!!"

Ichika was startled and hurriedly regained his focus on the training. He knew that it was useless to think too much and it was better to train his control better so he could prepare himself when he owned his own IS.


*Baam!* *Baam!* *Baam!*

Haru was holding a Gatling gun in his hands, shooting the target in front of him. Even though the recoil of this weapon was very huge, his hand was very stable, shooting the target bull's-eye easily.

His score on the marksmanship training kept increasing which made Charlotte surprised since it was his first time seeing Haru's training.

Cecilia nodded and felt that it was normal, but Rin felt quite complex looking at Haru.

Rin had lost to Haru in the Inter-Class Tournament and she couldn't even fight back against him which made her frustrated. She thought that Haru was a close-combat fighter and thought to challenge him on the long-range weapon, but it seemed that she also lost to him on the other area too.

After emptying the ammunition on Gatling's gun, Haru took a deep breath looking at the score.

"Haru, you're amazing." Charlotte praised.

Cecilia really wanted to hug him right now and tell them that her man was the best.

"You... where did you learn marksmanship?" Rin didn't really want to ask him, but she felt quite curious.

"Do you want to know?" Haru asked.

They nodded and had a curious expression on their face.

"It's a secret."

All of them fell to the ground while twitching their lips.

"Moo! Haru! Don't tease us!" Cecilia complained.

"If you want to learn marksmanship, isn't it better to ask Cecilia? She's a sniper after all," Haru said while looking at Rin.

"Oh, Rin-san, do you want to learn marksmanship? I don't mind teaching you. If you beg me on all four, right now."

Cecilia smiled waiting for Rin to beg her.

"Who wants you to teach me?! I don't need it being taught by someone who is weaker than me!" Rin was very proud and her nose was raised very high, telling Cecilia that she was better than her.

"Oh... You've said that I'm weaker than you? Hehehe, then, how about we have a duel here and now!" Cecilia gloomily looked at Rin, but quietly took out her sniper rifle.

"Good, that's what I want!" Rin took out her two large blades ready for a fight.

Both of them looked at each other for a while before starting to fight each other. A large explosion, laser beam, clash of weapons, etc. The fight between the two of them was very fierce and both of them were laughing while fighting.

Charlotte looked at the sky worriedly and asked, "Is it alright not to stop them?"

"It's alright. They're close friends after all," Haru answered.

"C - Close friend? Really?" Charlotte was wondering whether a close friend would try to kill each other.

"It's alright. They'll come back after they're tired, how about the two of us training with each other?" Haru asked.

"Is that alright?" Charlotte asked.

"Yeah." Haru nodded and asked, "Do you want to practice long-range combat or close-range combat?"

"Now that you mention it...." Charlotte looked at Haru's IS which somehow was quite different from the rest since it covered his entire body. "What is your IS name and what generation?"

There was a rumor that Haru's IS was a 4th Generation, but no one was able to confirm it.

In the end, everyone could only speculate that Haru's IS was the latest 3rd Generation IS which might be the strongest IS out there, or rather Haru might be the strongest pilot since all of his fights were one-sided battles.

"It's Deathscythe and it is 3rd Generation, but it is more focused on the close-combat fight which is why its speed is better than most 3rd Generation IS," Haru answered. He was lying since the news of 4rd Generation IS was too shocking after all.

Charlotte nodded and seemed a bit quite surprised. Looking at the data and the real thing was a different thing, he might have heard that Haru's IS was awesome, but it was different when he saw it using his own eyes.

They were talking to each other, but suddenly there was a commotion.

"Eh, is that the 3rd Generation IS from Germany?"

"I've heard that it is under trial."

Everyone was looking at Laura who stood on the edge of the dock while overlooking everyone.

Cecilia and Rin stopped fighting and looked at Laura warily since they didn't even know what her intention was.

Rin was very angry at Laura since she had heard that girl had slapped Ichika in the class before.

Laura looked at everyone and then snorted when she found out Ichika didn't even have his own personal IS.

"Hmph! How useless! You can't even own your own IS? You really are not worthy of her little brother!"

"What?!" Even if Ichika had a good temper, he was very angry when he was being mocked. He controlled his training IS and held his sword. "Then, how about we have a fight here?"

"How foolish! I'll end you here."

Laura aimed her railgun cannon over her shoulder at Ichika.

Looking at the glowing weapon, everyone turned into a panic since they didn't expect Laura was really going to attack Ichika.


The railgun was shot and it moved very fast to Ichika.

Ichika stood in place and didn't expect Laura's attack to be so powerful. He couldn't move, or rather it was too late to move. He thought that he might die when this attack hit him, but suddenly someone appeared in front of him.

The loud "bang" sound was hard, Laura's attack was blocked by Haru using the shield on his left arm.

"You alright, Ichika?" Haru asked.

"Yeah. Thanks." Ichika sighed in relief, but at the same time, he was really frustrated with his weakness since he needed to be protected by his friend.

Everyone sighed in relief when Haru had blocked the attack.

When her attack was blocked, Laura looked at Haru. She knew that Haru might be her only competitor in this school. She ignored Ichika and focussed on Haru's instead.


"That's my IS," Haru answered.

"Kasugano Haruka. Let's have a duel," Laura said.

"You don't need to be that impatient. We'll see each other soon at the tournament," Haru said.

Laura was silent and aimed her railgun again, but the voice of the teacher was heard in the area.

"That student! What are you doing!"

The teacher quickly came and stopped them.

Laura stopped and said, "We'll meet each other soon, but I won't give you mercy at that time."

Haru smiled and said, "Then, I'll slap that butt of yours so you won't talk so rudely at me next time."


No one would expect Haru to be this naughty when they heard Laura who was serious, Haru seemed to not respond to her seriously and joked with her instead, but at the same time, the tense atmosphere had disappeared.

Laura's face was a bit red, but she knew that she couldn't attack him again. She took a deep breath and glared at him.

"I will beat you up thoroughly!"

Laura left the arena alone.

No one talked about this matter anymore and the training ended early.


Ichika, Haru, and Charlotte were in the changing room ready to change their clothes.

Charlotte was blushing when he saw both of them ready to change their others. "I - I'll take a bath in the room!" He ran away quickly since he might see what he shouldn't see later and he was also quite embarrassed when he thought about last night when he slept together with Haru.

"Don't you want to take a bath with us?" Haru asked.

"No, it's alright!" Charlotte ran away.

Haru shook his head and didn't force Charlotte, rather he looked at Ichika who had been depressed since earlier.

Ichika sighed and didn't respond to Charlotte.

"What's wrong, Ichika? Still down being attacked by Laura?" Haru asked.

"Yeah... I feel that I'm very weak." Ichika was really angry when he was mocked that he wasn't worthy of Chuyu's little brother, but there was nothing that he could do since he was really weak.

Haru patted Ichika's shoulder and said, "You don't need to think too much about her words. Family isn't something strangers should decide, you also know how much your big sister loves you, right?'


Hearing Haru's words, Ichika felt better. "But I really want to show that I'm worthy of my big sister."

Haru felt weird and asked, "Do you want to marry your big sister? You sis-con." Even though he didn't have a right to say that, he needed to say it to Ichika.

"Why is it like that?!" Ichika was annoyed by Haru.

Both of them continued to talk and went to have a shower. After that, they went their separate ways.

Haru went back to his room, and Ichika wanted to walk around first to calm his mind.

Haru didn't care about what Ichika was thinking and feeling.

Ichika was a man and he needed to solve his matter by himself.

Feeling weak was normal, but if Ichika wanted to change then he needed to do something.

Haru could support Ichika, but he wouldn't work hard to build Ichika an IS since he felt that was too troublesome. Walking back to his room, he heard a sound of water from the bathroom. He thought for a while and decided to end Charlotte's charade. He opened the door of the bathroom and asked, "Charles, what do you want to eat to...."

Inside the bathroom, Charlotte's body was wet from the water. Looking down, Haru saw that Charlotte missed something on his lower body rather it was very smooth.

Haru looked at Charlotte's body from up and down. He had to admit that Charlotte's b.r.e.a.s.ts were on a perfect size that would fit on his palm. Though he had to admit that this boy, no, this girl was very beautiful and very attractive.

Charlotte was also startled when Haru suddenly entered the bathroom. Then she realized that Haru was looking at her body from up and down. Blushing, she closed her b.r.e.a.s.ts and her lower body. She could see that he was attracted to her body, but she was very embarrassed and wasn't ready.

"H - Haru, don't look at me..."

Hearing that words were very lethal for him, Haru took a deep breath and calmly said, "Sorry." He closed the door quietly leaving her alone in the bathroom.

The bathroom was quiet and only the sound of water could be heard.

Charlotte's legs turned weak as she dropped to the ground. "Uuhh... I can't marry anymore...."