Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 847

Volume 1 Chapter 847 Study Session

Looking at Cecilia, Laura, and Charlotte who were talking and laughing together, Haru wasn't sure for a moment.

It was sure very hard when Charlotte announced her real gender which made him a bit troubled, but it wasn't that much of trouble since it was quickly resolved.

However, Cecilia and Laura caused him trouble after that.

Cecilia cried asking him for a date and Laura often slipped into his room to sleep with him.

Charlotte seemed happy with their companion, but she also wanted to go on a date with him alone. Though she could do that in the future and for now, she should enjoy their stay with them. She also felt a bit sorry for Cecilia since she had done a lot more with Haru than her which somehow made her happy that she had left everyone behind and knew that she was his number one.

Cecilia didn't expect suddenly another enemy to appear, and it was very hard to read Charlotte since Charlotte was always smiling. She knew that both Haru and Charlotte were in the same room before which made her very jealous and wondering what they were doing before.

Laura frowned while looking at the cards in her hands. Her face was happy when she saw the card which was placed by Haru.


"No, you still have two cards in your hand Laura," Haru said.


Laura seemed quite depressed when she lost. Her personality had become milder and she also lacked common sense since her subordinates often gave her strange information to her head.

Haru needed to tell Laura's subordinate telling her not to say something stupid to her in the future.

The four of them decided to go to the town since they wanted to buy new swimwear. Soon, they would go to the beach for their study session and they needed swimwear since no one wanted to wear school swimwear during such an event.

Especially for both Charlotte and Cecilia who wanted to show their figure to Haru. Both of them wanted him to look at them during their student session.

Unlike the two of them, Laura was more focussed on the game and shouted, "UNO!" once again.


Buying their swimwear, they saw him asking him whether it was suitable or not.

Haru gave them a thumbs up and told them how beautiful they were in that bikini. Though Laura suddenly disappeared in the middle of shopping and she seemed to talk with her subordinate about what kind of swimwear that she should buy for the study session.

They also met with both Maya and Chifuyu at the store along with Rin, Ichika, and a lot more people.

Haru was wondering how he could meet a lot of people today, but at the same time, he also realized that he hadn't seen Houki before.


Haru thought for a while and suddenly remembered something important about Houki. He excused himself for a bit telling them that he needed to go to the toilet, but changed his direction to some shop to buy something for a surprise.


It was the day of the study session, rather than calling it a study session, it was more suitable to call it a holiday.

Haru didn't have a complaint and felt glad that he could see a lot of girls in their bikinis. It was a scene which he would remember for a long time. For now, he could be called a beach expert since he often went to the beach whenever he was teleported to another world.

Hundred, Black Bullet, Hagure Yuusha, Infinite Stratos; Haru had gone to the various beaches in various worlds.

Being surrounded by a lot of girls suddenly he was being called by Cecilia who brought a parasol and said, "Haru, did you remember your promise?"

They were inside the bus before Cecilia had asked him to rub her with sun oil after they had arrived on the beach. Haru had promised her, and she asked him to keep his promise. Loosening the upper part of the bikini, she laid her stomach waiting for Haru to rub the sun oil.


Everyone exclaimed at how bold Cecilia was.

Haru had promised Cecilia and he needed to keep his promise. It wasn't that he wanted to touch her body. That wasn't the case at all. Truly.


Haru walked beside Cecilia warmed his hands and put sun oil on his hands.

"I'll start now."

"Y - Yes."

Cecilia felt slightly nervous but felt a gentle touch on her back. "Iyann..." She hurriedly closed her mouth since she let out a m.o.a.n.

"What's wrong? Did you feel uncomfortable?" Haru asked.

"N - No, please continue..." Cecilia answered hurriedly.

"Alright. Please tell me if you feel uncomfortable."

Cecilia nodded and felt his hands once again on her back. It slowly touched every part of her back, slowly teasing her and almost touching her two mountains. Her body shuddered and she closed her mouth with her hand to stop her m.o.a.ning since it felt really good.

"Ha... Ha... Ha..."

Cecilia's face was quite reddish.

The girls who watched Haru rubbed Cecilia's body with sun oil also started to breathe unevenly while wondering how good it was being rubbed by Haru. Their hearts pounded very fast and thought, 'Is it really that good?'. They were eager to try, but somehow they were quite nervous about it.

Cecilia felt that her b.r.e.a.s.ts were almost touched, but her armpit, arm, shoulder, and hand were touched by him. She bit her lower lip and tried to not m.o.a.n.

Houki who wasn't far away also saw this scene with a blush.

Ichika seemed clueless and went to the beach to play.

Haru stopped and asked, "Do you want to continue?" He was done with the upper part of Cecilia's body and wondering whether she wanted him to continue.

"Y - Yes... I want you to continue on the place where I can't reach... Legs, and my ass too..."

As a man when a lady had asked him for such a request, of course, Haru would accept it. He continued and rubbed her entire body.

But Cecilia couldn't handle it anymore and m.o.a.ned loudly.

"Haru! Haru! Haru!"

The girls closed their eyes with their hands, but there was a large gap on their fingers.


"What are they doing? Do they not want to play on the beach?" Ichika was confused and looked at Rin whose face turned reddish. "Rin, are you alright?"

"Ha? Wha - What? I'm alright! Let's continue to play!"

Rin didn't expect Cecilia to be that brave to do such a thing on the beach.


"Cecilia, you shouldn't let out your voice," Haru said and felt a bit speechless.

"B - But... it feels good..." Cecilia blushed and didn't expect Haru's technique would be this good.

'It feels good!!!'

The girls blushed and really wanted him to rub sun oil on their bodies. They were about to ask, but suddenly Chifuyu appeared beside them folding her arms with a cold expression.

"What are you all doing here?"



Haru had to admit that he enjoyed his stay on the beach. But he hadn't seen Houki play on the beach earlier and went to the cliff and seemed to be thinking about something.

"Houki, you're not going back?"

"Haru? What are you doing here?" Houki was surprised.

"I'm looking for you," Haru said and stood beside her looking at the scenery around.


Houki was silent and didn't say anything.

"You seem quite restless, what's wrong?" Haru asked.

"N - No, I'm alright." Houki was surprised when Haru noticed it.

"Is it about Laura's IS? I don't think that your sister is behind it, right? Orimura-sensei?"

Houki was surprised and turned to see that Chifuyu walked toward them.

"Yeah, I've communicated with Tabane before." Chifuyu looked at Haru and asked, "You've met Tabane?"

Houki was also surprised by this matter and looked at Haru with a serious expression.

"We have talked before. That's all. Nothing else. For Laura's IS, I don't think that Houki's big sister would do such a troublesome thing," Haru said.

Houki and Chifuyu nodded since they knew Tabane's personality very well.

"So... what were you talking about before?" Houki asked.

"With your big sister?" Haru asked.

Houki nodded and Chifuyu also seemed curious about it.

"It was about..."

Haru was about to say, but Cecilia, Ichika, Charlotte, Rin, and Laura went toward them.

"Haru! Let's go back!"

"Chifuyu-nee, Houki, Haru, the dinner seems very good!"


Haru, Chifuyu, and Houki looked at each other before shaking their heads and decided to go back.