Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 848

Volume 1 Chapter 848 Happy Birthday

After playing on the beach, everyone went back to the hotel to have dinner.

Haru had to admit that the dinner was quite good. The fish was very fresh which gave him an image of tuna in the sea.

"Haru, it is good, right?" Charlotte said with a smile.

"Yeah. It's good." Haru nodded.


Cecilia looked at the interaction between Haru and Charlotte and somehow felt that both of them were very close to each other. She thought for a while and decided to visit him later.

'I should also wear my war underwear!'

Cecilia felt that if this continued she might lose to Charlotte and decided to brave herself, especially when she thought about Haru's technique when he rubbed her body. She flushed her face in blush before shaking her head.

'Cecilia, you're not a pervert!'

Laura looked at the sashimi with her chopstick. She didn't understand how someone was able to eat a raw fish, but she remembered a sentence, 'when in Rome do as the Romans'. She took a deep breath and ate it.


Juice gushed out and the meat melted immediately into her tongue. Laura's feet suddenly transformed into fish and she turned into a beautiful mermaid.

"Laura, is that sashimi good?" Charlotte asked.

"It's good." Laura nodded.

"How about you Cecilia?" Haru asked.

Looking at the interaction of the three of them, Cecilia thought that it wasn't bad and nodded.

"It's good."


Looking at Haru with three girls beside him, Houki felt quite jealous, before there was only Cecilia and her, but now, there was Charlotte and Laura beside him. She thought about tomorrow and wondered whether he knew about her birthday.

'Well, he might not know about it...'

Houki shook her head and continued to eat.


"It's good!"

Ichika enjoyed his food, but he couldn't help but think that it was quite troublesome being surrounded by a lot of girls while eating.


After the dinner, Cecilia had changed into her war underwear (s.e.xy black underwear) under her yukata. She moved quietly and went to Haru's room so no one would bother both of them later. She giggled when she thought about what they would do at night...

'A, and maybe....'

Cecilia blushed, but she was also excited. She walked in a joyful manner but stopped when she saw Laura was also walking in the same direction as her. "Huh? Laura-san, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to visit my wife," Laura said simply.


Cecilia was stunned and asked kindly, "Who is your wife?"

"Of course, it's Haru," Laura said. "I need to go now." She was about to walk, but her hand was being grabbed.

"Laura-san, it seems that I've heard it wrong. Who is your wife again?" Cecilia asked.

"It's Haru." Laura looked at Cecilia and asked, "What's wrong?"


"W, why Haru is your wife?" Cecilia asked.

"He has taken my first time. Of course, I'll make him my wife," Laura said. In Laura's mind, Haru had defeated her for the first time and of course, he needed to take responsibility to become her wife.

"F - First time...?!"

Cecilia was stunned.

"Then, I need to go." Laura walked away to Haru's room leaving Cecilia who stunned on the spot.

"W, wait!!!!"

Thought, about Laura's personality, Cecilia knew that there must be some misunderstanding since Laura lacked common sense in her mind.

Laura and Cecilia walked to Haru's room, and they were about to knock on the door, but suddenly they heard a noise inside.

"It's good, Char."

"Hehehe... You're the one who has taught me after all."

"You're a talented one."

"Hehehe... Is this good?"


Cecilia blushed when she thought about what both Haru and Charlotte were doing inside. Her face was very hot, thinking about a lot of e.r.o.t.i.c scenes that she read in the novel.

"W, what are they doi-"

"I'm going to enter!"

Laura's reaction was flat and opened the door directly.


Cecilia was in shock.

The door was opened, Charlotte sat down on Haru's back to give a back massage to Haru who was laying on his back.

"Huh? Cecilia? Laura?" Charlotte was surprised.

"What are you doing?" Laura asked.

"I'm giving him a back massage," Charlotte said with a smile.

'This girl.....'

Cecilia understood at that moment that her strongest competitor was Charlotte. She remembered that both of them had stayed in the room together and they might have done something.

"I, I'll also give him a message!" Cecilia said.

"Me too."

Laura joined since she felt that she had been left out somehow.

Cecilia and Laura joined, but they didn't have experience in massages.

Haru who was being massaged by both Cecilia and Laura could only hold the pain which was caused by both of them and felt that his bone might be broken soon if he didnd't stop them.


Haru moved his shoulder and somehow felt quite refreshed even though both of them were horrible.

Laura looked around Haru's room and saw a guitar. "Why do you have a guitar?"

"Of course, I'm going to play it," Haru said.

"Eh? Haru, you can play the guitar?" Cecilia was surprised.

"Now that you mention it....."

Charlotte tapped her chin and said, "I've never seen you play one before. You've only tuned it before."

"Do you want me to play it?" Haru asked.


They answered without hesitation.

"Well, I don't mind."

Haru took the guitar and said, "I've created a song, but please don't blame me if the song is bad."

"No! Let me listen to it," Cecilia said, seeming very eager to listen to Haru's song.

Laura nodded and said, "I won't blame you, even if the song is horrible."

"Just sing what you want," Charlotte said with a smile.

Looking at the three girls in front of him, he knew that the three of them were very wonderful and anyone would be lucky to have them as their wife in the future. He noticed the presence of someone outside of his room and thought for her to listen to his song.

"This song is inspired by my meeting with a lot of wonderful people in this school...

"The title of this song is 365 Nichi (365 days). Now, I'll sing it...."

(BGM: Mr. Children - 365 Nichi).


Houki wanted to talk with Haru to his room but stopped when she heard a lot of people inside his room. She wasn't sure whether she should knock on his room or go back to her room, but suddenly she heard that he was going to sing a song which made her curious.

Houki heard the melody from his song and Haru also started to sing.

"I am beginning to hear a melody that is flowing through me.

"My feelings for you are unstoppable. And it is like a melody within me.

"I cover my ears but I can still hear it so clearly."

Houki didn't know what Haru was feeling toward her, and she thought that it would be a friendship and she also felt the same as her since both of them had their own crush, but she wasn't sure when she listened to this song...

"I love you. And I'm well aware of my feelings.

"It sounds silly. But I cannot help it.

"From the moment I wake up, I am already in my dream world.

"I can't see anything but you."

Houki remembered his expression when they were on the beach at that time. Patting her head gently and holding her hand, she remembered everything during that day which somehow made her realize how wonderful it was.

Houki missed that feeling, but she had a feeling toward Ichika, and Haru had never forced her to be his which somehow made her think that Haru didn't have feelings toward her. She also didn't say anything and both of them pretended as nothing had happened between both of them.

'Is it the same? Is that how I feel?'

Houki wasn't sure, and kept listening.

"This is my love letter to you for 365 days of a year without any words.

"And I will keep writing to you every single day.

"I would like to keep this flame going within my heart.

"Even when the wind blows, I will keep the flame dear to my heart so it won't be put out."

Houki bit her lips and wasn't sure why she cried at that moment.


Laura, Charlotte, and Cecilia looked at Haru who sang this song for them. Even if Japanese wasn't their first language, they understood what Haru was saying through this song.

Laura folded her arms and nodded several times. 'As expected of my wife.'

Cecilia's eyes were focussed on Haru and didn't even blink thinking how wonderful this song was. She thought that he made this song for her which made her happy.

'Ah... love confession in the form of a song, how wonderful!!!'

For Charlotte, it was different since this song might be how was her feeling toward him.

"Even though I live in a city as soulless as a desert, my spirit won't be dry and thirsty just by being with you.

"When I daydream like this, clouds that resemble cotton candy seem to softly land onto my city from a sky far away."

Hearing those lyrics, Charlotte thought as long as she was beside him she would be happy. She closed her eyes and tears rolled down her cheek, thinking her meeting with him might be the greatest thing that she had felt after her mother had deceased.

The three of them were quiet and closed their eyes listening to the music.

"This is a love song I dedicate to you 365 days of a year"

Haru sang with all of his feelings and dedicated this song to all of the girls he had met in this world.

"I am beginning to hear the melody.

"It is beginning to flow through me.

"May all of my feelings for you reach to your heart"

Strumming his guitar for the last time, Haru took a deep breath and smiled.

*Clap!* *Clap!* *Clap!*

Everyone was excited and raised him telling him to become a singer.

Haru only laughed and said, "I'm going to buy a drink first outside."

They told him their request and offered their help.

Haru said that it was alright for him to go by himself and they could play a game while he was buying a drink.

"Game!" Laura seemed very excited.


Cecilia and Charlotte looked at each other with smiles and decided to stay in his room.

Coming out of his room, Haru looked at the girl who leaned her back on the wall.

"Houki? How long have you been here?"

Houki was surprised and wiped her eyes. "No, no, I just happened to come back from dinner since I'm hungry. I - I need to go back now."

Haru grabbed Houki's wrist and said, "Wait, I've something for you."

"Hmm?" Houki looked at him with confusion.

"It's a bit early, but happy birthday, Houki," Haru said and took out a small box of gifts from zipper storage.

"T, this...." Houki put her hands on her mouth in surprise.

"It is a bit early, but please accept it." Haru gave the box to Houki.

Houki wasn't sure how to respond for a while and said, "I - I need to go back now." She took the box and ran away.


Haru scratched his head and only shook his head before he went to the vending machine.


Houki didn't go back to her room at first, but went to a quiet place and opened her gift. She was a bit excited, and didn't realize that she was smiling at that moment. She opened the box and saw a red-white ribbon inside.


Smiling, Houki walked toward her room in a very good mood. Though she wasn't sure whether she should wear it or not. She thought for a while and suddenly she was called by someone.


Houki turned and was surprised. "I, Ichika!"

"Happy birthday, this is my gift for you," Ichika said and gave Houki a gift.

Houki looked at Ichika's gift and opened it. She saw that it was the same ribbon which was being given by Haru.

"I feel that this is suitable for you," Ichika said.

"T, thank you..." Houki said, but at the same time, she felt confused about what she should do now.