Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 85

Volume 1 Chapter 85 Pervert

Haru wasn't sure but some of his memories were jumbled when he saw one of the characters in the anime in his past life. He saw that guy earlier was similar to someone that he had seen but he just couldn't remember it. He shook his head and decided not to overthink it since he was living here right now, not in the past. He didn't really want to go back since he still wanted to enjoy their trip. He asked her to bring him around this place since he was quite curious about this shopping district.

Yuri was more than happy to bring him around this shopping district, at the same time, she remembered that it was a date. Her cheeks reddened and she felt happy at the same time.

They toured around this shopping district for a few hours until they felt that it was enough. They had quite a good stamina since both of them had worked out quite a lot. They didn't go back to their home rather went to his cafe since he wanted to show her something. They entered the cafe together.

"I will make you something good," Haru said.

"Really? What is it?" Yuri asked with excitement.

"Secret, you should know it for a while," Haru said while preparing the beverage.

"Stingy!" Yuri stuck out her tongue cutely.

Haru was curious about the boy earlier since he felt that he had seen him before, "Do you know that Yukihira Souma?"

Yuri nodded, "He is my classmate, he is kind of weird and has an obsession with food."

Haru wasn't sure about her opinion about that boy but it was kind of rude. He decided to ask another question, "Did he want to join Tōtsuki Culinary Academy?" He knew Tōtsuki Culinary Academy was the most prestigious cooking school in this country.

Yuri thought for a while and shook her head, "No, he doesn't seem to know about that school," She started to feel that the family relationship in Yukihira Family was kind of complicated since the father was hiding his real identity.

Haru remembered there was someone who had a God Tongue in that academy. He was wondering whether he had a chance to meet her in the future. He made his new beverage and served it to her, "Try it, my new menu, Supreme Cheese Strawberry Tea."

Yuri looked at the new menu with interest since it was pleasing to her eyes. She looked at it for a while and started to drink it. She gulped it and opened her eyes wide. She felt that she was on the field of strawberries together with him. She played around happily until the end of the day.

Their lips were close to each other and they wanted to kiss each other under the moonlight.

However, before they kissed each other, she woke up from her illusion and looked at the beverage with a complicated expression, "This is good." She was both happy and disappointed at the same time.

Haru felt weird looking at her expression but didn't think too much. He suddenly remembered something and asked, "How are your parents? Did you receive their permission?"

Yuri nodded with a smile, "Yes, I've got their permission, though, they want to see you." She was glad that her parents gave her permission to live here. Though, there were a lot of conditions she didn't really mind it.

"They want to see me?" Haru was a surprise. He looked at her and asked, "Why?"

Yuri looked at him with blush and said, "They said that they wanted to thank you for taking care of their daughters or something." She remembered something and added, "Oh, my father wants to know you more, I remembered that his expression was kind of weird at that time."

Haru was wondering whether her parents were trying to marry her to him or something, 'Also, your father is very angry at me stealing his daughter from him.' He decided not to tell her about it and talked about the other things.

They were talking for a while and she asked him.

"That's right, how is the uniform?" Yuri asked. She had never seen it before and knew that it was very important.

"Oh, I have it now, do you want to try it?" Haru asked. He was kind of excited to see her in the uniform of his cafe.

"Really?" Yuri asked curiously.

"Sure, you can wear it too," Haru said and went to the locker room.

"Alright," Yuri followed him and wondering what kind of uniform that he had prepared.


They were in the locker room together.

"This is the uniform," Haru said.

Yuri blushed when she looked at the uniform, "I - isn't this kind of reveling?"

"Really? Do you think I should make the skirt longer?" Haru asked while contemplating her opinion.

"Of course, I don't want to show my thigh too much," Yuri said and muttered, "I - I don't want anyone to see my body beside you...."

"Hmm? Did you say something?" Haru asked since he hadn't heard of it before. He was considering making the skirt longer

"Nothing," Yuri said, and pouted while looking away.

"Anyway, there are only two of us here, can you try it for me? I'll modify it later," Haru said.

"A - alright, I'll try it but you need to get out," Yuri said while pushing him out to the outside.

Haru nodded and went out waiting for her with anticipation.

Yuri looked at the uniform and sighed. She blushed, "As expected, boys are perverted." However, she was also happy when he showed an interest in her.

"I - I'll try it for a while," Yuri said since she thought the design was unexpectedly very cute.


Haru was waiting outside while looking at his phone. He saw that he had a message from an unexpected girl.

"Hey, are you free tomorrow? Let's eat BBQ!!!"

"Sakura?" Haru thought it was a bit weird but he didn't really mind going out since he was free tomorrow. He replied on his phone, "Sure, let's meet up tomorrow." He didn't need to wait too long and he had received his reply from her.

"Alright, I'm waiting for tomorrow."

"Sure, I can't wait until tomorrow," Haru replied and closed his phone. he placed it back in his pocket and waited for Yuri to come out of the changing room.

"H - Haru, I - I'm a bit embarrassed in this uniform." Her voice could clearly be heard from inside the door.

"Really? I'm sure you will look cute in that uniform," Haru said.

Yuri who received his praise wanted to show her appearance in this uniform for him. She took a deep breath and came out of the locker room. She was nervously holding her skirt since she was very shy right now. She looked at him and asked about his opinion, "H - how is it?" it?"

Haru gave her a thumbs up, "As expected, I'm not wrong, you're beautiful in this uniform." He wasn't sure but he had an urge to tease her when he saw her shy since she usually looked quite confident. He took out his phone and started to take pictures of her.


Yuri who heard this sound knew looked up and saw him taking her picture. She was embarrassed "Aaah, don't take my picture." She tried to stop him.

"Hahaha, you're very cute, Yuri," Haru thought that teasing her was so much fun.

Yuri tried to take his phone but the height difference between the two of them made it hard for her to take it.

Haru felt that their bodies were touching each other. He knew that it was bad to continue, "Yuri, your b.o.o.b.s are touching me."

Yuri looked down and saw that her b.r.e.a.s.ts were pressing against him, "Pervert!!!" She went inside to the locker room and changed her clothes. She knew that it was the right time for both of them to start but this guy destroyed the mood, "Dummy...." She thought and started to change her clothes. She wasn't sure what was stopping him since she felt that both of them knew that they clearly wanted each other. But she wouldn't give up that easily.

Haru sighed in relief and thought that it was dangerous. He almost lost himself earlier and would become a beast. He knew that it was the right moment to confess but at the same time he was wondering what was the reaction of Sora when she knew he started a relationship with a girl.