Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 851

Volume 1 Chapter 851 Invited

Everyone wanted to follow Haru and Tabane, but suddenly they disappeared without anyone noticing.

"Where are they?!"

Cecilia panicked when she thought that Haru had fallen for Tabane. She knew that Haru was a genius and thought that a genius attracted each other which made him fall in love with Houki's big sister.

"Calm down, Cecilia," Charlotte said. She knew that Haru wouldn't leave them and she was very calm.

"That's my wife!" Laura said.


They ignored Laura for a moment.

"You guys! Hurry up and focus on the mission! Even if you don't take part in the mission, at least don't cause trouble!" Chufuyu roared.


Everyone answered weakly in front of Chufuyu's prestige.

Though Chifuyu was curious about what Haru and Tabane were talking to each other about, she knew that the most important thing was about the mission which they were about to take part in. She didn't need to worry about Haru since he was very reliable, but she was worried about what Tabane was about to do.

'Is he really falling for Tabane?' Chifuyu thought that it might be possible, but she wasn't sure.

"I wonder what they are going to discuss with each other," Ichika said.


Houki didn't answer Ichika since she was also curious about what Haru and her big sister were going to talk to each other about. She was wondering whether Haru would follow Tabane, but she shook her head erased the distraction on her head since she knew that the most important thing to do was to do her best during her first mission.


Haru and Tabane didn't walk quite far, but it was hard for someone to know their location since their speed was quite fast and this location was being surrounded by a lot of trees. They walked for a while until they found an open space on the nearby cliff.

Tabane thought that it was a good place and said, "It's very beautiful." Admiring the scene in front of her, her purple-pink hair was blown by the wind, but it didn't cause a strangeness or mess, rather it intensified her beauty.


Haru was wondering why this situation was as if he was going to confess his love to her or something.

"So do you really want to confess to me? I'm sorry. Even though you're my type, it is too early for us."

Tabane bowed her head rejecting his confession.


Haru was speechless and said, "Yes, confession, but I didn't mean by love confession." He felt quite uncomfortable since he was rejected even though he didn't even say anything.

Tabane was confused and asked, "So what do you want to tell me?"

"First, let me ask you a question." Haru looked at Tabane and asked, "Have you found out the reason why a male can pilot an IS? Even though you've programmed the IS core it can only be piloted by a female."

Tabane smiled and said, "Hehehe, you're funny. But it seems that you know the reason."

"I'm not sure about Ichika, but what I can activate IS because I force it to activate," Haru said. The way he activated his IS was very crude, but it was effective.

If he made a comparison then his action was similar to someone who forced himself on a woman, but rather than reluctant the woman decided to enjoy the pleasure which was given by her. It was something he had done with IS so he could activate it.

"Oh-ho? How did you force it to activate?" Tabane asked.

"Well, have you heard about magic?"

Haru was going to invite Tabane and he didn't mind opening up this matter directly.


Tabane raised her eyebrow and seemed unsatisfied. She thought that it would be in a scientific way or something, but she didn't expect that he would answer her with such a brainless answer.

Looking at Tabane's expression, Haru knew that this girl didn't believe in him.

"Here, let me show you magic."

Haru created a ghost using his "Horo Horo no Mi" since he felt that it was the fastest way for someone to believe him.

Tabane looked at the cute ghost which was similar to a "Casper" but was cuter in comparison. She thought that it was a hologram, but that didn't seem to be the case since she could tell the difference between a hologram and real things easily.

"T... This is a ghost?"

Tabane looked at Haru and asked, "You're an Onmyouji?" Her parents owned a shrine, but it was her first time seeing a real Onmyouji.

"I'm surprised that you accepted this easily," Haru said.

"Hehehe, there are a lot of things which I don't understand in this world such as how Ikkun and you are able to activate an IS, but I can understand why you can activate it now...." Tabane was about to touch the ghost but she was stopped.

"Don't touch it. You'll get depressed later," Haru said while holding Tabane's hand.

"Depressed? I'm the genius Tabane! Nothing can make me depressed!"

Tabane escaped from Haru's hand and touched the ghost, but suddenly she started to feel depressed and down with all four on the ground.

"I should die... I'm not the genius Tabane..."


Haru hurriedly stopped his power and tried to help Tabane who had gotten depressed all of sudden. "Tabane-chan, you alright?" He caressed her back slowly trying to cheer her up and thought to use his "pleasure magic" with the lowest power so he could make her better.

Tabane who got depressed suddenly felt better and her body felt very comfortable. She didn't know what Haru had done to her, but she felt quite giddy and excited all of sudden. "Is this magic too?"


"So what does Mr. Magician tell me about this? For your information, if you want me to marry you then you need to work hard for it," Tabane said.


Haru was speechless and said, "Tabane-chan, I'm going to invite you."

"Invite me? What do you mean, Haru-kun?" Tabane was confused, but she felt that it was something very interesting.

"I have a mission after this so I'll explain it in short, but in the meantime, you can give me your answer later after I've gone back and explained about it to you in detail...."

Haru was about to continue, but Tabane held his shoulder and said, "What is it?"

"Let me tell you about "Dimensional Group Chat". So listen to me carefully...."

'Dimensional Group Chat?'

Tabane was confused, but after hearing his explanation her eyes suddenly brightened up and she made her decision right away. 'It's so interesting!' was clearly written all over her face.


It took him 15 minutes to talk to Tabane and Haru went back without Tabane since it seemed that she had something to do. He knew that she was very interested and he knew that it wouldn't be a problem that she would join the "group chat".

But the moment he arrived, he could see everyone's gaze on his body.

"What's wrong?"

Haru pretended as if he didn't know anything.

"Where's Tabane?" Chifuyu asked.

"It seems that she has something to do. She might come back later," Haru said.

"What are you talking about with her?" Chifuyu asked.

Everyone was also curious about this matter.

"We're talking about 4th Generation IS," Haru said simply.

Everyone nodded but didn't ask anything else. They knew how important the information about 4th Generation IS. Even though they were curious about it, it wasn't something that they could know and they didn't want to ask him since it would feel as if they were a spy or something and only got close to him because they wanted to know about that matter.

Haru walked toward Houki and asked, "You're ready?"

"Yes." Houki nodded and said, "Usually, I won't let a guy ride on my back, but today is an exception."

Hearing her words, Haru could tell that Houki was clearly excited, but he also understood that she might want to show her power after she had gotten her IS.

"Thank you?" Haru said.

Chifuyu looked at both of them and said, "Both of you hurry up and get ready! The mission is going to start soon!"


Haru took out his card and equipped his IS.

No matter how much they had watched it, they felt that the way Haru equipped his IS was very cool.

Covered in his IS, Haru walked to Houki and stood up beside her.

Ichika who was beside them asking him to take care of Houki.

Haru nodded and told him that everything would be alright.

Charlotte, Cecilia, Laura, and Rin were also talking with them telling them to be careful.

Then Chifuyu told them that it was time for the mission.

Haru and Houki had gotten ready. He held her shoulder from behind and said, "I'm ready."

"Alright, I'll start."

Then suddenly Houki started to float and moved very fast toward the horizon.


Looking at the speed of Houki's IS, they had to admit that it was very fast.


Tabane was looking at Haru and Houki who were flying toward the target. She smiled and looked at the smartphone which had been given to her by Haru. She thought that the world was boring and it seemed quite interesting to go to another world.

Though, she had to admit that Haru's charm was really high as a male.