Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 854

Volume 1 Chapter 854 Bastard

Sitting on the edge of the cliff, Tabane watched the sea, waiting for Haru to come. She was wondering what that guy was doing to make her wait this long. Dangling her legs below, she moved it rhythmically and thought that it wasn't bad to go out from time to time. Looking at the starry sky, she hadn't been in this good mood for a long time since she wanted to come to another world as soon as possible.

"Hey, Chi-Chan, what are you doing here late at night?" Tabane asked. She turned and looked at Chifiyu who was leaning on the tree while looking at her.

"Nothing. I just want to ask you a story, a hypothetical one," Chifuyu said.


Tabane titled her head curiously with her sleepy eyes.

"What if a certain genius leads a certain boy to the place where an IS was located on the day of the high school entrance exams...."

Chifuyu's words stopped when Tabane said, "Oh if you're curious about Ik-kun (Ichika) who can activate an IS then you shouldn't ask me."

"Why?" Chifuyu asked with a frown.

"Because I don't know." Tabane shook her head and said, "I'm not sure why Ik-kun can activate an IS and can even pilot it. It might have something to do with something which you've received in the past, maybe."

Chifuyu frowned further since she didn't like it when someone talked about her past, but she knew that it might also be one of the reasons why her little brother was able to activate an IS.

"Then, what about Kasugano? Do you know anything about him?"

Chifuyu wasn't sure, but she decided to ask anyway.

Tabane smiled and said, "Haru-kun is special. You don't need to know."


Chifuyu raised her eyebrow and wasn't sure what to say for a moment. She could tell that Tabane understood the reason why Haru could pilot an IS, but Tabane didn't have an intention to tell her which somehow made her curious.

'Can I ask Kasugano about it?'

Chifuyu thought about that possibility, but she rejected that idea since she wouldn't force someone to ask her question.

"Is that all?" Tabane asked.

"No. Let's go on a different topic," Chifuyu said.

"A different topic?"

"What if a certain genius wanted to make her precious little sister make a debut in public? The things that would need to be prepared would be a personal IS and an incident where an IS from somewhere goes amok. In this incident, a new high-performance machine piloted by the little sister will be included in the operation. The little sister would make a grand debut."

"That certain genius is really pampering her little sister," another voice suddenly sounded.

Chifuyu was startled and turned. She frowned and said, "Kasugano?"

"Of course, every genius loves their little sister!" Tabane said with a smile.

Haru nodded and agreed with Tabane's answer. "Yes, I agree with that." From that point alone, he felt that Tabane was very suitable to join the "group chat".

Haru and Tabane smiled, but Chifuyu frowned.

"Kasugano, what are you doing here? Go back to your room!" Chifuyu said.

"I'm sorry, Orimura-sensei. I need to go out for a while now," Haru said and walked toward Tabane.

"Yes! Haru-kun is going to follow me!"

Tabane jumped and hugged Haru from behind.

Chifuyu frowned and asked, "Y, you're going to quit school?" She felt shocked when she thought Haru would go out and follow Tabane.

"I'm going to take a break. I'll go back, of course," Haru said.


Chifuyu felt disbelief for Haru decided to follow Tabane, especially when she thought about the bond which she had him had created during his stay at the school. Haru would follow Tabane who he had just met for a day rather than staying in the academy where he had spent a few months.

Looking at Chifuyu's reaction, Haru also felt bad and said, "I'm sorry, Sensei, but I need to go."

"Going out? How can I let you go?! What are you going to do with school? What are you going to do with Cecilia, Charlotte, and Laura? The three of them have fallen for you yet, you're going to leave them?....."

Chifuyu bombarded Haru with a lot of questions.



Haru shouted Chifuyu's name directly.

Chufuyu stopped when she heard him calling her name directly.

"I know that I'm selfish, but I'll go back. I promise."

Looking at Chifuyu in front of him who showed a sad expression, Haru sighed and also felt uncomfortable to hurt her like this, but he needed to go back now.


"Then, we're going now, bye, bye, Chii-chan!"

Tabane grabbed Haru and pulled him to drop on the cliff.

"W, wait!"

Chifuyu ran after them; but when she looked below the cliff, she couldn't see them and they had vanished.


Chifuyu sighed.

"That bastard!"

Chifuyu wouldn't let Haru go after he had come later. Looking at the starry sky, she was wondering whether his promise to marry her after graduation was a lie.



Houki was inside her room looking at two ribbons with white and red color in front of her.

There were two ribbons and each of them was given by Haru and Ichika. There wasn't any difference between the two of them, only that it was being given by a different man.

Houki unloosed the green ribbon on her hair fully exposed her beautiful long hair. She closed her eyes while remembering the thing which had happened in the academy. She opened her eyes again and was about to reach the ribbon which was given by Ichika before stopping a few centimeters away.


Houki seemed quite hesitant before saying, "I'm sorry." She reached for the other ribbon and tied it in her hair. She took a deep breath and felt her heartbeat.

*Thump!* *Thump!* *Thump!*

Houki touched her heart before taking a deep breath. She calmed herself and smiled when she thought about her day after meeting him. She couldn't help but smile. She looked at Ichika's ribbon again and wasn't sure what to do with it before keeping it in her bag.

After keeping that ribbon on her back, Houki stood up and was about to visit Haru who was on the infirmary. She thought that it was a good chance when everyone was sleeping, but when she was about to leave her room someone suddenly crashed into her.

Houki hurriedly stabilized her body.

"I'm sorry! Are you alright?"

Houki tried the girl who she had crashed into before and felt surprised when it was Charlotte, but she was even more surprised when she saw her eyes were red.

"Dunois, what's wrong?"

"Huh? Shinonono-san?" Charlotte was surprised when she saw Houki. She thought for a while and shook her head. "No, nothing, you don't need to worry."

Frowning, Houki thought that it might have something to do with Haru. She didn't know why, but it was her feeling.

"Is it Haru? What has he done to you?" Houki asked.


Charlotte was silent for a while and said, "He's gone."


Blinking her eyes, Houki looked at Charlotte with disbelief and asked, "What? I'm sorry. I didn't hear you."

Charlotte smiled and said, "It seems that your big sister's charm is really big for him so he decides to follow her for a month or so..." She looked at Houki for a while and remembered that Houki was Tabane's little sister.

"Shinonono-san, do you know whe---"

But before Charlotte asked her question, Houki had left directly.


'Damn! Damn! Damn!'

Houki ran. She didn't stop her legs and kept moving until she saw Chifuyu.

"Orimura-sensei! Ha-"

"If you're looking for Haru then he's following your big sister. He'll come back in a month or so."

Chifuyu didn't say too much and left Houki since her mood was also very bad at that moment.


Houki took a deep breath and wondered what she should do now. Though, she suddenly felt annoyed and shouted, "HARU, YOU BASTARD!!!!"



"What's wrong?" Tabane asked.

"Nothing. Someone might talk about me," Haru said and looked behind.

"But I'm surprised that you can fly, how did you do it?" Tabane asked.

"Gravity magic."

Haru sighed and felt very uncomfortable, but he would come back to this world later and another worlds too since he had a lot of girls that he needed to visit one by one. He looked at Tabane who seemed to be thinking about his power and then asking her a question, "Where is your place?"

"We're going to reach it soon."

Both of them talked about trivial things, such as Houki's b.r.e.a.s.ts, three sizes, etc during this flight which was somehow quite enjoyable and made him think that his decision to invite this woman as a member of group chat was right.