Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 855

Volume 1 Chapter 855 Telling You

It took two hours before they had arrived at Tabane's place.

Haru had two days and a few hours before he needed to go back to his original world, but before that he could ask this genius a lot of questions and learned a lot of things from her.

Haru looked around and understood why no one was able to find the location of Tabane.

Tabane's place was located on the remote island between Japan and Hawaii.

Haru thought that Tabane would be alone, but it seemed that there was someone beside her.



Looking at this girl, Haru felt that this girl was similar to Laura somehow.

'Is she Laura's twin?'

Haru didn't ask that question out loud and only thought within his mind.

"Chole-chan! You need to call me, mama, alright? You don't need to be that respectful!"

Tabane smiled and pulled Chloe's cheeks.

"T - Tabane-sama!"

Chloe seemed quite embarrassed. She suddenly also noticed Haru who stood beside Tabane and couldn't help but ask, "Tabane-sama, who is he?"

"He's Kasugano Haruka. He's my brother-in-law. He's going to stay here for two days or so," Tabane said with a smile.


Chloe was surprised.


Haru didn't say anything since he was too lazy to react.

"Right, I need to talk with him about an IS. Don't disrupt us, alright?" Tabane said and patted Chloe's head.


Chloe was stunned, but she nodded. She looked at Haru curiously who was smiling at her. She hurriedly looked away to hide her blush.


Haru was speechless when he looked at Chloe's reaction.

"Haru... you've just arrived in this place and you also want to make me into your mother-in-law?"

Tabane poked Haru's cheek and said, "If this continues then you might also make me into your girlfriend too in the future?"


Haru sighed and said, "I'm not doing that, and when have I become your brother-in-law?"

"Don't worry, don't worry, let's go inside. Let's talk!"

Tabane pulled Haru's hand and seemed to be very spirited when she thought about another world.

Chloe, who was being left behind, couldn't help but be fl.u.s.tered when she heard their conversation. She was wondering what they were about to do and she couldn't help but be curious about him which somehow made her look at Haru's back unconsciously.


After being led into her house, Haru suddenly pulled into a traditional Japanese room with tatami floor, sofa, table, television, etc. He could see various snacks scattered on the ground which somehow reminded him of Sora.


"Sorry! Sorry! I don't have time to clean up!" Tabane smiled sheepishly.

"Well, don't worry, but is it alright for me to clean it up?" Haru asked.

"Sure, sure, clean it up for me," Tabane said with a smile.

Haru nodded and started to clean up this room. He somehow couldn't stay calm when there was a lot of trash around this room.

Looking at Haru who cleaned up this room, Tabane thought that he was really good at taking care of someone. She sat down on the sofa and started the television to watch an anime.


Haru was speechless before shaking his head.


After cleaning up this room, Haru sat next to Tabane and said, "Well, I'll explain to you about "Dimensional Group Chat" now."

"Wait! Explain to me after this anime is over!"

Tabane stopped him in a hurry.


Haru nodded and didn't think much before taking soda and various snacks that he had gotten from Toriko's world from his zipper storage. He opened the potato ch.i.p.s and watched the anime from this world since he was also curious.

Tabane, who was watching the television, suddenly smelled something delicious and saw him eating potato ch.i.p.s. She couldn't help but ask him to give her some.

Haru gave her some and put the potato ch.i.p.s between two of them so Tabane could take it by herself.

Tabane ate the potato ch.i.p.s and couldn't help but be surprised by the taste of the potato chip since it was very delicious. She took the packaging and saw the brand of this potato chip was "Devil Potato" with the "Jewel Meat" flavor. She frowned and asked, "Where did you buy this?"

"Another world," Haru said with a smile.


Tabane turned off the television since the anime was over and asked, "Tell me more about this "Dimensional Chat Group"!"

Haru nodded and started to explain about "group chat" to Tabane. Before he didn't tell her about the details, but this time it was different. He told her about the function and his interaction with various people from various worlds.

Tabane's eyes were shining excitedly as if children had been given a new toy by their parents.

"I want to go! I want to go! I want to go!"

Tabane held Haru's shirt and shook it very hard.

"Calm down! Before that, I need to tell you about the danger in another world," Haru said.

"Danger? Is there a danger?"

Tabane was confused. She could hear him telling a lot of enjoyable things, but suddenly Haru told him that there was a danger in another world which made her not understand.

"Unlike this world, there are a lot of worlds whose people have various powers, and also enemies which cause chaos or destroy the world," Haru said.

"Such as?" Tabane asked.

"Such as magic, sacred weapons, ninjas, viruses, aliens...." Haru told Tabane a lot of things, but he also reminded her of a world that was more dangerous than anything.

"Toriko's world? Is it really that dangerous?"

Tabane, who had developed an IS, didn't think anything or anyone could defeat her IS.

IS's absolute defense was absolute, it was the thought on her mind.


Haru knew that it was better to show rather than talk. He felt that Tabane wouldn't believe what he told her later.

"So what are you doing in this world?" Tabane asked.

"Besides communicating with various people from various worlds, the Group Chat would also give a quest from time to time," Haru said.


Tabane titled her head.

"Yes, a quest. Such as....."

Haru told Tabane a lot of examples about the quest which was being done on the "Group Chat".

"So what can you get after you've got a quest?"

Tabane felt that it was quite troublesome to do a quest without a reward. Unless Haru's intention for a question in the first place was for an adventure. She thought that it would also be very fun to try the quest.

"You can get a reward. That reward is a point that you can exchange with various things on the "group chat" and a lottery that will give you something random," Haru said.

"Have you completed your quest? Do you need help?" Tabane asked.

"It's over."

"Then open your reward right away! I want to see what kind of reward you can get from this quest," Tabane said.

Haru nodded and decided to show Tabane. He opened the "group chat" and opened his reward, but he was startled when he received his reward.